Magento is one of the platforms designed to help eCommerce platforms conduct business more efficiently and in a conducive manner. An open-source platform, it assists business or ECommerce merchants to design a portable and easy cart, along with quality understandable content.

The authority over the appearance and functionality of the eCommerce website is entirely dependent on the merchant who has the basic utilities of Magento on his website.

Magento is a very flexible platform that provides some excellent features for out-of-the-box thinking for both users and developers. There are different types of add-ons and plug-in features that are associated very closely with Magento. Most of these added features can help to improve the experience of working with Magento.

You might be thinking right now that these features are obtainable on any eCommerce platform. What is so special about Magento? Well, let us introduce you to some of the best features of Magento that prove it is one of the best platforms for eCommerce websites and pages.

Benefits of Magento

Following are the Basic benefits of the older version of Magento. We will list the “Next Big Thing of Magento” in the later sections.

  • Easy to Install: 

    Magento is a platform that is extremely easy to install. It has several added features that can add good dimensions to the eCommerce page.

  • Open Sourced: 

    Open Source is one of the added benefits obtained after the use of Magento. You do not need any extra cost to install the Magento application on your device. The solutions of eCommerce in the case of Magento are adjustable and scalable, which makes it a better option than usual.

  • Multiple Payment gateway:

    In terms of payments, there are more than fifty channels that can help the developers to pay.

  • Cost-Effective Platform:

    Magento platform is one of the most effective platforms that are extremely cost-effective as well. The costs which are associated with Magento are nearly negligible as well.

Thus, these are some of the ideas which are associated with the older version of Magento. It can help to manage the customized products sold on the online platform. With the help of the Magento platform, the customized products are easier to sell. There are some new additional features on this platform that make it the next big thing in the world of Magento.

The New Features of Magento Platform (2.4 Version)

  • Media Gallery is improved

    The media gallery which shows the images and videos of the Magento platform is way more improved than any other eCommerce building platform. It is easier to drive a content-driven audience on the new Magento platform now. The improved gallery can be opened up at 30 times the greater speed compared to the older version. This feature has boosted up the popularity of the platform up to a few notches.

  • Two Factor Authentication

    The new Magento platform has a two-factor authentication to secure the Magento admin account. The entire process which is associated with the Magento platform can be considered to be equal to the 2FA services. This is quite helpful for the entire process since the system-generated code cannot be hacked by outsiders. The authentication code can always help to add an extra layer of security to the Magento account. Hence, no one can steal your ideas by any chance.

  • Seller Assisted Shopping

    One of the best features that are added to the Magento platform is the customer service representative. This particular feature can help to log into the account of specific consumers and provide guidance about the shopping procedures. This feature can gain some personal insight into the selling habits of the individuals and create orders on their behalf. It is almost like the addition of a new automatic feature that can help individuals in shopping.

  • Improved Search Engine

    Before you install Magento on your computer now, you have to install Elasticsearch as well. You are no longer required to add MySQL for the usability of the platform. The search engine is way more improved and no longer powered by the smaller add-ons. The new Magento platform also helps to handle the server easily.

  • Purchasing Approval Workflow

    Among the new additions, this is the best feature that can be used to control the Business to Business or B2B buying companies. The approval mechanisms are very closely related to the spending control of the user and can work wonders in terms of individual purchases. The options which are provided in terms of purchase approval are quite innovative.

  • Higher technological Representation

    Magento looks into many new features in terms of technology in the latest models. The platform upgrades are more developed and the PHP programming language enhanced with the new MySQL database. The latest versions of Magento can turn out to be more technologically advanced compared to the older platforms.

  • Updated PWA
    The updated version of the PWA studio is one of the best features added by the new version of Magento. This feature allows the Magento platform to be updated very easily and it also adds the new Venia storefronts. Experienced and accelerated user notions can also be formed with the help of the updated PWA. 

Few Final Words

Therefore these are some of the ‘Next Big Things’ in the Magento platform. You can experience a definite shift in the acceptance of your eCommerce platform when you start using the Magento features. The added features in the next and more developed version can bring a very plausible change in the style of business pursued by your eCommerce website. You have to keep in mind that an magento developer can help you to gain a huge amount of popularity on the internet platform for your eCommerce business.

Photo by Jungwoo Hong on Unsplash

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