Congratulations… You have found the half that completes you. You are getting married…

Would you like to create a wedding website that is completely your own to make this amazing day even more special? Here, you can find wedding website examples that can give you diverse ideas.

A wedding website is a space where you can give all the information about your wedding by providing communication between you and your guests, and showing the wedding tone.

You can both let your guests access information easily and get rid of the difficulties of paper invitations. It is faster and eco-friendlier. Let’s take a look at some key tips about how to make a wedding website.

Wedding Website Information Tips

The most important feature of your wedding website is that it gives your guests information about your wedding that they can easily access. You can provide the details about where your wedding will be held, time intervals, transportation options, travel, and accommodation ideas.

You can also share all kinds of information with your guests so that your wedding will turn into the tone and invitation you’ve always dreamed of. Likewise, You can open a link for your wedding gifts on your wedding website and direct your guests to this link. As we said, this page is an excellent chance to organize your dream wedding.

If there will be a dress code at the wedding, you can mention it on these websites. Instead of printing all these applications on a big piece of paper, wedding websites will be very useful for your guests to arrive on purpose. You can create links for your gifts, as in Anya and Deven’s example. It’s a great precautionary measure to avoid a mess of gifts on your wedding day. All the information will make this special day better organized.

Wording Tips

A wedding website should be organized in itself as it organizes the whole wedding. The texts should be in a way that guests can understand. To do this, you can first start with a welcome message. 

This message will be the primary thing your guests will consider. You might think it’s the same as a nice warm hug. If we talk about the format; You can start with a fun tagline. Some examples of taglines; (Name) and (name) are getting hitched!/ It’s a fun time!/ Join us for our wedding/ We’re getting married!/ (Name) and (Name) are saying I-do!

Then try explaining how excited you are about this special day. Don’t forget to tell your guests why you created this website. After talking a bit about key features of the website, give them an invitation to explore your site and some navigation tips. We also recommend a thank you message and remind your guests of the RSVP. Avoid giving details about the place, time, and rules in this section. These parts will then be presented to your guests in other parts of the site.

“He put a ring on it! We’ve created this website to help you plan for our big day. You can find all of the need-to-know details right here, including directions to our venue, bus schedule, registry information, and a little bit about our love story so far. We’d love you to have a look around and learn more about our wedding day plans. You can also RSVP online and leave us a song request to get you up on the dance floor! We can’t wait to see you there, and wanted to say a huge thanks for your love and well wishes so far” Credit to Jessica and Jerell.

One more important question is; how to write your story for a wedding website. We may also name it About Us/our story. This section allows you to recall your memories. How did you meet your partner, how did you feel?

You can share your funny, sad, and happy memories with your guests. You can write together with your partner, or you can both tell your own versions separately if you wish. You can enlighten your guests with your stories, just as your love illuminates your life.


Another important part is the layout and harmony of your wedding website within itself. Wedding website design can challenge most couples. The most important thing to do here is to be yourself. So, you can build a site that is authentic and reflects you. For this, the best wedding website builders are at your service. You can easily create your own website using various wedding website templates. For example, when we look at Sarah and Dave’s site, we see that the color palettes are very compatible. The visual, in which their loving gaze is in the center, has made this site even more emotional and sincere. At the top, the guests can easily access the details about their wedding.

The other example is the site created by Jenny and Graydan. Their wedding website design is just like a movie cover. They make a fun and warm welcome. The design of the site is easy, and the red and blue colors represent the bride and groom. These colors are perfect for making an accent. The couple did not forget to reflect their personalities on their site.


Previously, we said a lot about how a wedding website content should be written and the information that your website should have. Now we’re going to talk about the creative tools you can add after you’ve done all this.

After creating your unique wedding website, now you can think of small details that will always be remembered by your guests. For example, you can add a favorite song to the wedding website. Who wouldn’t want to listen to Take My Breath Away from Berlin while browsing the page?

In addition to adding your favorite song, you can also move your wedding to social media. When guests upload your website, you can show the hashtags they can use for their social media shares, and you can celebrate the wedding with enthusiasm on social media as well.

As a creative marvel, we can look at the example of Jessica and Russ’s wedding website. You can create your site with cartoon characters this way instead of your photos.

In this example, we can see the illustration of the couple’s first meeting story. They managed to make their site more interesting by using animations. You can watch the illustrations on the site as if you were reading a novel.

Wedding websites can be very useful tools to make your dream wedding come true. These creative and warm website pages where you provide the necessary information and photographs in harmony will open the doors of an unforgettable night for both you and your guests. After reviewing all the examples and tips, were you able to create a map of how to make a wedding website for yourself? What would your webpage look like? Do not forget to comment on your favorite examples and your thoughts about the wedding websites.

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