To build 100, 10, or even 2 or 3 different types of websites from a single theme requires one thing at a minimum, and that one thing is flexibility. Flexibility has multiple facets, ranging from customizable demos, templates, and page section modules to layout options, design element options, and tools to put everything together and in their proper places.

  • Flexibility is what multipurpose WordPress themes have. The top ones, like those described in this article, have in abundance.
  • You may not need a great multipurpose WordPress theme to build a single website, even though it would get the job done for you. A specialty theme might serve you better in a given situation. But if building a variety of different website types requires investing in several specialty themes, you will usually save time and money by investing in a single multipurpose theme.
  • Finally, the top multipurpose WordPress themes generally undergo continual improvement through upgrades, they keep current with the latest design trends, and they have a reputation for providing excellent user support.

That said, let’s get started.

Great Multipurpose WordPress Themes

Total WordPress Theme

1 9 Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes Worth Buying
1 9 Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes Worth Buying

In terms of tools, customizable design elements, and overall functionality, Total meets all the criteria for the flexibility required of a multipurpose WordPress theme to successfully handle anything that happens to come your way. And even though Total is packed with features, it will never slow you down.

Total places at your fingertips:

  • 40+ single-click importable demos to get your website-building project underway. The content included in each of these demos can be modified and fine-tuned to suit your need.
  • An advanced and extended WPBakery page builder, complete with 100+ modules that makes building a page a quick and satisfying process
  • More than 500 styling settings to customize colors, widths, typography, and other design features
  • Dynamic Template and Post Cards functionality to create customized dynamic templates for post types

Even though Total was designed with perfectionists in mind, it’s the right choice to get your website up and running no matter your level of experience. 47,000+ Total users can’t be wrong. Click on the banner to find out for yourself.


2 9 Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes Worth Buying
2 9 Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes Worth Buying

Flexibility will certainly never be an issue with BeTheme, nor will any of the limitations that some themes impose on their users. BeTheme is the biggest multipurpose theme of them all in terms of core features and design options, plus its more than 200,000 sales to date attest to its popularity among web designers.

Among Be’s 40+ core features you have:

  • The Muffin Builder page builder, Admin Panel, and Shortcode Generator combination that eliminates any need for coding
  • 600+ customizable pre-built websites that cover all the major business and industry sectors and website types and styles and feature embedded UX functionality
  • The Layout Generator, a new Header Builder, grid options, color and font options, and special effects galore

Click on the banner to find out for yourself why bigger can indeed be better.

Kalium — Creative multipurpose theme for WordPress & WooCommerce

3-1 9 Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes Worth Buying
3-1 9 Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes Worth Buying

Kalium gives you everything you would expect from a premium multipurpose theme including flexibility, superior performance, and top-notch customer support. It is in fact the highest rated theme on the market today and it supports a base of more than 38,000 avid users.

  • Kalium’s fast and easy approach to website building makes it an excellent choice for both beginning and advanced designers.
  • Pick one or more of the pre-made concept demos, clone content to your site, and put the industry’s top page builders, Slider Revolution, and Layer Slider to work
  • Kalium also offers an abundance of the header, navigation, portfolio and blog layouts, shortcodes, and a host of other design options
  • Kalium is SEO friendly, GDPR compliant, responsive and retina ready, and WooCommerce optimized as well.

Click on the banner to learn more about this popular multipurpose theme.

Avada Theme

4 9 Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes Worth Buying
4 9 Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes Worth Buying

If every multipurpose theme has so much to offer that they begin to look alike, you can always use sales as a tiebreaker and go with Avada, the all-time #1 best selling theme on the market.

  • Avada features 40+ one-click demos to get you started
  • $200 worth of website-building tools
  • A wide range of page and design options
  • Easy access to all the popular WordPress plugins
  • 450,000+ customers give Avada a 5-star rating.

Uncode – Creative Multiuse & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

5 9 Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes Worth Buying
5 9 Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes Worth Buying

Smooth, sleek, high performance, and pixel-perfect sums up Uncode in a nutshell. This creative multiuse theme has sold more than 85,000 copies to date.

  • Uncode is ideal for entrepreneurs and creative agencies, and for creating blogging and magazine websites
  • Its powerful designers’ toolkit features a frontend editor on steroids together with an impressive array of design concepts and templates
  • Wireframes is the new free plugin and they also have a WooCommerce custom builder

Uncode’s gallery of user-created websites is a must-see.

TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

6-1 9 Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes Worth Buying
6-1 9 Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes Worth Buying

Packed with goodies like 400+ prebuilt one-page and multi-page websites you can mix and match, TheGem is often referred to as WordPress’s ultimate toolbox.

  • Choose between WPBakery or Elementor page builders
  • Take your pick among TheGem’s huge selections of pre-designed page sections and awesome WooCommerce demos and templates

TheGem’s more than 50,000 customers have given it a 5-star rating.

Hongo – Modern & Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

7 9 Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes Worth Buying
7 9 Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes Worth Buying

While Hongo is in all respects a multiuse theme, it excels as a WooCommerce-based online shop builder with its 12 ready-to-customize store demos and supporting features.

Among Hongo’s many other features:

  • 200+ creative design elements and 250 customizable design templates
  • The WPBakery page builder and WPBakery custom shortcodes
  • Product tabs, quick view, compare, wish list, filters, and more

While Hongo is a relative newcomer it has proven to be a web designer’s favorite.

Brisk – Multi-Purpose Elementor WordPress Theme

8 9 Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes Worth Buying
8 9 Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes Worth Buying

Besides giving you complete control over the look and feel of your design, and the lack of any need for coding skills, Brisk has an interesting side benefit. It makes you feel like a pro from the get-go.

Among Brisk’s website-building features:

  • A state-of-the-art Options Panel
  • 30+ easy to import ready-made demos
  • 2,000+ Elementor template blocks and 200+ Elementor widgets
  • Global colors and fonts
  • Site-wide animations engine

Brisk is WooCommerce and Gutenberg ready.

Pofo – Creative Portfolio, Blog and eCommerce WordPress Theme

9 9 Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes Worth Buying
9 9 Top Multipurpose WordPress Themes Worth Buying

This modern and creative multipurpose theme is a favorite of creative teams and agencies, artists, bloggers, and more than a few corporations.

  • Pofo is an especially good choice for designing portfolio, blog, eCommerce, and service-oriented websites.
  • Pofo’s users can take full advantage of the WordPress Customizer and custom shortcodes in their website-building adventures

Pofo is crazy-fast, SEO optimized, and enjoys 5-star customer support.


Of all the design choices a WordPress user must make, the most important of all could be choosing the right WordPress theme to work with.

Designing a multipurpose WordPress theme takes a tremendous amount of skill. Demos, templates, and page sections have to be flexible and exhibit the design freedom necessary to fit any type of website. Meanwhile not losing the aesthetics that attracted you to them in the first place.

The 9 top multipurpose WordPress themes described above do all that and more.

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