Benefits Of Online Food Delivery Platforms For Restaurateurs

Online Food Delivery Platforms boost Business for Restaurants
Online Food Delivery Platforms boost Business for Restaurants

Almost all of us have at least a couple of food delivery apps installed on our smartphones. Easy, convenient, and above all time-saving, food delivery apps have changed the way, Indians dine out. Eating out is no longer restricted to special occasions or the weekends.

Today, huge numbers of Indians of all ages and income levels make use of food delivery apps/online food ordering to enjoy meals from their favorite restaurants right at home.

According to numbers revealed by Statista, the revenue generated via online food delivery services is a whopping $6008 millions in 2018. The growth for 2019 is predicted to touch $7092 million, showing an annual growth rate of 9.9%. Restaurant to consumer deliveries consists of a major chunk of this volume, accounting for $5034.9 million in 2018 alone.

What Do These Figures Mean?

Simply put, there is a huge growing market for home food deliveries among consumers, not just in top metros but also in Tier-II and Tier-III cities.

What Does This Mean For Your Restaurant Business?

Having an online presence makes you visible to customers who usually don’t walk in through your doors. It’s like tapping your customers on their shoulders and telling them about your tasty food. With an easy, customer-friendly online food ordering system, you not only increase your sales but also boost your profit margins.

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Very often, restaurateurs have this question, “I already have a website with my detailed menu. Is it necessary that I invest in an online food ordering/delivery system?”

A huge yes! Without the right online food ordering/delivery partners, you are letting huge volumes of sales slip through your fingers.

As the numbers above show, your customers have already jumped on the online food ordering wagon. It’s easy, convenient, and hassle-free.

Few Reasons Why Restaurants Should Embrace Online Food Delivery Platforms

Expand market reach

One of the biggest pros of using online food delivery platforms is an expanded market reach. You can reach out to new customers beyond your usual target base. For instance, let’s say that you are a family-friendly restaurant focussing on seating for kids and other play areas. This means, your restaurant is unlikely to attract diners who prefer a quiet meal.

With online food delivery, you can reach out to all types of customers across demographics. This increases the overall revenues of your restaurant, thereby boosting profits significantly.

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Positive customer interactions

One of the biggest drawbacks of ordering via phone calls is that it’s prone to misunderstandings. Due to the noise either at the restaurant or at the customer’s end, there are plenty of chances for the order to be taken wrong. This causes frustration to the customer.

With online food ordering/delivery, all preferences are specified by the customer directly. Right from choosing the time of delivery to how they like a particular dish, a customer can mention his/her preferences, with no room for misunderstandings.

This provides positive customer interactions, thereby improving the ratings of your restaurant.

Offer location-based deals

This is a relatively new feature offered by a handful of restaurants. By using features like Apple’s iBeacon, you can send notifications to customers who are near your restaurant. You can offer them special offers, getting them to walk into your restaurant. This is a great way to avoid leftovers at the end of the day, thereby reducing food wastage and cutting down costs.

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Lower capital costs compared to traditional in-restaurant sales

Let’s say your restaurant seats an average of a hundred customers per meal. If you wish to double this number of walk-in guests, then you need to spend on more floor space, furniture, cutlery, and increase the number of wait-staff – all of which cost a huge penny.

With online food deliveries, you don’t have to spend capital on increasing your restaurant space. Your kitchen can turn out food based on your requirements.

Powerful Analytics at your Fingertips

Online food delivery services do more than just sell your food. It gives you clear insights into your menu. You can quickly identify the most popular dishes on your menu, the not so popular ones, which customers like which dishes, the fast-selling dishes on weekends, etc.

You can use these insights to refine your offerings, providing customers with an enhanced dining experience.

Wrapping Up – Embrace Online Food Delivery Services & Grow Your Profits

As you can see, it’s crucial for restaurants to embrace online food delivery to connect with the digital-savvy customers of today. If working capital is what’s holding you back, you can avail short-term business loans for restaurants from digital lending platforms like Indifi, incorporate the latest technologies and start expanding your market reach.