Top 5 e-Commerce Site Powered by Magento in 2021

Due to the pandemic, the customers are likely to purchase from online e-commerce websites as the stores are continuously winning the heart of their customers with amazing service facilities.

The arrival of online shopping and social media marketing becomes very normal for every business plan, either small or large. 

The no. of e-commerce support websites and online shopping is expanding with every passing day and the retailers are selling their product successfully on these e-commerce websites and increasing their business. Although we can’t deny that during the pandemic e-commerce development companies were at their peak. 

The expansion of online stores leads to the birth of many e-commerce website platforms. You may have seen many platforms for this field and all these platforms provide the same sort of features but a little change makes them different from each other.

Now if we are talking about the e-commerce website platform then you must be familiar with Magento, a fantastic platform for every kind of business that is famous all over the world with quality products. In this article, we took a glimpse of the 5 best Magento sites that will surely help your website to grow. Before we start let us grab some amazing facts about Magento.

Why is Magento popular among all the platforms?

Magento is the most prevalent e-commerce website CMSs for every kind of business with more than 1 lakh users. The reason for its remarkable popularity is because it offers you distinct solutions to their problems such as your business needs, Enterprises, and Small business versions. Magento also conveys various certificate programs for their developers. Along with this Magento provides some specific features to their site to gain suitable traffic from their customers. 

Magento is a serious website in the market of e-commerce platforms that mainly focus on easy navigation, enhanced customer engagement, improved conversion rates, and overall e-commerce development for managers of the store. 

With the expansion of various e-commerce websites, Magento has also grown in the last 10 to 20 years. As it is growing so fast with worldwide products with a variety of audiences all around the world. And now we are going to talk about the best site in Magento. Keep scrolling to know more. 

1. Mophie

If you are looking for the best mobile battery case then don’t wander here and there. Mophie is popular for the different kinds of best mobile phone battery cases. This was founded by Shawn Dougherty and Daniel Huang in 2005. Its parent organization is Zagg. 

Along with this is also popular for innovative ideas regarding the battery cases such as it designed the juicy pack case which was the first certified phone case by the best phone company Apple. The battery cases of mophie are very convenient for the customers, as they are available in versatile designs and also save power. 

With help of Mophie, you can charge your phone and laptops at any time with a strong battery backup. There is a special gadget for cleaning known as UV sanitizer and a wireless charging facility. This tool will help you to clean extra data and junk files from your phones smoothly.  

2. Cowshed

If you are very conscious about your skin and hair and continuously taking treatments in order to take good care of your body and skin. You must have listened to the spa and various bath products. All the spa and bath products such as shampoos, body wash, soaps, oil extracts, and many more things come under Cowshed. 

The cowshed is the hometown of various organic, aromatic, extraction of plants’ oil, and many more. Not only this but Cowshed also stores the essential oils of various plants that reinvigorate your mind, body, and soul. This e-commerce website is winning the hearts of their customers by providing them organic and qualified products all over the world. 

3. Teatox

This is popular for the amazing aromatic and healthy tea beverages. Teatox is the place where the magic of taste and aroma transpires. Each and every product of Teatox is 100% organic and grown naturally without any pesticides, additional flavors, colors, and sweeteners. 

The tea leaves of teatox arrive straight from the tea garden that will release your stress and turn your soul into a refreshing and fitter version of you. This company is worldwide famous for its 100% pure and fresh products. This site mainly focuses on the quality of the product. 

4. Harvey Nicholas

This site is based on a British department chain. This store was founded by Benjamin Harvey in 1831 in London, United Kingdom. The parent organization of Harvey Nicholas is Dickson Concepts with locations. It is specialized in fashion sales of men, women, children, and other age groups. 

As well as the sales of beauty products, packet foods, and alcoholic beverages such as wine. For people who are looking for a classy British makeover, the flagship store of Knightsbridge is a boon for such people. This site will offer you the trendiest British attires to their customers. 

5. Fred Perry

Fred Perry is another British-based fashion wear site. This brand was founded by Fred Perry who was the former famous British Tennis player and table tennis player, in 1952. Along with the British fashion trends, it also provides the most trendy sports and casual wear for women, men, and children. And also provide the best footwear for every size. 

The parent organization of Fred Perry is Hit Union Co. Limited. The products of this site may be very expensive but they will give the best experience of your classy clothes and footwear. 

The Final Words

In this article, we read about some best sites of the Magento e-commerce website that will help you to create an amazing platform to grow your online business. Here we have provided the best e-commerce international store that provides the best and trendy clothes and footwear worldwide. If you are also eager to grow your business all over the globe then start a business with Magento the best e-commerce website development. 

Photo by Fabiola Peñalba on Unsplash