The year 2020 drove us all to the edge, pushed us over in some moments, stretched us too thin in others.

The ripples of this disruptive pandemic have been felt by businesses across multiple industry verticals. A McKinsey report suggests that the worst-hit sectors may take up to 5 years to bounce back in a muted recovery scenario. Besides, consumer behavior and the way they interact with digital content has also changed drastically.

Your emails have to be in line with the realities of the time for them to retain their effectiveness. The choice of design plays a crucial role in making that happen. Let’s take a look at some of the top design trends that will govern the look and feel of your emails for the next year.

5 Top Email Design Trends 2021

Will the email design in 2021 be reflective of the disruption and disharmony of the present times? Or will they seek to counter the chaos with a calming, restful appeal? Could we possibly see a mix of both these design approaches depending on the context? These 5 top email design trends for 2021 have the answer:

1. Minimalism

Emails in 2021 will remain true to the ‘less is more’ adage with muted colors and monochrome layouts being tapped into generously to make the messaging more impactful. The shift from bright and bold colors to softer hues as well as monochromatic designs created by using different shades from a single color palette is emerging as a popular choice.

Acknowledging the ability of colors to influence a person psychologically, these color patterns are likely to be used to create a sense of harmony and serve as a unifying element. Besides, these are perceived to have a calming effect on the reader, promoting ease of reading and a higher likelihood of engaging with the content.

2. Illustrations

Illustrations, which emerged as the top design trend for 2019, will continue to be a preferred visual element even in 2021, albeit with a twist. The next year we could see illustrations being elevated through other elements such as animations and texture effects. Combining illustrations with GIFs or moving animation goes a long way in making your email design more engaging, driving up the likelihood of conversions.

Similarly, using textured illustrations for 2D images is being looked at as a smart way to revamp stock images and heighten their visual impact on the reader’s mind. The mix of contrasts, shades, gradients can add more depth to email design and enhance its appeal.

3. Dark Mode On

Dark mode has been a hotly discussed subject ever since the first dark mode interface was rolled out in 2015. With online education and work-from-home culture considerably driving up screen time, dark mode is something that email marketers will have to rely on heavily to get their message across to their target audience.

With this light-on-dark already popular used in different forms of gadget use, this design element gives email marketers the advantage of tapping into something familiar. Since the reader’s eye is already accustomed to it, they can navigate through the content of the email quickly and more seamlessly.

4. Bold Fonts

The use of big, bold typography comes with the territory when you’re working with a light-on-dark design approach. As one trends, the other can’t be far behind. The use of bold fonts is a smart approach to making your content the centerpiece of your emails. With a bold headline staring the reader as soon as they click on an email, the key takeaway becomes clear in a matter of seconds. Once you have captured the reader’s attention within the first few seconds, the likelihood of them engaging with your message naturally becomes higher.

5. Visual Chaos

The email design trends for 2021 are going to be more than just about clean, minimalistic designs. On the other end of the spectrum, emails with a sense of visual chaos or a hectic vibe created with stills are also predicted to gain traction. This out there yet tangible imagery can be created impactfully through 3D images and phantasmagoric collages – created by using bits of different images to create one.

To Wrap Up

Email marketing has been the most potent digital channel for promotions for a long time. In the current scenario, its importance in helping businesses bounce back by making target users engage with them is more than ever. A crisp copy alone cannot achieve that. Using the right design elements is equally important.Want to know what other trends and design elements you can leverage to make your email more effective in the coming year? Check out this in-depth infographic by Email Uplers – 11 Email Design Trends That Will Reign Supreme in 2021.

11 Email Design Trends that will reign supreme in 2021
11 Email Design Trends that will reign supreme in 2021
Source: 11 Email Design Trends that will reign supreme in 2021

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