MilesWeb Review – The Top VPS Hosting Service Provider

Do you get quite many visitors to your website? Do you require additional resources and freedom in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for your website? Virtual Private Server hosting is only a few clicks away.

We’ll look at MilesWeb. It is the best cheap Linux VPS hosting on the market. They provide the top managed VPS hosting service. In fact, Managed hosting services are ideal for those who don’t have the time or want to handle their own hosting. With root access on a VPS, you’ll have more personalization and power. You will also benefit from the advantages of dedicated hosting at a low cost. They also provides one of the best & cheap windows VPS hosting.

VPS Hosting with Full Management

MilesWeb provides fully managed VPS hosting, which includes maintenance, configurations, modifications, and all other technical aspects. Their knowledgeable team will manage your VPS hosting so you can concentrate on your core business.

Features of MilesWeb VPS Hosting

MilesWeb’s VPS hosting capabilities are as follow –

VPS Servers with SSD Storage

Your websites are saved on servers with in-built 100% SSD drives when you use MilesWeb’s VPS hosting. They use SSD technology on all of their servers to ensure that your VPS hosting is as fast as possible. SSD drives are regarded for being the most modern and fastest memory storage systems. It’s ideal for dealing with resource-intensive websites and large database operations on high-performing websites.

Mumbai’s datacenter

In a Mumbai-based datacentre, MilesWeb has VPS servers.

This data center’s location makes it perfect for websites with a target audience on the Indian subcontinent. Your VPS server’s location is critical for your websites. For their high-tech systems, data centers follow tight maintenance practices.

SFTP & Full Root Access

You can be the admin of your VPS server if you have complete root access. MilesWeb grants you complete root access to your VPS server, allowing you to manage it. You can also use Secure Shell Transfer Protocol to access and customise your VPS server in a secure manner (SFTP).

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate

MilesWeb’s VPS hosting services include an SSL certificate at no extra cost. The URL of your site becomes protected with HTTPS after SSL activation.

Any data sent to or received from the server is automatically encrypted. It protects sensitive information supplied by visitors as it travels across the internet from being accessed by intruders.

There are No Obnoxious Neighbor’s.

A VPS server functions as an independent server computer. It also allows dedicated resources. You receive dedicated virtual server resources that you don’t share with other customers. Because your site will not have to compete for resources, there is no variance in performance. You obtain resources that you can scale up or down depending on your needs.

Email Accounts With No Limits

Having email accounts is critical for managing a business online. You can create an infinite number of email addresses with professional email addresses. You can also use the webmail interface to access and manage your email addresses.

Installation and Configuration of Control Panels

You won’t have to bother about the control panel’s installation or configuration. The procedure is straightforward: select your preferred control panel application (cPanel, DirectAdmin, or WHM). They’ll configure your control panel once you’ve decided on a VPS hosting plan.

Guaranteed Uptime

When it comes to selecting a web hosting service, the most important factor to consider is that it should have a high level of availability so that your website is accessible at all times. MilesWeb focuses on giving a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which is among the greatest in the business. VPS hosting’s complete architecture ensures that your websites are always available.

Customer Service

MilesWeb provides the best customer service among managed VPS hosting providers. You can contact the support team via chat or the ticket system at any time and from any location. Their assistance team is ready and well-prepared to resolve any hosting-related concerns you may have. There’s also a knowledge base for MilesWeb.

How much does MilesWeb VPS Hosting cost?

If you’ve concluded that MilesWeb is the ideal VPS hosting company for you since it’s reliable, has all of the essential features, and provides all of the extra perks and benefits. Now you can look for the pricing and plans.

Plans for Standard VPS Hosting

The Standard VPS hosting package from MilesWeb costs between Rs.630 to Rs.32,640 per month. MilesWeb charges a fair price for the high-quality service it offers.

Also, these prices are available after a 25% discount, and the offer is valid to users who buy a plan for 1-3years.


MilesWeb is an excellent and cost-effective hosting solution for your high-traffic website. It has a RAID10 SSD storage system and can handle multiple websites. It all comes down to your needs and budget in the end. Take your business to new heights by signing up for MilesWeb’s VPS hosting package.