Creating a logo for your brand needs not be difficult. It just needs to be unique so that it is easy to distinguish from that of other businesses. The logo also needs to be creative, and easy to read.

Steps to take when designing a logo for your company

An outstanding logo will help you to define your brand’s identity. A good design needs to meet certain rules. It must be easy to identify and read, must be unique, and must clearly state the purpose of your business.

Why you need a logo for your new brand?

A business logo is the first thing your customers see when they go online and will also be on all your branding materials. It will give them information about your brand. Therefore, it needs to make a good impression and communicate what your business stands for.

How to define your brand identity?

With your logo, you have a chance to show why your business is unique. Once you have defined your brand identity, you can create a logo that reflects it. Your brand identity includes your beliefs and values, what makes your company special, and what you do better than other similar businesses.

Logo design inspiration

Write down all your ideas in a brainstorming session. Try to imagine you are a customer in the demographic group you are targeting. Make a list of words of how you want your business to be perceived. Don’t be shy to ask others for their views, and when brainstorming, think out of the box and be original.

Look at what your competition has done and without copying their ideas, get some inspiration. Your competition logo design may inspire you to come up with something completely different. Design branding for your logo can include symbols, fonts and icons depending on what you are selling.

Design colors

Colors can define the mood of your business. Warm colors are considered more inviting, whereas cooler colors are considered more calming and relaxing. Some businesses opt for black and white because they contrast, making it easy to distinguish and read the logo.

Design text and graphics

A logo may only include the name of the business or just the initials of its name. Businesses with long names often use their initials (H&M, HP, and CNN). If your company’s name is short and catchy, you can design a logo with your whole name (Visa, Google, Coca Cola).

Graphics can also be used for added visual interest and to include some information about what your business is selling. Graphics can be used in combination with text. Some companies prefer to use icons or symbols. An icon, like graphics, can depict something literal. For example, and a house for an estate agent or a cup of coffee for a coffee shop.

Sometimes graphics are completely abstract and often businesses use mascots for their logos.

Font style

The style of the font you choose will depend on your business. A minimalistic font is suited to more professional businesses, whereas a fun and quirky font can be used if your business needs to stand out as different.

Generate your own design

logd Designing and trademarking a new brand: Follow these tips

logd Designing and trademarking a new brand: Follow these tips

As we have seen, a well-designed logo needs to meet certain rules. It must be easy to identify, easy to read, it must be unique, and it must clearly state the purpose of the business.

When you are ready to put your ideas down and start designing, look for a free and easy logo design maker online like this one from TRUiC. This was designed to make it easier for you to personalize a unique logo design for your business by providing customizable templates. Once created your logo can be downloaded and used immediately.

Trademark your brand

After you have created your logo design for your business, the logical next step is to protect it. This is done by trademarking your logo so that no other business can operate under the same name or logo.

This is done through the US Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) and it is a legal process, so you may feel more comfortable if you hire a private lawyer for the process.

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