Gifts make the world go round. Especially during the holidays and special occasions, people eagerly look forward to giving and receiving presents. And since now is the time of year when gifts are the order of the day, you’re probably thinking about the ideal presents to give to your loved ones.

When choosing gifts, it’s customary to go with standard and common options such as shirts, shoes, or shades. You can even add in some jewelry pieces as well as perfumes if you want. However, if you want your gift to stand out, consider giving personalized items. Personalized gifts usually connect to their recipients as they would make them feel you were thinking about them when choosing such presents.

If you’re curious what personalized gifts you can buy for your loved ones, here’s a list of six top items.

Personalized glassware

The festive season is coming, which is typically characterized by partying and drinking. Therefore, it’s timely to buy your party friends some decanters and whiskey or wine glass. While the regular glass can still serve the intended function, personalized glassware will combine class and functionality. This also makes it a classic gift for your mixologist friends or collectors. (1)

You can engrave the glassware with their names, or you can stamp it with the name of their favorite drink. Designing glassware isn’t so complex. You can design your own at Agiftpersonalized and similar shops, and you now have a unique monogram decanter set. This will complement other home bar tools, and the antique style is elegant for executive homes. (2)


Doormats symbolize hospitality. Aside from helping keep the dirt away from any home, they can be helpful during the holidays and family events, when it’s usual to invite friends and family over. Of course, a home needs to be welcoming, and it can start with a personalized doormat.  (1)

A personalized doormat is a nice signature gift perfect to give to an entire household or family. You can have the initial of their surname displayed or their whole surname (if short). Or you can place messages such as welcome notes or, better still, add pictures such as flowers or hearts. (1)

Custom handwriting bracelets

Bracelets can be worn by anyone, regardless of age or gender. While the bracelets alone are beautiful, you can make them more stunning by customizing them. Simply send your short handwritten messages to a jewelry designer, who will turn them into gold or silver bracelets, which your loved ones will surely love. (3)

Custom face socks

There are no rules when it comes to the kind of socks to wear. As long as they’re comfortable, they can be worn to work, school, yoga, or sleep or anywhere or at any time and for whatever purpose. So surprise a loved one by giving them a pair of socks with photos of their face or those of their pet or special someone. You can even put your own face on it or the face of any person you think will mean something to them. (3)

Doing this isn’t so hard. Just upload the face photos you want to place on the socks and send them to the designer. The designer will then send the socks to you already customized with all these face photos. (3)

An engravable cutting board

Cooking and food preparation are part of every occasion as well as everyday life. Therefore, one tool that’s never missed at home is the cutting board. This kitchen accessory makes food preparation simpler, but you can make your loved ones’ cooking experience easier, fun, and memorable by engraving the cutting board with their best recipes. (4)

As an alternative, you can place some appreciation messages, like a note that simply says “best cook” or “you’re my number 1 chef.” Then give the personalized cutting board to your loved one to show how much you appreciate them. This will surely hold some of the best memories every time they prepare a meal. (4)

Personal novels

People have interesting stories to tell, but often, they only read stories of others in novels. However, if you have friends or family who love to write, you can personalize a blank book for them. This personal book will allow them to put anything they desire, such as stories, experiences, illustrations, or any unforgettable memories. (5)

You can also help them fill it with some of your positive and inspirational thoughts about them. This will help improve the bond between you. They’ll also love the fact that you’re helping them express themselves.


AdobeStock_320961573_ Top 6 Personalized Gifts For Your Loved Ones

AdobeStock_320961573_ Top 6 Personalized Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Buying someone a gift is a special way of showing them you love them. And generally, people would prefer receiving personalized gifts instead of generic ones as they can touch the heart and resonate with them. There are many personalized gifts you can choose from, like those mentioned above. Make your loved ones feel special with any of them.

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