Are you confused about hiring a social media assistant? Do you think it will be costly to hire a virtual assistant to manage your social media? 

If you have these questions in mind, brace yourself because you are on the right track, asking the right questions. You just have not found the answers yet. So let’s begin by understanding who is a social media assistant?

A social media assistant is a professional who helps you enhance your brand presence online. They can bridge the gap between your brand and targeted audience through creative online content. The content ranges from a 4-word caption to short video content. 

You must have seen the Instagram posts of some catchy brands, Nike, Spotify to name a few. A creative and experienced team of social media managers has led these US-based brands to widespread social media attention.

But, the question remains – 

Why Should You Hire A Social Media Virtual Assistant? 

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Firstly, a dedicated resource for your social media can organize your posting schedule and put up regular content on your social media handles. Secondly, social media reach and growth does not come with an on/off switch. It requires a stellar, power-packed strategy to build a brand’s social handles. An expert can assist your company with that. 

These are just two aspects; a social media virtual assistant can holistically benefit your brand. Here are the 15 ways a social media assistant can boost up your business. 

1. Conducting Research

Market research and being on top of current events give you an advantage over your competitors. A hefty amount of research and data is essential if you want to make good content-related decisions. However, as a startup founder, you may not get the time to do the proper research yourself. Instead, you can use the services of a social media virtual assistant who can undertake daily research on your behalf and offer you condensed insights that you can utilize to develop a strategy.

2. Coming up with Stellar Strategies 

A significant portion of the job is done when you have an excellent social media marketing strategy at your disposal. When you hire a social media manager, you can ask them for inputs while forming the strategy. Moreover, you can get some valuable insights from an experienced professional. 

3. Sending Regular Updates On Pages

According to a report by Forbes, 90% of startups fail. It is primarily because one person cannot supervise everything in a company, from accounts to administration to social media. Many startups have an Instagram page, but gradually they fail to put up content regularly. You can hire a virtual social media assistant to post content on your brand’s social handles regularly. 

4. Content Curation

Before content creation, you have to engage in content consumption. Your social media presence can boost with well-curated, seamless content that takes time. Do yourself a favor and delegate the task to a social media manager who can curate and create original content.

5. Building New Social Media Pages From Scratch

Social media is an agile space. Today’s viral content may go irrelevant tomorrow; you never know! A social media remote assistant preempts the need for new and relevant content. They accordingly prepare the new and trendy social media handles for your brand. 

6. Engaging the Audience

Benchmark Email keeps Starbucks on Number 2 for audience engagement. Here’s are the lines from the “what you can learn” section – 

“No effort is too small when it comes to social engagement. Give your brand a voice in the conversation, and when a follower wants to interact with you, interact in return.”

Audience engagement can ultimately lead to increased sales. But to do that, you need a dedicated resource who can reply to the comments and tags on your posts. 

7. Consistent Promotions

The face of your brand identity is your products and services. Promoting them regularly and strategically informs the audience about them. If the content is informational and adds value to the knowledge of readers, they make the purchase. 

A social media virtual assistant can tackle this job well – infusing promotions and valuable content, along with other engaging content. 

8. Tracking the Metrics

When you do not track your growth, it may seem at one point that all your efforts are wasted. A trackable road map is essential to reach your destination. Similarly, knowing the critical metrics of your social handles is important. 

An experienced social media manager is always aware of different tools and analytics to monitor the engagement of your posts & other parameters. Additionally, growing numbers work as a motivator for professionals, especially on widely-used platforms like Instagram. You can use Instagram Analytics tools to trace your growth. 

9. Creating Short Videos

Short-form video content – Reels, Youtube Shorts has taken the brands pages on social media by the storm. The content requires short visuals of 30 or 60 seconds. 

A social media assistant can identify the latest reel trends and ideate a short script for the video. Lately, many popular brands have started using short-form videos to put out product information and connect with younger audiences.

10. Prioritizing Customer Preferences

Customer understanding is the strongest pillar of a business. If you are well-aware of your customer preferences and can translate them into content, your business can grow massively. 

But, in this hustle of content creation, customer preferences are never fixed. People may flood a post with likes on a good day and can leave it abandoned on a bad day. To deal with such dynamic behavior, you should hire a remote assistant for social media. The individual can check and compare multiple platforms to analyze consumer/ audience preferences and strategize accordingly. 

11. Handling Queries

When you consistently post engaging and informational content, your audience grows. Soon after, they start to convert into your customers because, gradually, trust builds. 

Between these two steps, a crucial point is queries. The audience likes to enquire and know more about the products & services, before buying them. An expert social media virtual assistant can tactfully handle the questions to strengthen the chances of conversion. 

Additionally, if your DMs are full and you lack time to attend to them, a social media assistant can be a tremendous support. 

 12. Addressing Grievances 

As a growth-seeking and responsible entrepreneur, you can never overlook the complaints and feedback of your customers. However, you may start to delay them for other priorities. But always keep in mind that addressing grievances is part of customer satisfaction. Hire a social media assistant who can take down the suggestions and feedback & handle complaints on your behalf. 

13. Tackling Lewd Comments

Social media is not always fun and inviting space. When you have someone to watch the comments, it becomes easier to interact with customers. However, some comments are scandalous in nature and need to be neutralized. Your social media virtual assistant can reply to such comments and showcase your brand in a customer-friendly light. 

Taking a cue from this, a social media planning assistant can help you formulate neutral content, free of any political stand or agitating material. 

14. Help You Execute All Your Plans

Every business owner has plans for their company and business flow. Gradually, these plans tend to take a back seat as the roles and responsibilities of a founder increase. A social media VA can support you in developing your plans regarding social media so that you can keep the core business decisions at the center of your workdays. 

15. Put Up the Good Client Reviews

Happy customers pave the way for a happy organization. Clients provide their reviews when they find the services fulfilling. Your social media handles are fit to showcase these reviews. When you hire a social media virtual assistant, they can do this task. With their experience, these professionals know how to use client reviews better to improve sales. Numbers indicate that more than 70% of customers only prefer to purchase after reading the reviews. 

These are the ways a social media virtual assistant can help you flourish your business. They can take command of your brand’s social media handles, so you can utilize your time better and focus on your startup. The question that remains is – 

Why Should You Trust a Virtual Assistant to Build Your Social Media?

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Because a Virtual Assistant for Social Media can excellently do the job while saving costs, you have to pay them based on hours they spend on your work.

When you hire a remote assistant from an outsourcing agency such-

  • You get to work with a pre-assessed and pre-interviewed individual. You can skip the process of filtering and hiring a suitable candidate.
  • A pre-trained and experienced individual works with you. So, you do not have to worry about their training and start with work delegation directly. Additionally, you can start by checking their work samples and handing them a project. 
  • You can hire a Virtual Assistant within minutes to build your social media. Just book a free consultation and hire a social media manager. 

The role of a social media assistant transcends the 15 ways mentioned above. They act as a bridge between your audience and all that your brand is & stands for. The best part is that with remote assistants, you can kickstart your social media without any delay. No hectic training. No Employee Insurance Cost. No tantrum of Casual Leaves. No Employee Management. In short, you enjoy all benefits of a full-time social media assistant without any liabilities.

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