With more people turning to the internet to shop for practically everything, you saw an opportunity in e-commerce, and thus you are here. With a great idea, product inventory and a zeal to grow, your business has started, but how will you manage all the aspects of your small scale business. Not everyone can afford a manager for everything. However, there are e-commerce apps that can make it easier for you to manage everything, starting from your store to inventory to connecting with the customers to keep them coming back and more. Here are a few e-commerce apps which are compatible with your devices and deliver easy solutions for your problems.

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The app allows you to sell from wherever you are. It helps you manage and process orders, manage products and collections, run marketing campaigns, follow up with customers, create discounts, review store performance and selling on more sales channels. 

It allows you to manage every need of the store while providing a secure shopping cart and shipping process. It also lets the sellers access orders, products and customers from the store tab. With an array of free themes, you can change to online store appearance. The app ensures fluent communication with the team and also helps the sellers check for any suspicious orders.

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Mobile Apps To Manage Trade And Payments For eCommerce Sellers

Ecwid E-commerce

The app lets you create, promote and manage the business from your phone. Ecwid makes it easy for you to upload information about new products, manage inventory, provide pricing and product details. It offers marketing and sharing options which directly connects with the business’ Facebook and Instagram pages. It allows you to boost sales by offering promotions, coupons and discounts.

It comes with a WordPress plugin to manage your blog. Processing of orders has also been made easy wherein the customer can be directly contacted for order updates and additional information. It makes use of a wide variety of secure payment channels. Those concerned about shipping issues are bound to find its real-time shipping rates and information about location-based cost-helpful.

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Etsy lets you manage your business on-the-go. It creates direct contact with customers and helps you keep tabs on views, visits, orders, favourites and sales history. It assists you in managing orders, mark items according to their sale and shipping status along with providing information to the buyer about the status of their orders.

The app lets you access your listings directly. The images could be uploaded and edited for listings. It also notifies about every single sale and response from buyers. It also provides an ‘at a glance’ feature for growth updates of your business.

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InSales manages orders, goods, and store for you. It presents tools for payment, integration of delivery and accounting systems, customer connect and marketing tools in search and social media networks.

To manage orders, it provides an extensive range of options from list management, connecting with the customer, edit order details and status updating of order. For managing the goods, it helps you create catalogues and manage it, edit pricing and balances, add product images. It also assists you in managing the various stores from one point and lets you switch between them easily. It comes with notification feature so that you never miss a customer or remain in touch with your store and customers.

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The app lets you build a comfortable and secure place to manage your store and sales anytime, anywhere.

It lets you create product listings with easy uploading of images along with its description. It enables you to analyse the store growth and business monitoring using Facebook Pixel, Google analytics to Boutir store help you perform smart business decisions.

As for connecting with customers, it lets you connect with them easily. The customers are kept updated about the shipping status via emails. It also ensures a secure payment experience, including payment through credit cards as well.

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These apps will enable you to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything required and essential for your business. Bringing every aspect of the business together with modern marketing tools, these apps also ensure smooth communication with customers to keep them happy and updated. Working as an inventory, store and product manager, it cuts the exorbitant cost of highly-skilled labour and lets you connect with your staff in a better and efficient manner. Providing a user-friendly interface, these apps make it easy for you to inform the customers about new products and other information related to give them an experience of informed purchase. According to Indifi, while it is easy to get an app, it is an equally important and tasking work to hire correct people for your business. It is all about growing while keeping you and your customers content.

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