While planning for a new business, many business owners want a business loan without assets to finance their equipment, ideas, and other business expenses. 

The business loan can be classified into different types,  secured and unsecured. The secured loan needs collateral that acts as security. An unsecured loan has no collateral requirements so that you can choose the loan according to your needs. 

In this article, you can get the pros and cons of the business loan without collateral. 

What is a business loan?

The business loan is one of the financial products that aid you to get together your financial needs. With the help of a collateral-free business loan, you can fund your working capital, pieces of equipment, marketing budget, payroll, renovation, and others. 

 Lots of small business owners are choosing an unsecured loan to get funds immediately for their needs. This type of business loan does not need collateral that can be a lower risk for candidates. 

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Benefits of unsecured business loan 

Owners seeking to fulfill financial needs of their business look for an unsecured loan. 

When you apply for an unsecured loan,  you can receive the funds by the next business day. This is especially advantageous if you are in a critical situation.

Some pros of an unsecured business loan are:

Short loan application procedure 

The business loan application process is intensive for both secured and unsecured loans. . The lender needs to guarantee that they are lending to business. The borrower can make their payment on time or repay their loan in full. It is right for unsecured loans and secured loans to fund other methods like invoice financing, credit business lines, merchant money advance, and others. 

However, when collateral is offered, the lender must examine the asset to determine its worth. It can be time-consuming and difficult. The financial lenders do not have to calculate collateral with the unsecured business loan like monthly sales and credit reports. Once the application process is completed, funds get distributed. 

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No collateral

Not all business owners have assets, so they choose an unsecured business loan. It provides the business owner with simple access to money with no guarantee. As an alternative, the lender reviews the market opportunity and business plans while qualifying the business. It is in the deal to a secured business loan where the lender provides the loan after assessing the asset being offered as collateral. 

The startups lacking the asset can meet the eligibility for the loan without collateral. The applicant would not submit the asset; the financial institution might need security to approve an unsecured business loan. It is legal to document that situation, in case, the borrower cannot repay the loan, then the lender will have the right to track their assets.

Faster loan approval

One of the benefits of applying the unsecured loan is faster loan approval. The financial institutes do not want to check the property worth; the application form can be finished and processed online. Within a few days, the loan amount will be deposited to your bank account after the submitted application form. It makes an unsecured loan a better option when you want money urgently to expand your business.

Loan amount not controlled by asset value

In an unsecured loan, the lenders do not control the value of the collateral. The lender spends minimum time to evaluate the asset value to verify the loan amount in the secured loan. The amount of investment is around sixty percent of the market worth of the property, as a guarantee by lenders. The lender considers the cash flow of the business and credit score to sanction money in an unsecured loan. 

Build credit history

One more advantage of using a business loan is building a credit history. If the borrower repays the loan amount successfully, it will develop the credit history for their business. This would make the process of getting the loan simpler in the future. The financial institute checks the borrower’s credit history before lending business loans. If you need to increase the credit history, getting an unsecured loan is an ideal option. The lender doesn’t check the credit score while availing the loan. Most of them pick an unsecured business loan for developing a good credit history with the timely repayment of EMIs.  

Don’t risk your assets

With an unsecured business loan, you would not risk your property. The secured business loan is protected with anasset. The financial institution would be able to attack your asset if you don’t  repay the loan. There is no chance of attack on the collateral in an unsecured loan. 

Flexible repayment options

Many NBFCs offer an unsecured loan as they will acquire the risk. The lender provides flexible repayment options that allow the borrower to repay the loan amount quickly. The borrower can repay the loan when they can. The lenders offer lots of repayment options so you can select the schedule that fits your finances. It will keep you away from the penalty, or otherwise, you might have to pay the late payment of easy monthly instalments. The business owner can borrow money as much as they need, and the interest is only applicable for the borrowed amount.  

Disadvantages of unsecured loans

Unsecured loans have a number of disadvantages as well. . You must read the cons of the business loan with collateral and then make your decision. Let’s see a few disadvantages of unsecured loans:

Interest rate

An unsecured business loan is quite risky for the business owner as they don’t have security to hold the business accountable in case of non-repayment. . So the interest rate is higher for unsecured loans as compared to other  loans. The interest rate of the loan can be varied based on the borrower’s credit history. NBFCs provide unsecured loans at a competitive interest rate. 

Loan eligibility

The collateral-free loan does not need the applicant to put their property at risk. The lender provides a smaller amount than a secured loan. The loan frame comes with a business loan without collateral to ensure where the loan amount is higher than how much the bank provides at an interest rate.  


Another drawback to applying for a business loan without an asset is documentation. The borrower needs to submit lots of documents to get the unsecured loan. But they don’t want to provide a property document while availing an unsecured loan. The document includes office address proof, GST statement, bank statement, PAN card, KYC document, relevant financial documents, home address proof, and much more. The lenders need these documents to verify the borrower eligibility. NBFCs need less documentation to process an unsecured loan application. 


The business loan without an asset does not mean that the borrower can walk away without repaying the loan amount. The financial institute can drag the borrower to court if they don’t refund the loan amount, and the legal method may force them to come up with cash to repay the loan.

Tips to get an unsecured business loan 

If you need to get a business loan without collateral, then you have many options. There are lots of mortgages that are unsecured. You can keep the assets if anyone defaults on the unsecured business loan. 

Here are some tips to get an unsecured business loan. 

Increase credit score 

If you desire to apply for the unsecured loan, then you should have a higher credit score. The lender can check the credit score if the business is new. You can boost the chance of getting an unsecured loan if you increase your credit score. Building a good business credit score helps the business owner be eligible for a business loan. 

Develop the business plan 

You can craft the business plan that accurately shows how you will utilize the business loan progress and show the profits for loan terms. The lender will appreciate it if you have repaid the business loan on time. 

Never choose a costly lender 

Before choosing the unsecured business loan, you should think twice. This loan comes with quick access to money and higher approval cost, but it is a costly business loan. You can pick the lender who provides the unsecured business loan at a lower interest rate. 

Final thought 

An unsecured loan is an ideal option if you need money immediately for your business. This loan amount is used for purposes like buying large equipment, cash for expanding projects, and others. It is critical to know all pros and cons of business loans without collateral before applying them. We have explained all benefits and disadvantages of collateral-free loans that should give you just the right idea about them. 

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