The Aadhar card is the essential document for an individual in 2021, as it is associated with your Pan Card, bank account, and mobile number. It helps the government keep track of records, reduces corruption, and increases transparency.

The primary purpose of an aadhar card is to show that you are a citizen of India. The Unique Identification Authority of India has issued a 12 digit unique number to every individual of India.

And, if you are unaware of the Aadhar registration and linking process, this go-to guide will clear all your doubts about how to open e-aadhar & How to link aadhar to pan online? & decrease your hassle of searching for other websites.

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Eligibility Criteria To Apply Aadhaar Card:

Every individual staying or not staying in India can apply for an aadhar application, but the criteria might differ from person to person.

Indians can apply for aadhar online anytime, but for NRI and foreigners, one must have stayed in India for over 12 months to be eligible for aadhar enrollment.

Children between the age of 0-5 yrs are also eligible for the Baal aadhar card.

Documents To Apply Aadhaar Card::

Aadhar enrollment requires two types of documents: Proof of Identity and Proof of address. There are various documents you can show to get your e-aadhar card.

POI: Pan Card and Birth Certificate.

POA: Driving License, Ration Card, Passport, Voter ID Card, etc.

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How To Enroll For An Aadhar Card?

Step 1: Register on the UIDAI official website and download the aadhar application form.

Step 2: Fill the form and complete your details like name, address, mobile number, etc.

Step 3: Now, search for the nearest aadhar enrollment center and book your appointment.

Step 4: Visit the aadhar enrollment center.

Step 5: Hand over your application form and original documents. They will scan your document and handover to you later.

Step 6: Next, they will ask you for your fingerprint and iris scan to print it on your aadhar letter.

Step 7: Lastly, they will click your small passport size photograph.

The enrollment officer will now give you a final acknowledgment slip that contains your Enrollment ID (temporary). You can use that 14 digit Eid number to check your aadhar card status.

Your physical aadhar letter will arrive within 60-90 days after your aadhar number gets generated, and later, you can also download your e-aadhar from the website and print it.

Various forms to keep your Aadhar card as per your convenience.

  • Aadhar Letter:

The aadhar letter is delivered to you free of cost that contains your name, address, and QR Code by speed post. Suppose if you lost your aadhar card, you could also opt for another one by paying Rs 50/- cost.

The digital form of aadhar, also known as eAadhar, is masked with eight digits and only four digits are visible. It is free of cost and there are various ways to download it, which we have discussed below.

  • Aadhar PVC Card:

The Aadhar PVC Card, also known as the aadhar smart card, is the latest form of aadhar card that residents can opt for at their convenience.

The smart card has a similar design to MasterCard, Pan Card, Atm Card, etc., and you can get it from the official website.

The mAadhar mobile app is available for both android and IOS devices that residents can use to keep their e-aadhar without carrying the aadhar letter.

The app allows you to show your id proof in offline mode or when updating your aadhar details.

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5- Ways to Download your E-Aadhar.

After your aadhar card gets generated online, you can download and print your e-aadhar in the five different ways discussed below:

  1. Use your aadhar number

Step 1: Visit the official UIDAI website.

Step 2: In the header section: Go towards My Aadhar> Get Aadhar > Download Aadhar.

Step 3: Now, enter your twelve-digit aadhar card number.

Step 4: Tick the box – if you want a masked aadhar.

Step 5: Enter the given security code and click on Send OTP.

Step 6: Before downloading the e-aadhar, fill the small survey.

Step 7: Also, enter the OTP you get on your registered mobile number.

Step 8: Now click on Verify and Download to download your e-aadhar.

Finally, you will get the password-protected e-aadhar that you can view and download in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

But do you know what is the aadhar open password to download your e-aadhar?

The aadhar open password contains eight characters which are followed by your First Name and your Birth Year. The first four characters will be your name, and the rest will be your birth year.

For example, your name is ASHISH KUMAR, and your birth year is 1989. Then your aadhar password would be ASHI1989.

So enter the aadhar password to download your e-aadhar and get it printed in your near stationery shop.

  1. Use your Enrollment ID

An enrollment number applies when you have not got your permanent aadhar number. So use the 14 digit enrollment number to track or download your aadhar card.

Step 1:- Visit the official UIDAI website.

Step 2:- In the header section: Go towards My Aadhar > Get Aadhar > Download Aadhar.

Step 3:- Now switch from aadhar number to enrollment number (above).

Step 4:- Enter the 14 digit enrollment number from the acknowledgment slip.

Step 5:- Tick the box – if you want a masked aadhar.

Step 6:- Enter the Code and click on Send OTP.

Step 7:- Enter the OTP and click on the download option.

Step 8:- Lastly, you will get your e-aadhar on your mobile.

  1. Use your Virtual ID

Step 1: Visit the official UIDAI website.

Step 2: In the header section: Go towards My Aadhar > Aadhar Services > Virtual ID Generator.

Step 3: Enter the Aadhar Card number and the captcha code.

Step 4: Now click on Send OTP to receive it on your mobile no. and then enter it.

Step 5: Finally, you have generated your VID no. on your phone. So copy it somewhere.

Step 6: Now click on download aadhar and switch to Virtual ID.

Step 7: Enter the 16 digit VID number that you have copied.

Step 8: Tick the box – if you want a masked aadhar.

Step 9: Enter the Captcha and ask for OTP.

Step 10: Enter the OTP and click on the download button.

Step 11: Now, you will receive your e-aadhar on your device.

  1. Use the Digilocker app

Use the DigiLocker App to download your e-aadhar using the following steps:

Step 1: Download the DigiLocker mobile app on your Android or IOS device.

Step 2: Create your account and sign up.

Step 3: Enter the following details: Mobile Number, Email Id, Aadhar no., security pin, etc.

Step 4: Now click on Submit, and you will get a six-digit OTP.

Step 5: Enter the OneTimePassword and click on submit. Now you have successfully created your account.

Step 6: Now click on UIDAI > Aadhar to download your e-aadhar.

  1. Use your Name and DOB

If you are still unable to download your e-aadhar, you can use your name and Date of Birth to download your e-aadhar using the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the official UIDAI website.

Step 2: In the header section: Go towards My Aadhar > Aadhar Services > Retrieve Lost/Forgotten EID/UID.

Step 3: Select between the two options: Aadhar Number or Enrollment Number

Step 4: Enter your details like Name, Email Address, mobile no., date of birth, etc.

Step 5: Next, enter the captcha code.

Step 6: Now click on send OTP and wait for few seconds.

Step 7: Enter the OTP, and finally, receive your aadhar number on your registered mobile number.

Step 8: Now click on Download aadhar under the My Aadhar category to download your e-aadhar using the earlier discussed steps.

Eventually, registration of your e-aadhar is over, but here the last step you need to follow is – Link your aadhar card and pan card. In the Union Budget 2017, the Indian Govt. made it compulsory to link your pan card with the aadhar card, or else your pan card will not be valid.

You can link your pan card with aadhar easily and free of cost by following the below steps.

Note:- If you’re using it for the first time, you do not need to follow this procedure because your pan card will get readily linked with your aadhar.

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How to link your Aadhar with Pan online?

Step 1: Visit the official incometaxefiling.gov.in website.

Step 2: Go under the services section and click on Link Aadhar with Pan Card.

Step 3: Now fill in your details – name, aadhar no., pan no., mobile number, etc.

Step 4: Tick the below two boxes as per your condition.

Step 5: Before submitting, recheck your details and then click on the Link Aadhar button.

Step 6: Enter the OTP you will receive on your registered mobile number.

Note:- The OTP will expire within 15 minutes, so hurry up!

Step 7: Congratulations! Now you have successfully linked your aadhar with a pan card.

This sum ups our complete guide to download your aadhar card and link aadhar with a pan card.

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