Why Flipkart Should be a Preferred Choice If You Are Thinking of Taking Business Online?
Why Flipkart Should be a Preferred Choice If You Are Thinking of Taking Business Online?

Business growth is a continuous process. Whether you are a big showroom owner at a prime spot in Chandni Chowk or a small shop owner in a locality, the number of customers in local or retail market is limited. In order to overcome this, businesses are going online. Selling products online opens a new horizon for your business. 

There are a number of ways of taking your business online. However, listing on Flipkart or being a certified seller is a smart way of scaling your outreach. Here are a few benefits that a seller can get by listing on Flipkart:

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Benefits by Listing On Flipkart

Pan-India outreach

Owning a popular bangle store in the Chudi market in Lucknow might keep you busy and business running on some days a week or in wedding seasons, but your outreach will be limited to a locality. It is most probable that a huge customer base in the neighboring city might not be familiar with your products. Nevertheless, if you sell online, you can tap into the shoppers living in any part of India. Notably, Flipkart is the 2nd largest e-commerce site when it comes to business outreach and net turnover. As per statistics presented by the firm, it has more than 1 million registered users.

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Minimum Set-Up Cost

In a retail shop, there are a number of factors to look out for. Having perfect lighting, proper handling and display of products, creating a friendly environment, a trial room (in case if you are own a garment store) and on top of that impress, customers are some of the tasks that not only demands a lot of effort but money as well. However, if you sell your product on Flipkart, all these setup costs are almost negligible. On top of that, Flipkart has lowered its commission recently. It seems that this is the optimum time for opening a new door of opportunity for business. You can save a bigger profit with this offer while growing your business at the same time. 

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No Need To Have A Separate Logistics Network

While taking any business online, delivery of the product, its handling and acknowledgement of the delivered item is a big challenge. Flipkart hosts more than 200 pick-up hubs and about 10,000 delivery agents to ensure a hassle-free delivery and pick-up service. It reduces the worry of sellers as to how you will deliver products to the customer and of buyers as how much you will have to spend on this. Besides, the seller can also enrol in Seller Protection Program to ensure any damage to products while it is delivered. 

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Negligible Marketing Cost

While you list your product in an online directory, there is a whole set of marketing tactics like SEO, SMM and others that you need to take care of in order to boost your product in online space. However, on Flipkart, it can be done with minimum spending. Flipkart connects your products with a whole set of partner catalogue and has its own CMS team working on boosting of your products. You can also promote your product as suggested ones whenever a buyer search for a similar product like yours. The feedback option on Flipkart can also help you a lot in getting a sense of what customers are searching for. It helps you in making informed business decisions.

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Access To Market Trends

For any seller, it is important to have a close watch on the market trends. With some help from Flipkart, it can be done with a swipe of the finger. The e-commerce site collects a vast amount of information and analyses them for finding out various metrics like demands of various products, new trends, customer satisfaction, their expectations and others. This information will be helpful in taking important decisions and ultimately increase your revenue.

Online businesses increase the number of potential customers exponentially as your products or services will be available to customers from pan India. Especially for shop owners, selling any exclusive product, going online will immensely enhance the business. Shoppers from different cities can order your product online and can avoid the delay or wait till they visit your shop, which might lead to a change in decision.

Looking at all the benefits of tying up with Flipkart to grow your business, it is the right time to take this step!

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