Today, the government is coming up with so many smart ways of elevating the success graph of the ‘Digital India’ campaign to make payments more accessible and manageable. However, hard cash still tops the list of the most popular options for the retail shops to receive payments, yet, retailers are laced with a vast range of digital payment options for in-store payments Some of the significant contributors to the daily offline retail transaction are retail-like shopping, travel, and food,  are slowly embracing digital purchases… Digitization of retail spend not only reduces cash dependency but also serves as a reliable option to improve financial security, mentioned below are the most reliable ones-  

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Most Reliable Digital Payment Methods Retail Shops Should Implement


Paytm has grown into one of the most popular digital wallets due to the ease of accepting what it offers. The platform’s advanced digital wallet system allows users to send/receive payments instantly within a few seconds. The advantage of using PayTM isn’t limited to carrying out e-commerce transactions. You can easily transfer money, shop, travel; even pay your retailer the due amount. It’s easy to go completely cashless with the majority of retailers using PayTM today. Recently, this digital payment company has collaborated with some Indian educational institutes to encourage digital fee payments. 

Amazon Pay

Owned by the e-commerce giant Amazon, this online payment platform focuses on offering a technologically advanced option to the users to pay their dues. The newest addition to Amazon Pay UPI makes it one of a kind platform that can be used by retailers to receive payment. The best part there is no need to enter sensitive information like address, debit card or credit card details and others to make the transaction. Amazon Pay’ amazon features like inline checkout and fraud protection have eased the path of going cashless for both retailers and consumers. 

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Established in 2015, PhonePe facilitates UPI payments, secure money transfers, recharges, and online bill payments. This platform features an advanced user interface for the fastest and safest digital payment experience. PhonePe e-wallet allows users to receive/transfer the amount quickly to another PhonePe user. It also offers the benefit of QR code payment where users use their credit card or debit card to complete the transaction. Its amazing features allow retailers to receive payments from customers instantly without any hassle. Moreover, you’ll get cashback and lucrative deals on food outlets, bill payments, and more. 

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Google Pay 

Google Pay has reached the top in a short period. Today it proudly stands as one of the top digital payment methods in the country. Though it was a late entrant in the market, it quickly managed to gain popularity among millions. With its hassle-free services, users can receive and send money right away in their bank account. It facilitates users with both UPI and NEFT payments making it an ideal option for retailers to accept digital payments. Moreover, users can transfer money to their family/friends, pay bills, and recharge their phones through the Google Pay app. This online payment app is linked directly to the user’s registered phone number and bank account. 


MobiKwik is the next best digital payment method for retailers. This mobile payment platform connects over 55,000 retailers with 26 million users. Users need to add money to the mobile wallet using net banking, debit card or credit card. The unique thing about MobiKwik is that it offers the facility of doorstep banking service, making it easier for users to shop, recharge, and pay utility bills at marketplaces. MobiKwik has partnered with small and large offline merchants, retail shops, restaurants, and grocery merchants for further ease of the users. 

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Trust and safety are the core factors that encourage people to adapt to digital payment solutions. The convenience of easy and speedy transactions has brought a considerable transformation in the retail industry. 

While debit/credit cards, banknotes, checks, and coins remain in use among the retailers and consumers, digital wallets gained an edge over these options due to the ease and security that they offer. 

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How has Indifi changed the game for SMEs? 

Indifi has turned out to be one of the market leaders in the digital payment space. The Company has to rescue the small and medium businesses by facilitating them with digital loans depending on their credit report. Understanding the importance of business loans for SMEs, Indifi has come up with a solution to offer them financial flexibility so they can handle their daily operations much more efficiently. Moreover, the monetary help fuels growth and allows the business to cover taxes with the digital infusion.

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