Procreate is a painting and drawing app for iPhones and pads. The Procreate software allows you to draw and paint on the screen of your iPad or iPhone, offering amazing results that can be shared directly through social media like Instagram.

The ProCreate Brushes app gives you hundreds of brushes to use in the Procreate App with a huge range of different textures, colors, and styles. Brushes are a fantastic way to improve your painting skills as you can experiment with new textures, colors, and styles without having to learn how to draw from scratch. The possibilities are endless! Use them in combination with different paper types and paint thicknesses for a whole new experience.

Procreate Brushes enables you to create amazing artworks that look like they are made by an actual paintbrush. The app is great for digital artists who want to improve their painting skills or anyone who wants to make their own digital paintings in seconds!

Free Sample Brushes For Procreate

The app contains a range of free samples including high-quality paper textures, oil paint, and marker brushes. In the full version, you get over 480 individual brushes that include 50 high-quality paper textures, 100 oils colors, 100+ marker brushes, 20 watercolors, and 60 Acrylics.

Realistic Free Watercolor Brushes For Procreate

The watercolors on offer are awesome. The first time I saw them I thought they were real watercolors! You can create your watercolor paintings from scratch or use wet brushes to blend existing colors into a realistic watercolor effect. The app also offers a wet paper mode so your strokes are affected by the wetness of the paper when you paint.

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Fantastic Oil Paint Effects

The oil paints in Procreate Brushes are mind-blowing! They’re never too flat, shifting between light and shadow massively to create an utterly realistic painting effect. The oil paints are especially great for adding texture and interest to your digital paintings, as you can blend them into smoothness or add heavy stroked brush marks.

Truly Life Like Marker Procreate Texture Brushes

The marker brushes are the closest thing to traditional art markers I’ve seen in a long time. The bristles of the brush react just like real markers, allowing you to create natural strokes with ease. You can also adjust color settings so your stroke is darker or lighter depending on how hard you press down.

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Amazing Paper Textures For Procreate Sketch Brushes 

There is a huge range of paper textures in Procreate Brushes including everything from watercolor to newsprint so you will never run out of different effects to use. The procreate app includes an awesome way to import almost any photo image as a paper texture so you can experiment with different styles of painting without extra hassle.

Creative Market includes a range of Procreate brushes that you can try out to improve your painting skills. Don’t forget to check it out!

Color Splash Effects

The app allows you to use heavy paint strokes without covering the entire page. This means you are able to create intriguing color splash effects that look fantastic! You can also blend different colors into each other using these brushes, which gives an awesome ‘wet on dry’ effect. Realistic results are really easy to achieve with the Procreates Galore!

Procreate Painting Brushes Acrylic Paint Effects

The Acrylic paint brushes offered by the app are brilliant for creating high-impact artworks, and you can mix them with paper textures to create even more unique looks and effects. The way Procreate blends your brush strokes really makes it feel like real acrylic paint! If you want a heavy textured effect you can use dry brush strokes for a similar result to real acrylics.


Marker Effect Brushes

If you want a textured sketch look on your digital paintings, the marker brushes are a great place to start. There is a fantastic range of different styles available including faded color effects and bold black marks. The drawn effects really make your drawings stand out from the crowd!

There is even more on offer in Procreate Brushes besides these awesome effects! You can import photos as texture paper, use the wet on the dry tool, mix colors directly onto the canvas, and so much more! With this many tools at your disposal, you are able to create professional-looking paintings with ease.


There are 100 marker colors in the Procreate Brushes app. Marker brushes are great for creating textures with a pen or pencil effect. You can also change the thickness of them to create bold strokes or thin, detailed drawings. The oil paints included are great for adding texture and tone to your digital paintings with an oil brush.

The Procreate Brushes app is perfect for artists who want to improve their digital painting skills on the move. It’s also great for anyone wanting to have some fun creating their own paintings without having to learn how to draw from scratch.

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