Selecting the right e-commerce platform is one of the most crucial decisions for an e-commerce seller. Superior quality products alone cannot guarantee the success of an e-commerce business. E-commerce platforms are extremely important for brands and e-commerce sellers due to a variety of reasons. Have a sneak peek at the best platforms to market for e-commerce sellers. An e-commerce platform is a kind of software that enables e-commerce sellers to sell their products with a motive to access a wider geographical reach in terms of ideal customers. An e-commerce platform provides an opportunity for e-commerce sellers to build and an online branded store for selling their products.  

Platforms to Market for E-commerce Sellers


Shopify tops the list when it comes to the e-commerce platform due to offering ease to the sellers during the launch phase. Despite featuring limited options in terms of customization, it is considered to be one of the most sought after e-commerce platforms. 

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Shopify Plus

As the name suggests, Shopify Plus is a tailor-made e-commerce solution developed by Shopify. This platform comes with a diversified pricing option that depends on a range of aspects. They include technology, customization, volume, design and many more. This dynamic platform also offers devoted account managers. This facility enables sellers to experience much ease while managing a complex setup. To scale enterprise businesses, it is an ideal platform. 


Empowered with a comprehensive range of customization alternatives devoid of complicated backend hassles, BigCommerce does not lag in impressing e-commerce sellers. Its range of built-in features inclusive of advanced security, industry-leading uptime, order and payment fulfilment partnerships has enabled it to earn repute of a leading app in the e-commerce segment. 

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Magento is yet again an e-commerce platform that emphasizes offering a customized experience to the e-commerce sellers. However, it differs from many plug-and-play platforms in the context of entry barriers due to creating high entry barriers. An e-commerce seller can make use of a comprehensive range of features encompassing discount offers, offering support to the recurring payments, limitless product listing and many more. While its basic version comes free, its enterprise version does bear a higher price. Therefore, small to midsize businesses may find it difficult to fetch the optimum value out of it due to dealing with the limited product range. is another popular online store equipped with a remarkable collection of free themes and effortless setup. For small e-commerce sellers, it comes across as an ideal e-commerce platform. It is also preferred due to offering extremely pocket-friendly hosting.

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Apart from the above-mentioned e-commerce platforms, Big Cartel, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Volusion are many more trendy e-commerce platforms. 

Final Thoughts  

Ecommerce platforms have emerged as one of the most dynamic interfaces between the sellers and the ideal buyers due to reducing geographical barriers or removing them. The number of e-commerce platforms is on the rise and hence at times, selecting the aptest platform that is best suited for the type of business, is a challenging task. Ecommerce platforms tend to offer from each other based on user-experience, pricing, functionality and overall value. There is no single platform that can fit all kinds of products and therefore every single e-commerce seller must evaluate the customized requirement encircling business model, sales volume, product technicality, and many more factors.

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