How to Successfully Sell Through Yatra?
How to Successfully Sell Through Yatra?

If you are a homeowner, a flight IATA agent, a travel agent, or a hotel owner who is seeking millions of potential customers, then Yatra is the right platform for you. Wondering how to get there? Here is the perfect guide to walk you through the entire process to successfully sell through Yatra created by Indifi for your growing business.

How to Successfully Sell Through Yatra?

The Yatra Partner program

Having created a base platform that is up 24*7 for customers across the globe, the company came forward with the initiative of indulging TSP (Travel Service Providers) to partner with the established businesses in the travel industry.

This initiative allows the registered partners to sell their products and services to the traffic of Yatra and earn from it.

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The Eligibility for Yatra partner program

If you have enough staff to service your customers on a day to day need and have an established business to offer travel products like hotels, flight bookings, bus bookings, homestays, holiday packages whether domestic or international and others, then you are eligible to be a member of the program.

Registering with Yatra

To get your products listed on the website and you begin to sell successfully through Yatra, you need to register yourself and your company with the platform.

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The steps involved in doing so are:

Step 1: You need to select the kind of business you offer to the customer through a form curated by Yatra. It will ask for several basic details including your contact number and email id to verify your account. Once the account verification is done, you are required to upload the KYC documents and you are registered once these documents are verified.

Step 2: Upload your products on the platform without any charges. Yes, that is right, Yatra does not charge you anything for uploading your products on their site. Once the product is uploaded, it is curated through a process and post that it is made available on the site and the mobile app of Yatra.

Step 3: Start earning! Now that your listing is done, you can benefit from the traffic. Apart from this, you can also make use of the added services provided by Yatra like online booking, chatting with a customer, speak with customers, and establish a relationship with the customer even before they are at your property.

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Selling successfully through Yatra

Your products are visible to as many as 12 million people every month. You are getting continuous revenue for your excellent services and paying the minimum commission to the platform you are using.

However, that is not all about the partner program with Yatra. In case, you feel that is more that you need to know about the business model or you need to connect with Yatra for the kinds of documents for the KYC then they have provided the means as well.

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Take the step now

Since, you are already into the travel business and have been doing well so far, taking it online for free is a great opportunity. A priceless registration process, constant traffic and revenue with minimal commission can help you successfully sell through Yatra.

All you’ve got to do is keep up the quality services, establish a bond with the customers visiting your property, get quality feedback and nothing can stop you from being the best in your area of travel services.

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