In today’s time, customers’ only want is to meet their requirements. It is the anticipation of the customers that you would anticipate and meet their demands within, or before time. Customer engagement includes inspiring your consumers and encouraging them to involve in the experiences, which the retailers set for them. When you successfully drive your consumer to engage directly, you are improving your sales and profit. 

So, let us look at some of the methods which most of the retailers use, to increase customer engagement and also make it a positive experience for their customers.

Customer is king

Make your customers feel that their feedback and opinion is valuable for you and your business. Try to create an emotional bond with your consumers because doing so influences customer behaviour. When your customer feels that they are valued, then they would stick to your brand and be your honest critic. 

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Help customers always

Provide your customer with a full-fledged guide on how to find the right channel for the queries. Customers tend to get attracted to the more engaging platforms. In the digital platform, create a webchat which has an instant reply service. So, the consumers can directly and quickly get their queries cleared. Through this, you get customer engagement, and along with that, you also save labour costs. So, keeping clear customer support is a must to get customer engagement in your retail business.


Learning the art of personalization is one of the best ways of increasing customer engagement. In today’s time, customers like personalized things. It isn’t sure if this can reach expected sales, but for sure you will enjoy total customer engagement through personalization. In this digital era, delivering a message to your customers or sending them personalized hampers would improve customer commitment towards your brand. 

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Make customer your ambassador

Create a brand advocate out of your consumers. Ask your loyal consumers to market your products through word of mouth. A customer’s dedication towards a brand can attract other customers as well, while also increasing engagement level among them. Motivate your consumers to market your products by offering them various schemes, incentives, hampers or profit shares. This mode of marketing would work for your retail business. 

Understand your customer

Thoroughly study the psychology of your consumers. It is essential as a marketing person to study the behaviours of your customers. As in, what they want and in which form. If you can convince your consumer that you exactly have what they are looking for and you promise to provide it to them without any flaw and the way they wanted, you can guarantee a loyal customer for life. 

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The four I’s

Get hold of the four ‘I’ s of marketing. If you have a grip of interaction, involvement, influence and intimacy, then you can very effortlessly assure customer engagement. As a marketing person, if you have a grasp of these four objectives, you can ensure for yourself a good and long term business. You have to learn to interact well with your consumers and get involved in their problems and try to solve them through your brand. You will have to influence your customer into choosing your brand over others and assure them of quality products and positive results. Try including these four aspects into your business, and witness a soar in your customer engagement levels.

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Be worth their time

Try to make your customer’s visit worth their time. Whenever a customer visits your business or showroom, entertain them with the best of your products and try to make their visit worthwhile. Customer experience and customer engagement are incomplete without each other. So, always take notice that your customers find their visits satisfactory and memorable. This would create further customer engagement.

The first impression is the last impression

Your way of treating your customer when they visit your establishment is always engraved in your customer’s mind. Excellent customer service is vital for your business to flourish and also to increase customer engagement. Excellent customer service helps in many ways to help develop your relationships with your consumers, and thus, unique customer engagement has to occur.

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Lastly, learn from your previous experiences. If your past encounters with your customers were not much fruitful, then sit back and take mental notes as to why it wasn’t. And start finding ways to resolve it. You would improve on their next visit.
So, we expect you just got what you needed to know about customer engagement so start implementing them. Indifi is dedicated to aiding retailers to boost their lead conversion rate through customisation. So, for more recent updates associated with the retail industry, subscribe to Indifi blog. Indifi will definitely help you to sharpen your marketing endeavours.

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