WordPress is a popular, free, and easy-to-use website. On top of these benefits, there are some unforeseen risks that come with them. Since it is open-source software, WordPress acts as an attraction for hackers looking to exploit your website.

No one wants to experience the bad feeling of having a hacked account that sends horrible emails. Sometimes you may even get suspended for hosting and sending malware due to hacked account.

The hacked account can lead to tremendous damage to your reputation. This can be worse than the cost to fix the situation and restore your portal to a safe and secure level. It may take an extended period before you can regain your customer’s trust again. And most significantly, your search ranking can get a tremendous turn. Read on and get detailed information on the reasons why WordPress sites get hacked.

Failure to Keep Your Site Updated

One of the primary WordPress security issues and how to improve website security is keeping your site updated all the time. The security updates for WordPress are built to occur automatically. But some WordPress users incapacitate this functionality. Most WordPress users who do not update their portals consistently tend to give excuses.

One of the common excuses that they give is that they are to make the updates on time. Also, they claim that they are afraid of interfering with the website’s performance. They feel that updating their portals might lower the performance or cause some errors.

Failure to Use an SSL Certificate

It is crucial to consider using an SSL certificate on your website to avoid being attacked by hackers. An auditor can stop the data transfer between the server and the browser. The simplest way of stopping this from occurring is to switch to secure HTTP from the insecure HTTP by installing the SSL certificate.

This will build a safe ciphered link between the browser and the server. Aside from offering extra security, HTTP also assists in improving search engine rankings. Using SSL not only provides you with great SERP rankings but also offers better security.

Failure to Have a Strong Password Policy

It is not advisable to use the same password on every portal you are visiting. You must avoid doing that at all costs if you are looking to stay safe. Another vital thing to keep in mind is being secretive about where you are storing your credentials. For instance, avoid using Google sheets in saving your password.

It will help if you use the vastly available WordPress plugins in enforcing strong passwords across your portals for the entire user.

The Use of Insecure Web Hosting

It’s apparent that you will only reap what you sow. It is best to note that the quality you get is associated with your hosting price. Know that hosts that are in a position of hiring more professionals are bound to have higher rates compared to others.

Besides, serious WordPress security issues and how to improve website security cannot be delayed or ignored. It is crucial to consider ensuring that your web hosting operator can offer you security and quality services while providing you with a reasonable budget. Hopefully, this article will enable you to improve the security of WordPress.

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