Looking for a way to work on your mobile phone while scrolling Instagram? Well, why don’t you try to become an Instagram freelance marketer? All you need is a mobile phone, the Instagram app, and some skills which I’ll explore in the following article. 

Having more than 500 million active users per day, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media websites all over the globe and is not just a place to share cool images anymore. Right now, most of the brands and agencies have an Instagram account, engaging with their customers, and promoting their products and services using the amazing features of this platform. 

Being an Instagram marketer, you’ll become a social media expert with digital marketing skills. This way, you must help brands and companies attract a target audience without using Instagram follower apps and boost their Instagram engagement rate. So, you need to acquire professional marketing skills and broaden your knowledge to become a professional freelance marketer. 

In the following article, I’ll teach you the steps of becoming a freelance Instagram marketer. But first, let’s know more about the required skills. 

Skills to Gain as a Freelance Instagram Marketer

It is true that being a freelance Instagram marketer you can work from wherever you are, without following a specific working hour. However, this career is tasked with a high amount of research and needs you to care about different aspects of an Instagram-based business such as:

  • Creating eye-catching posts to attract a target audience
  • Search and use relative hashtags for each post 
  • Engage with followers by liking their posts, responding to DMs, comments, and tagged photos
  • Gain information about your clients’ businesses to better manage their accounts

And lots of other tasks. 

So, you have to keep yourself updated about different Instagram marketing strategies. This way you will build an online presence of your business and can perfectly attract clients to start your home-based business. So, let’s jump into the job requirements and see how they will help you with your career.

1. Learn about Instagram SEO Hacks to Gain Followers

Well, the very first thing you must do is to leverage your knowledge about Instagram SEO hacks and learn how to grow followers on Instagram. This not only helps you become a successful Instagram marketer who knows how to get thousands of followers for every niche but also lets you start your own business because you definitely need to prove that you are capable of getting followers and your Instagram account can be a compelling example of this ability. 

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In the following infographic, I mentioned the top 8 Instagram SEO hacks you need to know as an Instagram freelance influencer:

Credit: Original

2. Try Being a Researcher & a Copywriter

Undoubtedly, as a professional Instagram marketer, you will be needing to come up with perfect content marketing plans and engaging captions for your clients’ posts. So, you have to be able to do in-depth research to find amazing ideas for the Instagram marketing plan, what to share on Instagram, and what strategies to follow in order to get the best possible result. 

Also, as you may already know, Instagram is not just a visual platform and you should be able to write accompanying captions for the shared visuals in order to give exact descriptions of what has been shared, and also make people engage with your posts and become your customer. 

Here’s a good example to illustrate the importance of writing the right caption:



In the left one, people were asked to tag their friends in the comments sections and hence, the post has 25 comments. But the right one, the post caption just contains some hashtags related to the photo and the number of comments is half of the other one. 

So, follow the ultimate guide to copywriting and write captivating captions to turn your viewers into followers, and followers into customers. 

3. Go for a Perfect Strategy

When running an Instagram account, you need to be strategic and care about every single aspect of a perfect Instagram account to attract target audiences. Actually, this may take a great deal of time because depending on the type of your client’s business, you have to share different types of posts and you may take some time to find out which strategy works better for each business category. 

So, keep on learning and try to follow many brands and businesses on Instagram and monitor their strategies to see how many posts to share per day, what types of content people are willing to engage in each category, and when is the best time to post on Instagram. 

4. Analyze Your Performance

A key part of being a successful freelance Instagram marketer is to be capable of analyzing your results to measure the success rate of applied strategies. This way, you will have the opportunity to improve your strategies and employ new methods and techniques to win the marketplace. 

Luckily, Instagram has a great feature to help you with this skill. Monitoring your Instagram demographics and analyzing the reports, you will get valuable information about the age, gender, and also the location of your followers. Hence, you can customize your strategies in order to turn them into customers. 

To access your Instagram analytics, just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile and tap on the three-lines icon on the top right corner of the screen. 
  2. Tap and insights.

Now, you’ll see the following demographics in which you can analyze your audience and use the analytics to improve your performance. 

Credit: falcon.io

3 Essential Steps to Become a Freelance Instagram Marketer

Now that you know what skills you need to become a freelance Instagram marketer, it’s time to level-up your abilities and use all the mentioned tips to start your own business on Instagram. Actually, after improving your marketing skills, you are just 3 steps behind your goal. In the following sections, I’ll describe these 3 simple steps. So, stay tuned and start your dream job. 

Step 1: Set Your Goal and Decide What to Charge 

To be honest, this might be the hardest step in starting your career as a freelance Instagram marketer. You have to define your goal and see where you want to be after 6 months or even a year. You must calculate all your expenses and set a goal for your income to prevent huge financial losses. 

Then, you have to set a price for the services you are going to offer. Undoubtedly, as a newbie Instagram marketer, you have to charge a bit lower than professional and experienced marketers to be able to offer something valuable to your potential customers. By trying this trick, your services outweigh your competitors’ and hence, you can boost your business in a short period of time. 

To have an idea about the prices, take a look at Fiverr, and know the best freelance Instagram marketers and their services. 

Step 2: Build Your Personal Website & Brand

Unquestionably, having a personal website to promote all your services, share case studies, and write about the techniques and methods you use to grow Instagram accounts is really important for your business. This way, you can professionally introduce yourself to your clients and drive traffic to your Instagram account. 

Additionally, this increases the number of clients because a website can be found by a simple search on Google, and even if someone has not created an Instagram yet, by finding your website they’ll be intrigued to start an Instagram business and come to ask for your professional help. 

Moreover, if you are not able to make a website, you can join platforms like Fiverr, UpWork, Freelancer, and Truelancer to promote your services and share your portfolio. 

Credit: fiverr.com – @vasily17

Step 3: Find Your Clients

Finally, you can start finding clients for your business. Absolutely, the best place to start advertising and promoting your services is Instagram itself. All you have to do is to try the SEO hacks mentioned in the past paragraphs and optimize your Instagram account for searches

Also, if you have created your own website, optimize it for Google search engines and keep keywords like business coaches, entrepreneurs, digital marketing, social media, and thousands of other related keywords in mind to drive traffic to your business and turn your viewers into clients. 

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, if you are seeking a career that doesn’t need you to work for 8 hours and can be done from wherever you are, a freelance Instagram marketer is a great choice for you. All you need is a mobile phone and the knowledge of getting followers by trying the best Instagram marketing practices. So, read the article meticulously and start your business right now.

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