Twitter is no longer an optional platform for digital marketing, as everyone is aiming to grow their social media presence and engagement on platforms like Twitter. There are various ways to do so, many people choose to do it organically and some buy Twitter followers. Even though having many Twitter followers may not be an accurate indicator of success, it sure feels like a milestone and can help to increase engagement on Twitter. Here are 5 tactics that you can strategize to shoot up your Twitter engagement, backed by research.


Even though Twitter has over a million users, your audience is not everyone on it! You can only increase engagement on Twitter when you know the right content to curate and post as per the interests and preferences of your audience. So, figure out what your audience/customers need, try to get some genuine opinions, and curate your content strategy accordingly. For this purpose, you can familiarize yourself with Twitter analytics and third-party platforms like Tweetreach, Klear, and Hootsuite. It is also suggested to make use of SEO-optimized captions and hashtags as it helps in redirecting your ideal audience to you automatically. One of the key things that can help you understand your audience better is by interacting and engaging with your followers. Making use of Twitter polls is another way to know your audience better. If you buy Twitter followers, it is still mandatory to understand their interests to increase their engagement.


Your social media should not just revolve around you. People love to engage with content that is unique and adds some value to their perspective. So, aim to create a feed that becomes the go-to channel for people to gain information about your respective niche. There are a lot of valuable ideas that people enjoy like infographics, factual graphs, updates, experiences, advice, and so on. You can mention other sources and retweet industry leaders’ content to gain some credibility. If your content is unique, you can be labeled as an industry insider, helping you gain more traffic and engagement. If you are going through writer’s block and seeking ideas, you can always mix it up a little and diversify your space with some fresh topics. Don’t always try to sell an item or you will start losing out on engagement. Add a clear and strong CTA as you need to provide your audience with something that they can engage with.


Hashtags are an amazing way to categorize content and help the right people find your content. People who are following a particular hashtag are already interested in that topic. There are various things that need to be kept in mind while choosing the right hashtags for your content and targeting the right audience. It is suggested to keep your hashtags short and precise, instead of long strings of words that take time to be comprehended. Even though hashtags are important to boost engagement on your post, one shouldn’t over-spam hashtags by using too many. If you start piggybacking on hashtags that are irrelevant, you’ll end up losing a part of your targeted audience. Inserting 4-5 hashtags per post would suffice. Try to insert hashtags that are trending and SEO-optimized to boost Twitter engagement. However, be original and unique if you’re creating new campaign hashtags.


If you want to make your message more prominent on Twitter and increase visibility, posting images is the way to do so. As per surveys, pictures and other graphical content has a higher probability of being reposted as compared to text tweets. So, if you want to generate maximum impact, use a combination of text and images and even better, text on images. There are various tools that can help you create images that are appealing, like Adobe Photoshop, Canva, and Pablo. You can increase the contrast and saturation of images to attract a larger audience. Embedding videos in your tweet is another way to grab people’s attention and boost engagement. Making use of gifs and memes can help you convey your emotions in a better way, spice up your feed, and also show some personality. It can also help in making people relate to your content, which further helps to increase engagement on Twitter.


If you want to keep your engagement flowing, post on a regular basis. Once people start to notice you on a daily basis, they will start interacting with your content. You will always notice that active Twitter accounts have more followers as ghost accounts don’t provide any value. If you are consistent with your tweets, it will create an impression that you are loaded with interesting content and ideas in your niche. It is equally important to know the right time to tweet, to attract maximum engagement at that given point. You can try out different timings based on your audience or simply take assistance from Twitter analytics and other tools to increase engagement on Twitter.


Now that you’ve made it till the end, here’s a bonus tip for you! If you buy Twitter followers from credible platforms and continue to curate valuable content, you can increase engagement through an increased audience. So, start making use of these tips right away and increase engagement on Twitter!

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