Running a business is quite demanding, and that’s where the use of an effective mobile application comes into the picture. Especially for trade and payment scenarios, mobile apps become a businessman’s saviour to the nitty-gritty that paperwork demands. With an effective mobile app used for trading and payments, you can keep up with the most crucial aspects that your business includes. 

Deciding on choosing a reliable mobile app for your business? Here are some of the most amazing applications that you can choose for your retail shop’s trade and payments. You can get a baseline of your business and streamline regular tasks with these applications.

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Mobile Apps To Manage Trade And Payments For Retail Shops

Zoho Books

An amazing thing about using Zoho Books is it gives you license to create & send the invoices accordingly. You get the quotes from your vendors and at the same time, you can track the payments too! Uploading the expense receipts is another thing that deserves a special mention about Zoho Books.

Additionally, you can also get bills from this app directly, and categorize these on your smartphone. And how about getting real-time updates? The app simply offers you real-time access so that the employees around different locations can check the information and reduce communication errors. Both iOS and Android users can avail the services of the application, and that’s the best thing about Zoho Books!


With a payment application like Xero, all your accounting tasks are safely performed. From taking care of the bills & expenses to paying employees, the app does everything in between! Additionally, it even manages the purchase orders too. Using this application will save your data in cloud for you to access it from your device, be it a laptop, phone, or tablet! Okay, this even means that when any of the devices that you use is stolen or lost, you get the data and information safely. 

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As a 21st-century business owner, it’s important to choose one such application for payment functions. With this accounting application, you get the license to handle the expenses more easily and quickly. This means that you can even see the cash flows in real-time. The businessmen who’ve already used it reportedly called it a life-changing application for accounting.

Square Point of Sale

The free version of Square is the POS app that happens to be the hyper-intelligent system created for smaller businesses. Meet the Point of Sale app, which lets you call for your customers within seconds. Additionally, it also includes the basic features of inventory management alongside great reporting.

Anyone using this application for business would get an intriguing experience of sending professional invoices online, and, that too, absolutely at free of cost. You can do so right by your device. You can use the application as the mobile POS on your tablet or smartphone 

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Square Retail app

The world of small business already knows the importance of the Square Retail application. The reason why it’s so famous among businessmen is because of its integrated payments. Not just that, it also includes tools catering to the retailers’ requirements. 

The application features powerful and amazing inventory management setup and this is brilliant as a feature for multiplication management, in-depth reporting, as well as stock alerts. Additionally, it also offers tools that maintain a good relationship with loyal customers by building customer profiles, customer notes, as well as customer groups.

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Imagine how demanding the situation would become when you decide on opening some new storefront and replace the existing one! That’s exactly where MagicPlan gives you a wide range of services. This application is helpful because it takes no time in building a professional floor plan at your estimated budget. Yes, you should always be concerned about the budget! And by choosing MagicPlan, you are on a safer side.

Snap a couple of photos for the app to measure room & draw everything up accordingly. What’s more, is that you get the allowance to add photos and objects for generating detailed estimates. With a seamless user-interface, the app has been praised on numerous counts. Whether you are an Android or iOS user, this application is available on both platforms.

Need help with choosing a reliable mobile app for your business? Indifi is your best bet to make the right choice! One of the leading names in the business, Indifi is a technology platform that ensures the success of small businesses by providing them with financial support and the know-how to run a profitable business.

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