From Zero to Hero: How Concept Art Contributes to the Making of a Masterpiece

Concept art has been around for quite a while but we have started to hear and, in this case, see more about it only recently. Movies, video games, books, all utilize concept art during their creation and the internet allows us to glimpse into the journey a masterpiece takes before coming to life.

Simply put, concept art is the first piece of visual art designed for a media piece. The process usually goes as follows, the theme and script of the piece are prepared, and based on those, the concept artist prepares rough drafts based on those. Those are then reviewed and if they reflect what the creators have in mind, are forwarded to the art team which builds on the concept art.

Concept art is usually in the form of sketches and rough drawings but can be detailed depending on the deadline of the project or the creators. Some forms of concept art can be a little more detailed especially pieces created for FRP games such as dungeons and dragons.

Concept art is vital for video games and movies as those two usually rely on 3D Modeling and quickly sketching out a concept is not easy to do so on those platforms. Instead, having illustrations that reflect the environment, characters, and even objects look like helps speed up the process significantly.

What Does a Concept Artist Do?

Concept artists are tasked with creating the first visual representations of a project. So, they have to come up with concepts that reflect the vision of the creators. This requires them to have a couple of skills such as working with tight deadlines, creativity, and good communication skills.

Our Favorite Fantast Concept Art Picks

As a bonus, we’ve included quite a few of our favorite concept art examples. We’ve mainly included fantasy concept art pieces of video games, D&D, and TV shows. You can find examples of concept art from God of War, Diablo, the Witcher, Game of Thrones, and Studio Ghibli. Have a look at the pieces we’ve collected for you and let us know if you think that there’s cool concept art that we should include in the article.