How To Successfully Sell Through Akbartravel?
How To Successfully Sell Through Akbartravel?

Do you happen to have a good business in the hospitality industry or you have a site that allows passengers to book flight tickets at the best prices and best offers? Despite all these great offers and a great business at your end, do you feel that your services should be accessible to the world? If yes, then we have brought forward a perfect way to grow your business with AkbarTravels.

We understand that you offer quality services and commendable offers to all your customers but given this day-by-day increasing competition, you are seeking the help of digital advancement. And to help you out, we have figured out the best platform for you, AkbarTravels and in the next couple of minutes, you will learn how to successfully sell through AkbarTravels.

The platform of AkbarTravels:

For the ones who have been indulged in providing world-class facilities to their customers, they now have a chance to earn fame for it all over the world. And AkbarTravels has sorted your entire process.

This well-known platform is a part of the Akbar Group of Companies with its foundation stone laid back in 1978. And the name has thrived year over a year completing a journey of more than 4 decades. The most interesting fact is that it started as a small travel agency and has now earned great traffic for the Gulf region.

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The portal of AkbarTravels was made public in the year 2007, and ever since its reach has expanded over the globe. With its countless offers, inexpensive fares and budget stays offered, it has earned a good name for itself. And, if you want to successfully sell through AkbarTravels then continue with us and learn all that you need to know.

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For the hospitality services

Since that online platform of AkbarTravels great deals in hotels, you can also benefit from it given that you are in association with it. The major benefits that you will have from this partnership will be:

  • Increased customer base
  • Increased sales and revenue
  • Increased ratings and reviews

For the challenging business that you are in on an everyday basis, the success story of selling with AkbarTravels also ensures a certain level of guarantee for its agents. Some of them are:

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Per room accommodation:

to match the bar you’ve set, the site does not allow reservation of more than 2 people in one room without your approval.

Hotel voucher facility:

to save you from any fraud, there is a voucher facility introduced which is issued for every booking made with AkbarTravels at your property.

Photo ID proof:

AkbarTravel mandates all their customers to carry photo id for checking in and your own of stay are also listed against your property at the time of booking to avoid any conflict later.

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For ticket booking services

The travel industry nowadays has the largest customer base ever. And the several possible ways to commute from one way or another are available but it is rather expensive at times. But despite all this, your business has a fine customer base due to the offers you have and the specialization on last-minute services.

For a great service provider like you, now increase your revenue more than ever and sell successfully through AkbarTravels. The reasons why the association of ticketing business with AkbarTravels is suggested is because:

Offers travel insurance with the commission:

Now you get to book tickets for your customer at best prices and travel insurance as well by earning a commission of as high as 50% on each insurance sold by you at the online platform.

Own your brand name:

You can increase your revenue by selling through AkbarTravels and keeping your brand name intact. AkbarTravels is associated with you for your business to grow but simply registering with them with your own brand name.

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How to sell successfully through AkbarTravels?

Now that you know how beneficial it is to sell with AkbarTravels, we are sure that you’re eager to join the team. And it is as simple as— 1, 2 and 3. Yes, with 3 simple steps your association with AkbarTravels is completed and you get to see your business growing faster than ever.

  1. Register on and submit the basic details of communication.
  2. A set of documents will be required to establish your business which will be sent to your email ID entered by you at the time of registration. You need to share them with the AkbarTravels team.
  3. Once the documents are approved, you will be given an authorized license and voila! It’s done.

Apart from the major services offered in the sector of hospitality and ticket booking services, AkbarTravels is also associated with bus rental services, cab rental services and holiday packages are also offered by the same.

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