Did you know that over 70% of marketers turn to influencers for promotions? It is because influencers are great for not only driving traffic and creating authentic content; it is also more effective for reaching the target market. Over time, the online audience has already developed a case of ‘banner blindness.’ So if you like to get them, you need a workaround. Influencer marketing provides that. It allows you to reach your target audience through the authentic recommendation by an influencer. 

This article will introduce you to seven tips that you can use to capture influencers on Instagram. 

1 – Start with Influencers Who Love your Brand

Many experts will recommend researching influencers relevant to your brand as the first step in your Instagram influencer marketing. While that works, it may involve paying for influencer software. Instead of jumping to influencer research, it may be better to look for influencers who are already using your products and services. This is a great time to take a closer look at your customer list to see if micro-influencers are already using your products. If so, you may want to ask them to review your products. Since they have already bought from you, you don’t have to convince them to like you. They already trust you enough to make a transaction with you. 

2 – Try Micro-Influencer Marketing

When people talk about influencer marketing, they immediately think of big-name influencers who have millions of followers. While it can be quite impressive if you can get these influencers to promote you, it is unnecessary. Instead of these influencers, you can target micro-influencers instead.

Micro-influencers are names on social media that have a few thousand followers. They may seem that they don’t have much of an impact, but their audience is often engaged. You’ll want these micro-influencers to review your products for you because they usually don’t cost as much as celebrity influencers. Plus, they are pretty excited to work with brands. 

3 – Launch Products with Influencers

One of the best ways to capture the market’s attention on Instagram is to create unique products with influencers. Instagram is a visually-oriented service. Its primary focus is delivering image-based content to its users. You mustn’t only create a product with an influencer’s name. You also have to ensure that the packaging is visually appealing. You’ll want your audience to jump on the idea of buying the product that you have made with the influencer. Plus, you’ll want it to be an easy share for the influencers. 

The most challenging part of this strategy is getting the influencer to say ‘Yes’ to the offer. First, you need to have products that are visually appealing in the first place. From here, you can ask them if they want to make an exclusive product with you. 

Once you launch the product, the promotions can rely entirely on your target influencer. Since it is a product created in their name, they will be more motivated to promote your product to their followers. 

4 – Create an Exclusive Referral Marketing Campaign

You may also want to combine the power of referral marketing and influencer marketing right from your website. This is not that complicated to do. You can start with a woo commerce affiliate plugin or Shopify app to create a referral program on your eCommerce website. For other platforms, you may need to use a specific type of referral software. In any case, they are quite effective in getting traffic and sales to your website. The best part is it is more comfortable to ask an influencer to promote something like this program. It is exclusive and made in their name, so it is a program that is created exclusively for their followers.  

5 – Host an Instagram Event with Influencers

Instagram is still a social media channel. You’ll have a much better chance for success if you host an Instagram event with the influencer instead of straight-out asking them to promote you. By adding them to an event, you can boost each other’s Instagram profiles plus get more engagement with your posts. This can lead people to your products and services.

What types of events can you launch? Well, it depends on your creativity. You can host a contest or giveaway. You can just put in the mechanics that they should like your Instagram page as a requirement. This will foster engagement and get more people into your event. 

6 – Collaborate on Content

Instagram provides plenty of space for different types of content. Written content can easily be placed in your image captions; pictures can be placed on posts, and videos can be launched on IGTV. If you want an influencer to work with you, you’ll have to create one type of content from these three. This will give the influencer something to share while promoting your brand all at the same time. You may have to consult the influencer on what they think before you do anything for this strategy. This is a collaboration, after all, so you have to share your ideas and work together. 

7 – Host an Offline Event

If you want to go another mile, you can invite several influencers to an offline event. By doing this, you can get several influencers on Instagram to promote you at the same time. It works exceptionally well if you are running an exclusive event with tons of people. Just see how influencers promote Coachella all across influencers and Youtube. It works because influencers can share where they are and what they are doing. They are also able to share their stories and can make live videos of the event. 
Whether you need to promote a Shopify store or a brand new website like Drum Set Lab and Hunting Bow Lab, you’ll find that Instagram influencer marketing can be quite useful. It works because it leverages the like and trust that the influencer has already developed with his followers. It means that you no longer have to start from scratch when building your relationships with your target market. The influencer will already have you covered.

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