Currently, many businesses and organizations are using videos for marketing their products and services. Through a video, you can quickly inform your customers about a product’s specifications, uses, and benefits simply and engagingly. Videos have proven to be more engaging and compelling than texts and images. If your customer has any doubt of purchase, your video will act as an in-store salesperson who would help the customer make the purchase.

Not only does product video inform your customers about something, but it also plays a crucial role in promoting your products and business at large. Let’s take a quick look at ways in which your business can benefit from product videos.

It Increases Conversions

Including a video on your landing page can greatly increase your conversion rates. Sometimes a potential customer would need to be persuaded to buy a product. Having a product video will influence a person into purchasing since videos bring out a realistic feeling that the customer expects. Seeing a product work is more compelling than reading the description or looking at its images.

Increases Page Rank in Search Engines

The majority of searches on Google are displayed in the form of videos. Having a good product video with the right content can significantly boost the rank of your page. When a customer searches for a product that your website contains, it is most likely to appear among the top searches. Increasing web page rank will significantly boost your business since more people will be visiting your page, and indeed you will get more customers. Your click and shares will also increase.

It Builds Trust and Improves Engagement

People often have a habit of touching and testing a product before purchasing them. Your text description alone will not be convincing enough for a customer who is in doubt. However, through a product video, you can show your customers that the product is as they expect and clear the doubt. With a product video, you can give your viewers a sense of the quality of the product by showing it to them directly. Through a production video, a customer can see how a product works; hence it will also reduce the chances of being unsatisfied or returning the product.

Simple for your Customers to Digest

Descriptions are helpful, but it would be tiresome for a customer to go through the entire information, summarized and shown practically in a video. Images are great as well, but they do not deliver quality as clearly as videos do. Moreover, videos tend to attract more attention than texts or images. Hence people are more likely to purchase a product from your website, which will benefit your business.

Strategies for Making a Professional Video

A product video would significantly market and boost your business. However, how do you make the video for it to be successful? Here are some strategies that you can follow in creating a professional product video.

Plan the content of your product video

Just like any other video, you need to set your goals right before you start. Planning helps you brainstorm ideas that will help you determine the kind of video you want to produce. Video producers at Spiel recommend you plan a good script for your product video.

Some of the tips to making a good word plan include:

  • You need to introduce your product and your company. The audiences need to know from whom they are purchasing the product. Make sure to give them the best first impression.
  • Talk about the features of the product and how it will benefit the users. Use this opportunity to show off your product. Users may get confused sometimes as to whether they should purchase the item or not. Hence, make your script compelling by spelling out how the customer will benefit from the product.
  • Make sure to mention the price of the product in the video. It would be unfortunate if the customer had to look for the price elsewhere.
  • The whole point of making the video is to advertise your products and make as many sales as possible. Potential customers may take the action of making a purchase; hence, be sure to add a clear call-to-action at the end of your video script.

Make a Quality Video

Having your content ready is only half the way. You need to make sure you produce quality and engaging videos for your audience. The following are tips you can follow when making a professional quality video.

  • Use good equipment for recording your video. Have a quality camera and an external microphone for clear and quality audio.
  • Choose a good background that matches the goal of your video. You can either use a real location such as a warehouse or an office or use a fake set such as a solid color or green screen.
  • Make sure to record your video with adequate light for the best results.
  • You can hire an acting crew depending on how you want to advertise and explain your product.
  • Edit and customize your video
  • Make sure to keep it short.

Working with a video production company like Spiel can help you in producing a quality product video. It would be easier and more professional.  However, those are the guidelines for making a quality video.

Share your video

Upon completing your video, you need to share it with your customers. You can put the video on your landing page, social media platforms, or website home page for the world to see. Sharing your video can greatly boost your business by increasing website link shares and product sales.

Many people spend most of their time watching videos, thus making it the most consumed content on the internet. Involving your business with the current online appetite would significantly bring more benefit to it. As we have seen, product videos would surely benefit a business in different ways. Following the strategies in making the video, you can create a professional video that would bring fortune to your brand.

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