UX and SEO: How UX Design Can Help You To Cope With SEO Concerns

SEO User Experience Design measures to motivate website visitors to reach certain pages and perform the desired actions (e.g., buy a product) with a minimum number of clicks. Help the customer get to the goal, get what they want. Designing to create a product that is simple and accessible uses best practices in website creation. This trend will continue in 2022. It’s just as important as backlinking for SEO.

UX Design is:

  1. Developing the structure of the site.
  2. Working on graphic design.
  3. Creating convenient navigation on the site.
  4. Work on the system and means of interaction.
  5. Placement of content.

In addition, the UX SEO designer should know how the site’s usability is investigated, and the target audience is analyzed. You can view site where you may order a guest posting service.

Development of Information Architecture, Work on The Structure and Means of Interaction

Work on the site’s structure begins with studying the target audience (TA). To do this, it considers the economic and social status, geographic location, age range, and other characteristics of potential customers. The website’s success will depend on how well the designer forms an opinion about the target audience’s preferences.

An SEO specialist produces a preliminary collection and formation of the semantic core. Then, it will begin promotion and internal site optimization and perform grouping or clustering of search results. Based on data on the potential target audience, hierarchy, navigation scheme, and pattern of visitors actions (user scenario).

The benefits of placing the texts on the pages should be maximum: useless or irrelevant information “takes” users away from the main thing. It is desirable that it was not or if there is no way, then as little as possible, thereby providing a greater concentration of attention of the visitor, and therefore more quickly find what he was looking for, and perform the actions you need. The designer must understand: to find the desired product or service, the user must click the mouse no more than three times.

Working on Graphic Design

Working on the graphic design, the designer should consider the target audience’s characteristics. In any case, the site should be attractive and understandable to visitors. For example, if the primary purpose of the resource – to sell as many exclusive gifts as possible, in this case, minimalism will be inappropriate: the potential client should see the uniqueness of the product, presentable products, and website where to sell your product. This approach will retain the user and “force” him to purchase. The situation with online magazines is somewhat different: the site should not contain anything distracting from reading.

Another critical point – adaptability. Google stated a while ago that sites not adapted for viewing on mobile devices would not be ranked as a priority. Therefore, by default, create UX and SEO design to see a correctly displayed site on any device: from smartphones to TV.

Content Placement

Agree, reading text with subheadings, lists, and other “chips” is much more comfortable than a solid canvas. The UX designer should make the content attractive and easy to understand. The SEO specialist should develop a content strategy and prepare the information to attract search engine traffic to the site. You cannot accomplish this task without a copywriter because all aspects are essential when working on content: the text structure should draw attention, and the content should be engaging.

Also, don’t forget about the images. This is especially important if you have an ecommerce site. Beautiful photos increase conversions and improve the behavioral factor. Edit the images before adding them to the site.

Creating Convenient Site Navigation

UX-designer achieves convenient movement through the site’s pages through internal page relinking, logical distribution of user actions, and proper understanding of the target audience.

Navigation is a priority for every designer who understands the importance of search engine optimization — the shorter the action bar, the fewer navigational elements, the better. The compact and visitor-friendly architecture will get to any site page in just a few clicks.No need to reinvent the wheel: the user’s path to the target should be clear and convenient, simple and short — no more than 8 points. More useful information at the link: technochops.com.

The Ratio of HTML-text to Graphics

An experienced designer can quickly determine how many images are needed and how much HTML text. If the target audience prefers graphics, the developer needs to place more pictures and less text on the page. And the optimizer will have to think about how to squeeze the correct number of keys into this text to maintain an optimal balance. The site will have poor quality if you overload it with pictures or text. Choosing the right balance between graphics and HTML text is the key to successfully promoting the resource and guaranteeing its popularity.

Lack of Focus on the Client

When working on the project, it is desirable to choose those keys, which users of the CA most often enter to search for promoted products or services. The site should not be a platform for competition developers. First of all, its design and content should be attractive to the target audience. Otherwise, it will become a monument to the ego of the authors or owner. More accurately, orienting the project on the client allows SEM, the strategy developed by specialists, to satisfy users’ interests.

What is the Conclusion?

Carry out each stage of the work in close cooperation with the SEO specialists to get the maximum effect from the SEO promotion of the site.

One must remember:

  1. A properly designed and user-friendly website is not yet a guarantee of fast promotion. It’s just part of the solution to more global problems.
  2. Any SEO tools do not work alone, and UX design is a must-have item in a comprehensive promotion strategy.
  3. Looking at a site from a Google optimization perspective should be integral to a designer’s thinking and workflow.
  4. Developing good habits at the start of a project is more accessible than making an SEO-friendly site after it’s published.
  5. The best thing you can do to promote products or services online is to create and develop a great site with valuable and exciting content. A well-designed architecture that makes Google more attractive and competitive in selection and ranking will also help.

Think through each site design in detail. Only then will it solve several problems at once. Among them are promoting the brand, product, or service, attracting customers, increasing visitor loyalty, Google visibility, network recognition, increasing sales, etc. To advertise the product was sold successfully, the site should cause customers’ location to be convincing and understandable. Only then will all parties to the process — as search engines and customers, thus the resource owners will be satisfied.