There are millions of Apps available in the Apple store and google play store so are the multiple options available for the users. It is more important than ever to create marketing systematic plans for your mobile app.

Marketing a mobile app efficiently involves determining a target audience, learning how to reach them, how to communicate with them and analyzing their in-app behavior to make updates and improvements. The ultimate goal of the mobile app development is to market the app to engage repeated customers. Some of the marketing tips for the app owners are discussed below:

Contender Analysis:

Your app will have competition obviously so conducting competition or contender analysis is an important step of mobile app marketing if you want to be ahead of all the competition.Identifying and evaluating your current competition’s strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your own app or even some of its features.

Constructing website or landing page:

Creating your online presence via an SEO optimized website or a landing page is an important way to do app marketing. Mobile websites are the number one source of app installations.You can expand the reach of your app to potential customers by linking it to a website and blog. The web is usually the first place where people go for searching their relevant options.

Promo video creation:

Everyone is not interested to understand the app information from the app description or through one-two screenshots so it is important for you to make demo or promo videos for the marketing of the app. Make a simple 30-40 seconds fictive video illustrating your app.Creating a demo video for your app can be helpful to you if you have proven your app’s concept and you are sure you are in the winner race.

Social media advancement:

Social Media promotion is a great way to enhance the marketing of your app. 65-70% of online businesses are using social media to promote their app. You can create hashtags for social media campaigns to promote new and improved features of the app. You can use sponsored stories targeted to mobile news feeds via social media platforms like facebook. You can also use promoted tweets on twitter.You should explore prestigious marketing specially on instagram etc. Run amazing contests to attract the customer towards your app.

Ask users for feedback or suggestions:

You should encourage reviews and feedback from your customers. More positive user feedback can make your application trustworthy for other users.This will help you to pull many more customers.Once a potential user finds your app, they might need some convincing that your service is reliable and valuable enough to download.In this case reviews can be useful.

Don’t blank out about email marketing:

Email marketing is one of the valuable concepts that can be used to market your mobile application. It is also one of the efficient forms of digital marketing for your application. You can use a landing page to collect the email details of the customers. Also, you can use embedded sign-up forms to collect the emails of interested customers. You can share content from your blog to continue engaging those customers.

App store optimization:

Optimize your app store page using app store optimization to get higher rank in search results. Once your app is ranked higher in search for a certain keyword, it will continue to rank for a few months.The higher will be the rank, the higher will be the visibility to the user. Ultimately there will be more downloads. Good app store optimization depends on some of the factors like title and keyword choice. A great title attracts the customer to click on your app icon. Always include features and benefits of the app in the keywords. You can add screenshots and videos also. Localizing your app as per the required language will help you to get more installs.

Promote it in all your communications:

You can include links to your app websites, blogs and social media platforms in all your email signatures etc. You can also have current users help you market your app by using in-app messaging and push notifications that encourage them to share on social media.

Contact a PR firm:

You can hire a PR team if you can spend some handsome amount of money on the advertising of the app but this way is too effective for your marketing strategy.Mailbox app is one of the good example of having a good PR team.It had half a million waitlist subscribers before it even came out.

Spring up your subscriber list:

Keep collecting email addresses and grow your list and send the app updates on the bigger list now.You will be pleased to see the number of subscribers growing and send your updates to thousands instead of dozens. The bigger the subscriber list will be, the bigger your customers will be.

Well designed and attention-grabbing app icon: 

App icon design is the master thing that can be appealing to the customer to install your app. It should be very creative and unusual.Consumers are driven by visual effects.Your app icon is the first thing that a potential user sees in an app store, so make it very appealing.The icon you choose should be recognizable.It needs to be a clear representation of both your brand and functionality.

Boost customer ratings:

Ask your loyal and satisfied customers to leave a rating on the app store but don’t fake it. Fake ratings can harm you badly in the long run.Customer rating should be increased fairly and correctly. The key to increase performance of your app is to increase customer ratings.

Oversee your performance:

Your analytics should be checked via different tools to understand the use case of the customer. Take out new conclusions and make an action plan to implement that.Monitoring of the app is very important for growth of your app.You can use AppAnnie or Flurry to understand how your users interact with your app.

Engage your users again who have already installed your app:

A new initiative has been launched by google where you can run ads to drive users to open your app. Facebook also does the same thing now.You should engage existing users to use the app regularly to maintain web traffic and growth of your app.

Add an in-app “tell a friend” feature:

You can ask your users to promote your app by inserting an in-app feature “tell a friend”  so that the users can share your app with friends, family and co-workers etc. You can offer credits and incentives for the user who is promoting your application.

Propose free trials:

If you have a paid app, you can give free trials to the users to collect latent user information. Then enquire if they don’t use the app further and make a professional relationship with them and bring them in.Free trials attracts users to start using the app and it becomes part of their usage.

Influencer Marketing:

The key to this strategy is to find the influencers or celebrities who match with your user base. Social media platforms give influencers data on follower demographics. Leveraging the power of influencers can drive mass amounts of traffic to your application. You should choose a relevant list of influencers from various links of your mobile app space.

Get featured on mobile app review sites:

Your application should be good enough to pitch the mobile app review sites to consider your app to be listed there.To get featured you should have well-favoured graphics design in ample quality, primary and unique content and glitches free applications.

Public Relations: 

To make sure you have the best chance of getting your story published, you will make sure you will have everything that the journalist needs from you like- An app summary guide, your press release, screenshots, design collaterals, Videos, Founder Biog and pictures etc.

Conventional or In-store advertising:

In-store advertising is considered more effective than out of store advertising in raising product awareness and communicating product benefits. Conventional or traditional media includes all outlets that existed before the internet such as Newspapers, magazines, TV, Radio and Billboards.


These are strategic considerations that should influence your mobile app development greatly through the entire app marketing approach. Mobile app marketing doesn’t need to spend tons of money but strategic planning to grow the app.

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