When I founded Jotform in 2006, I did so with the simple goal of making it easy to create and customize online forms. I remember how excited I was when our first user signed up!

So it’s remarkable to look back on the last 15 years and see how this brand has grown and how our 10 million users have helped shape the product you see today. Because Jotform is still the world’s easiest form builder, but we have become so much more than that.

Jotform has powerful forms that are limited only by your imagination. You can

  • Integrate them with hundreds of third-party services
  • Embed them anywhere online
  • Use them on any device 
  • Automatically create PDFs and workflows through your submissions
  • Use conditional logic to change your forms based on the responses you get
  • Use Jotform Tables to organize your submission data and collaborate with others
  • Accept payments online
  • Protect your submission data with state-of-the-art security

In short, the possibilities are endless with our forms.

My goal with Jotform has always been to help your business run more efficiently; this process begins with our powerful forms and continues with our advanced features that allow you to manage and share data easily ­— all from one central platform.

That is why we’re rebranding Jotform with this vision:

Powerful forms get it done.

This is the simple truth behind our product and our mission; it’s what motivates us. Our forms are powerful, and we simply help you get things done. So whatever you need to accomplish — whether it’s reservations, applications, waivers, payments, registrations, surveys, patient intake forms, or anything else — Jotform is there from start to finish.

Fifteen years after founding Jotform, I couldn’t be more excited to share this defining vision with you. It felt fitting for our new brand design and logo to reflect the mature, versatile product we have become. (Be sure to check out this post for a deeper dive into our updated design.) I hope you enjoy our new look, but rest assured, our forms are still the same.

I want to thank all 10 million Jotform users — including small businesses, schools, healthcare organizations, and global corporations — for the trust they have put in our product. We are committed to delivering the same industry-leading product, features, and services for each and every one of you.Thank you for believing in Jotform, and remember, whatever your business needs, powerful forms get it done.

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