Business loans prove to be a great financial assistance for the expansion of your business or kickstarting the new one. The funds you get can be used in purchasing equipment, securing inventory, hiring employees, and covering other business-related expenses.

But because of being in an inaccessible location, they may not get a quick business loan.   Accessibility, funding, and growth go hand in hand. Hence, to secure a handsome amount for a business loan, you need to select a location that checks out all the requirements for a business set-up.

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Important Things That a Lender Considers Before Sanctioning Your Loan

Where and when your business starts and what its growth aspects are more important to consider. Lenders are also interested to know about your business acumen and your ability to deal with the changing market trends based on your business location.

To limit the risk of the business location, the lenders usually check the value of your business location. The ratio is calculated from the amount of money the bank is approving as a loan for business to the actual value of the business location. It is known as the loan-to-value ratio. 

The lender needs assurance that the business location selected by you will generate enough revenue to repay the loan. They analyze the location condition concerning how you are serving the customers in delivering the product and services.

If you belong to a retail sector or hospitality sector, you should choose a business location which fits well from a customer point of view. In case you are dealing in wholesale business like manufacturing, wholesaling, or doing online business, then, in that case, business location is not a hinge for your prospective customers.

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Ways to get a quick business loan approval

  • Your business’ location plays an important role as you are required to specify where you are registering your business. Ensure your business is registered at a location that gives you access to the right permits and licenses to run your business smoothly.
  • The lender approves loans only when you have a license to run a business in that particular location. You must file a license application; the city planning commission will give you approval for doing business operations.
  • The lender always gives quick financing to those business locations which enjoy economic stability. It means they are having good fiscal health and are at a growing stage.
  • Make sure your business is generating sufficient cash flows. It is one of the primary concerns of the lender before approving the business loan. It helps in analyzing the lender about the market demand of your business, business cycles, and management competence based on your location. 

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Tips To Select The Right Business Location To Get Easy Business Loans:

Your location aligns well with the nature of your business

It is the first important step to follow if you want to get a hassle-free business loan for your new business venture. When you are finding a business location, ask yourself, will the customer make a visit to your office? Are you in favor of anticipating walk-in-business, or will you meet with your clients? In short, you are required to prepare a list of your business-related needs.

Know your customers

You need to identify who your customers are and how they will fulfill their needs? You need to prepare a demographic profile to know about your target audiences. There are two angles to decide about demographics: who your customers are and what is the proximity between your business location and target audiences.

For instance, if you are opening a clinic, you should choose the location where it is feasible for patients to come and is hygienic. Make a proper investigation of the community before finalizing any site.

Know who your competitors are

If your competitors are operating in the same location, you will not be able to create a unique identity of your business in front of prospective customers. Always do a competitive analysis when choosing a business location so you can achieve a competitive edge when endorsing your product or services.

Consider accessibility and traffic

Accessibility and traffic can become a significant issue of concern for your employees. So, factors like, automobile traffic, sidewalk accessibility, parking, and foot traffic are essential things that need consideration before selecting a business location.

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Check the restrictions and benefits of government agencies on that particular location

You are also required to consider the restrictions and benefits of different government agencies. Some of the agencies are offering to fund small businesses and start-ups, while some are granting business loans only to women or underrepresented & minority groups. For instance, if your start-up is related to life science or healthcare sectors, you are entitled to research funding based on where they are registered.

Your selected location should be approved by the planning commission of your city

You cannot start a business in an area that is not a zone according to the nature of your business. The lenders also do not approve business loans in such a situation. If still, you are willing to operate in that area only, then you are required to take a conditional-use permit. For this, you need to put up your case in front of the planning commission of your city. In most cases, it is easy to get a permit if the businessperson proves it will not disrupt the environment and is safe to operate.


There should be a sense of security in the location that you are selecting for operating your business. It is one of the biggest factors to consider while choosing a location. If your employees or customers are not feeling safe to park their cars in the parking lot, they will avoid visiting your business location. Apart from that, your business operations will not run smoothly if the crime rate happens to be high in that particular area.

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Overall, the location plays an important role not only in getting quick loan approval for the smooth running of the business but also for retaining and attracting the best employees. It will result in boosting up the long term performance of the company. If the company is profit-making, lenders consider you as a creditworthy entrepreneur and grant you a loan in a hassle-free way.

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