Conventional Kirana shops are undeniably facing extreme cut-throat competition due to the growing influence of online grocery stores. However, there is a specific clan of people who still prefer to shop in a real environment to better understand product quality. Ironically, despite the increased competition, Kirana shops can earn handsome profit and thrive in the game. All they need to know is how to buy goods at the best rates from a different variety of suppliers, including distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers, to earn a handsome profit margin. If you too have a Kirana shop, look no further as Indifi, an online lending platform is unleashing a few proven relevant strategies:-

Non-peak season shopping

Naturally, during the peak season, the majority of the business owners, including Kirana shop owners place orders to meet the increased demand. This is indeed the time when distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers are extremely busy due to increased workload. Through placing an order for the preferred items during the non-peak business season, you can find out about discounts to buy goods at the best rates and strike a cordial rapport with the concerned supplier. Once the rapport has been built up, the concerned supplier will go the extra mile to extend you the best possible retailer experience while informing you about the best discount offers. You never know, it might curate a customized discount offer altogether, exclusively meant for you.

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Discount coupons

Availing discount coupons offered by the suppliers are yet another outstanding strategy to get items at cheap rates for your Kirana shops, provided you properly understand them. These days, even conventional suppliers like distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers have begun rolling out their in-house customized discount coupons. Therefore, try to identify such suppliers that offer discount coupons to allow you to save a lot on your total purchase bill.

Conduct detailed product comparisons

 There may be a plethora of suppliers in your domain, so before placing the actual order, it would be a prudent strategy to run a comparative analysis of products. All you need to do is select a few most essential products that you tend to buy quite often and then start comparing the prices by identifying the rates offered by them. Eventually, you will undoubtedly have a relevant clue about which supplier provides the products at cheap rates in comparison to the other ones.

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Leverage technology to compare products

With the help of technology, it has become possible to compare rates of the different products offered by diversified suppliers in a few clicks. This certainly demands some time but be assured that it would be worth off by enabling you to identify the best rates of preferred grocery items that you require to place an order.    

Place order when not in a hurry

Making a list and placing the order does take time; therefore, place orders only when you have ample time to compare products of different brands offered by the supplier while concentrating on your item list properly. 

Also, to get items at a low cost for your Kirana shops, you can identify new brands that have recently forayed into the market as they initially feature low prices and may compel curious customers to give new products who try to avail the discount. So while placing an order, do not forget to conduct thorough research on the latest relevant brands that have recently launched products that are meant for your Kirana store. 

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The final thought

Getting items at the best rates for your Kirana shops is indeed expertise garnered out of years of experience of dealing with different kinds of suppliers including distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers. Shopping for your Kirana shop is indeed no less than an art in itself that requires an eye for detail combined with patience to mull over a multitude of product alternatives offered by different suppliers. Since you have acquired sufficient relevant knowledge explained through the strategies above, you can now be assured of getting items at low costs for your Kirana shops.

Apply For Shop Loan

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