Email marketing is a great way to promote your business and get the desired results. It’s also an easy way for potential customers to learn more about your company, products, and services. Small businesses often overlook email marketing because they don’t think it will work for them or they can even afford it. This blog post will show you how email marketing campaigns are designed so that you can start using this strategy to boost your business.

Designing an effective email campaign starts with choosing the right subject line. A good subject line should be catchy while still being relevant to what the content of the email will be, meanwhile not including any words like “buy” or “subscribe.”

Do you want email marketing to be one of your key sales channels? Or are you just getting started with email marketing and would like to use some email design inspiration?

Whatever the case may be, email is an effective marketing channel for many businesses. But not all emails have an equal impact. Did you know that certain email colors make recipients feel more compelled to open, read and click email links?

In this article, you’ll learn about email design best practices, email marketing statistics that matter, and email design inspiration. And most importantly, you will learn that everyone can be a designer when it comes to email marketing!

word-image-7 How to Design More Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

word-image-7 How to Design More Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Tips on How to Design Email Marketing Campaigns

Here are email marketing tips that will help you design more effective email campaigns.

Keep email content short and concise

Excessive email content can be boring to read, which will lead to high bounce rates. To make email marketing more effective, keep your email content short and concise (between 100-250 words) because most online customers are already bombarded with too much information on email.

Use high-quality email images and opt-in forms

Design email images that are related to your email content to make email campaigns more effective. If you send email campaigns regularly, use the same branded image for familiarity purposes. Make sure your opt-in email form is attractive and noticeable, encouraging email subscribers to sign up for email newsletters.

Use email marketing templates and email newsletter content calendar

Email templates are available in email marketing software, which you can use to design email campaigns easily. To make email campaigns more effective, create email content ahead of time using email newsletter content calendars because email contents need to be well planned.

word-image-8 How to Design More Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

word-image-8 How to Design More Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

How to design email marketing campaigns

So let’s begin the email design journey!

The email design process

When email marketing first emerged as an online channel, marketers didn’t have many email standards to follow. That’s why email designs have been very diverse for a number of years. There were no best practices to follow, and the only rule was: make sure you align with what email clients will display.

The email design process did not require any special attention either. You just had to look up the email template of your email marketing platform and adapt it for your email campaign, keeping in mind email client standards.

Thankfully email marketing platforms have evolved over the years, so marketers can focus on email content instead of email designs too. As email marketing has evolved, email designers have started to follow email design best practices.

Applying email design best practices

There are several email design best practices you can follow:

  • Use a single column layout for your email
  • Ensure your email is mobile-friendly
  • Ensure your email photos and text aren’t too small or too large
  • Make sure email links are clear and don’t blend in with email backgrounds
  • Use email design elements sparingly, so the email is not overcrowded

Applying email design best practices will help you create a user-friendly email, ensuring your email marketing messages receive better engagement rates from recipients.

Email statistics every marketer should know

Before we look at email examples, let’s explore email statistics that can indicate email marketing is an effective channel for you. For example, email open rates are estimated to hover around 25%, with some email marketers reporting even higher email open rates. That means one in four emails get opened!

Then there are email click-through rates that keep marketers on the edge of their email marketing seats. Email click-through rates depend on email design, email subject lines, and email content, but 0.5% is considered an average email click-through rate.

The email list size is another email marketing statistic that marketers should know: the larger your email list, the better your open and click-through rates will be due to email list segmenting.

word-image-9 How to Design More Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

word-image-9 How to Design More Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Email best practices for email designers

Now that we’ve covered email design statistics and the email design process let’s go over email designs! We’ll start with email examples and move on to email template downloads.

  • Email designs – email inspiration: These email design examples will inspire you and help you get started with your email designs.
  • Email templates – email templates for email marketers: And if you’d like to create email templates yourself, use these email templates that will surely increase your click through rate..

Can everyone be an email designer?

Well, email design is not as complicated as a website or mobile app development, so anyone with good knowledge of Photoshop and basic HTML/CSS code can create professional-looking emails. Like with any email marketing campaign, email designs also need to be tested.

Benefits of email marketing

The significant benefits of email marketing are as follows:

Email marketing campaigns feel like a no-brainer

It’s free to set up, and email providers make it easy to create email campaigns with emailing service providers that are simple to use. Even though email campaigns don’t require a lot of money or technical skill, they can be incredibly effective when implemented correctly.

Email Marketing is Cost Efficient

You can email your customers for free through email providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, etc. Additionally, email service providers let you send email campaigns to a list of email addresses that you can rent or purchase for minimal cost. This makes email marketing cost-efficient and affordable to implement.

word-image-10 How to Design More Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

word-image-10 How to Design More Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Campaigns Reach a Large Audience

Email marketing campaigns can reach a large audience very quickly and easily. Email service providers let you email a massive group of email addresses in one email campaign, allowing you to make a big impact with your email marketing messages. Additionally, email marketing campaigns can spread like wildfire if an email recipient forwards the message to someone else.

Email is Personalized and Direct

Custom email messages are more personal than other forms of communication. Emails go directly to individuals rather than shared within a group.

Bottom line

Email marketing is a great way to reach out to your customers and grow your business. Digital marketers can use email campaigns in order to get more people on their mailing list, create buzz around new products or services, promote sales events, or any number of other things!

When designing an email campaign, you must keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Personalize each message for recipients
  2. Include images when possible
  3. Provide links, so readers don’t have to click away from the page they’re viewing
  4. Be clear about what’s expected after clicking on a link (like newsletter sign-up)
  5. Follow FTC regulations regarding unsubscribe requests.

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