5 Branding Tips to Improve Your Company Image

Your company image is what consumers see when they interact with your brand. Presenting an authentic and consistent image across all platforms boosts a company’s revenue by 23%. If you’re looking to make more money and stay ahead of your competitors, branding is the first place to start.

First impressions affect a consumer’s buying behavior, and in the digital age, a consumer can interact with your brand anywhere. Use these five branding tips to improve your company image.

1.  Be Authentic

Ever come across a logo that looks like a modified version of a prominent brand’s logo? For example, a new coffee shop may call itself “Starpucks” hoping to become as popular as Starbucks. This is one of the most damaging things a company can do to its image.

It shows inauthenticity, and customers will see through your copycat mechanisms. Create an original logo that tells your business’ story, values, and what it can do for customers. It’s okay to get inspiration from a competitor, but don’t imitate their branding.

2.  Make Your Website Impressive

A business without an eye-catching website hasn’t exhausted its marketing options. A website is your company’s number one marketing tool and provides the first encounter for prospective clients.

According to WP Forms, 47% of customers search for a website before deciding to purchase a product or service. Create an attractive website with high-quality images and themes. If you own a car dealership, build a car stock photo library and pimp your website.

3.  Have a Social Media Presence

Consumers, especially the younger generation, gauge the legitimacy of a business by its social media presence. Open business accounts on all the major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Besides boosting brand awareness social media can be more helpful as it offers a marketing avenue, helping send more customers to your store and website.

4.  Be Consistent

Sometimes, when you’re browsing on social media, you might find a brand with an impressive logo and catchphrase. However, when you click on the link to its website, you find a bland, boring webpage that seems to have been abandoned for years. What does this tell you about the business? That it’s not thorough; it doesn’t pay attention to details.

Being consistent is critical to attracting consumers and turning them into repeat clients. If you recently rebranded your company, make sure the branding is consistent across all platforms. You can also share the news about the rebranding on your website, social media accounts, and through press releases.

5.  Personalize Your Brand

You might think that consumers only care about quality products and affordable prices, but they are looking for more to make yours their favorite brand. People love feeling unique and buying from a brand that has their best interests at heart.

Build a personal connection with customers by telling your brand’s story and showing how your product addresses their pain points. Create an emotional brand experience through helpful website content, engaging social media content, doing charity work, and forming partnerships that benefit the community.

Creating a great company image is a continuous process. If you want to stand out from competitors and establish an impressive business image, be original, build a strong social media presence and have a stunning website. Have consistent branding on all platforms and create emotional brand experiences to draw consumers.