Online customer reviews are still essential in building trust with brands since 19% of visitors trust them. That means that every fifth person on your website will trust a customer review if there is one.

That’s why adding your client’s testimonials to your website can help you achieve more sales. Adding it will help you build more trust with new visitors.

Benefits of using video testimonials

Customer video testimonials play a vital marketing role for businesses in various niches. They’re one of the best ways to showcase the effectiveness of your service or product. You can use them to depict what your business was able to do for someone else.

The concept is simple, having a customer saying great things about your product builds trust between your brand and another potential customer. Customer testimonials are a digital version of word-of-mouth marketing. Therefore, the primary benefits come down to:

  • Making great first impressions
  • Building trust with customers
  • Publicity potential

Each of these benefits heavily impacts your business positively. Making great first impressions means that you’re building a likable brand image, as more people will want to learn more about it.

Building trust from the moment a visitor lands on your website will affect your conversions.

Every testimonial video you create carries the potential of going viral.

So, the question isn’t whether you should make video testimonials, but how to make video testimonials and use them to make more sales. Let’s explore a couple of vital ideas.

1. Create relatable video testimonials

word-image-20 How to Use Video Testimonials to Close More Sales

word-image-20 How to Use Video Testimonials to Close More Sales

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Video testimonials are about telling a story that people can relate to. That means you’ll have to figure out the right approach for making a captivating testimonial. The process is not complicated, but it requires taking the proper steps along the way. Here’s what you could do:

Find the right customer

By the moment you start thinking about a video testimonial, you’ll already have numerous customers. Your goal is to find those who already made the effort to say great things about your product to you or your business representatives.

When you create a list of such customers, reach out to them asking whether they’d be willing to participate in video testimonial shooting.

Working with clients who’ve already expressed that they’re happy with your brand is a great way to capture an authentic opinion without creating a script they should follow. The video will look more natural.

Ask good questions

The next part is asking the right questions. Every question you pose needs an answer in the form of a brief story. Avoid asking any Yes/No questions, as those will kill the conversation quickly. You want to get short stories that viewers can relate to.

Therefore, some of the questions should be:

  • What was the challenge the customer had?
  • Did the customer have second thoughts about your product and why?
  • How did your product solve the issue?
  • What’s the feature that the customer would like to point out?
  • Who would benefit from using the product?

Use these as guidelines to formulate your questions that would create a narrative about your product. Send them before you shoot the video, so the client has enough time to prepare the answers. If they ask for assistance, help them craft their responses.

Edit to perfect the video

Creating a video is like having all the puzzle elements that you need to piece together. Video editing will play a key role in how your video testimonial will look in the end. Key points to focus on:

  • Video duration — Keep the video under 120 seconds. It’s more than enough time for your clients to tell the story.
  • Audio — Aside from using high-quality equipment for the interview, don’t forget to add some background music to set the tone of the whole video. Use lively tunes that symbolize excitement throughout the testimonial.
  • Storyline — The final video should tell a story by going from one segment to another. Pick the right angles and transitions to create a gripping story that captures attention.

After taking all these steps, the resulting video will be an authentic testimonial video that can help you make more sales in the long run.

2. Incorporate them into your marketing strategy

word-image-21 How to Use Video Testimonials to Close More Sales

word-image-21 How to Use Video Testimonials to Close More Sales

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Now that you have a video testimonial, it’s time to implement it into your marketing strategy. There are several ways in which promoting your testimonial video looks natural. You can promote it on:

  • Social media — Sharing video testimonials on your social media account is a great way to show it to your existing customers. But more importantly, you can create a social media PPC strategy to attract new customers to your brand.
  • Advertising campaign — There are plenty of advertising opportunities outside of social media. YouTube is a great video platform where you can use Google ads for promoting your videos. A great example is Grammarly, who have used this approach heavily to promote their product.
  • Newsletter/email list — Every new video testimonial is big news for your brand. Given it’s newsworthy, you should share it with all your email subscribers.

While you should focus on promoting your video testimonials, you should also focus on making plenty of them. That’ll show that there are plenty of happy customers on your side, further growing your brand’s authority.

3. Place them naturally on your brand’s website

word-image-22 How to Use Video Testimonials to Close More Sales

word-image-22 How to Use Video Testimonials to Close More Sales

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Actively promoting your video testimonials on social media is a great approach. However, there are more ways of including them in your marketing strategy. For example, your brand’s website already has a certain amount of visitors.

Adding your video testimonials across your website is a great way to promote your business.

It’s a natural way to show your visitors that clients are pleased with your products and services. That can help improve sales as your visitors build higher trust from the first moment they visit your website.

Good locations for video testimonials are at the bottom of your main page and on the about us page. A good example is Shopify, which features the success stories of its platform near the bottom of the main page.

Concluding thoughts

Using video testimonials is a great way to close more sales. Building trust with your target audience has a significant impact on high conversion rates. Given how helpful testimonials are, make sure that you include them in your marketing strategy.

It’s essential to keep track of the effectiveness of your marketing approach from the moment you deploy video testimonials on your site. Use rank checking software to see how your website performs and analyze the data to follow your progress.

Keep in mind that it’s an ongoing process that requires a lot of dedication and persistence. But with the right strategy, patience and authenticity, you will close more sales.

About the author:

Sam-Avatar-2020 How to Use Video Testimonials to Close More Sales

Sam-Avatar-2020 How to Use Video Testimonials to Close More Sales

Sam Shepler is the founder and CEO of Testimonial Hero. 150+ B2B revenue teams at Google, UiPath, Medallia, InsightSquared, and many others use Testimonial Hero to easily create customer videos that engage prospects, reduce friction in the sales cycle, and drive more revenue faster.

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