The business has its charm, but it also comes with its challenges. Starting a business of any sort involves hard work. Digital space lets anyone earn money online, but one needs to apply some basic business principles. Providing what is required by the audience was the basic principle that we all know. Staying consistent with that idea and growing it in different ways is unknown. 

In the online space, consistency is the key. You get to earn a lot of money one day, but it might bring you a loss the next day. Keeping up with the losses and working hard on those matters the most. 

With this write-up, note down the key business to earn money online in India and brief about where to keep the focus. 

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Ways to earn money online in India.

Before leaping on what online business to do in India, let’s grasp different ways to earn money online in India. There are more than 30 ways to earn digitally in India. Here we will sprinkle your attention to the top 5 most used ways.

Trading: Trading is something that requires a bit of your investment. You can earn money online through this if you invest. The most commonly used platform for trading is Zerodha. People earn huge amounts of money through this with the right knowledge. You can educate yourself with the help of YouTube or by regularly analyzing the stock market.  

YouTube: Youtubers earn more than INR 1 Lakh. Yes, it is possible. Anyone can make money online in India from YouTube if the content is right and entertaining. YouTube has a place for everyone. Nowadays, YouTube is one of the best platforms for learning skills. Youtubers are gaining a lot from it as people consume their time on YouTube.

Freelance:  The average annual salary of a freelancer in India ranges from INR 1.5 Lakhs to 12.8 Lakhs. Freelancing is the mode where you can work upon your will. If you are good at writing, programming, development, designing or marketing, giving a shot to freelance can be beneficial.

Social Media: It is a fun way to make money online in India. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn let you earn money. Some people make INR 15000 just for one post or tweet. Deepika Padukone charges INR 1.5 Crore for each brand post. The main game here is of followers. Companies will pay you for the post if you are an influencer and have good followers.

Google AdSense: This is the method to earn money online in India without any initial investment. Google Ads is the advertising platform that you can register for free. Recent surveys on AdSense show that Google pays 68% of its AdSense revenue to its publishers. Each year Google pays $10 Billion to its publishers. 

Quick steps to start your own Google Ads are:

  • Register yourself for free.
  • Attach the code to your website.
  • Choose the ad you like to see on your website.
  • Choose the right place for the ads to appear.
  • Sit back and watch the ads go live.

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Key Online Businesses That You Can Start On Your Own

Now that you understand the high demanding skills let’s conclude by understanding the famous businesses to earn online in India.

SEO Consultant: SEO is the technique where you can help a website rank on the Google Search engine. For becoming an SEO Consultant, you need to know all the ins and outs of search engines. Having technical skills on a platform like Google Ads and Google Analytics is compulsory. With SEO Consultants, many small businesses can increase their online conversion rates. Google Algorithms are variable; they keep on changing; therefore, SEO Consultant needs to update themselves. Check the below pointers before starting the SEO Consultant business in India:

  • Keep the data of your search page ranking.
  • Acquire new and different customers.
  • Make records of organic traffics.
  • Work more on increasing your brand awareness.

Social Media Consultant: With so many other business responsibilities to handle, social media often stays left out. Social media has many leads that can be beneficial for any business. A social media consultant works on brands’ social media, keeps the social media account active, and prepares posting schedules. A social Media Consultant, on average, makes INR 5.5 Lakhs per annum. For becoming a Social Media consultant, you need to remember the following points:

  • Do not stop networking.
  • Priority should be on lead generation.
  • Overdeliver the content in the initial stages.
  • Timing is the game.
  • Build a good portfolio with all the experience.

Virtual Assistant: If you have great organizational skills and task management abilities, you can easily make money online by starting a virtual assistant business. The business of Virtual Assistants involves communication with the clients, maintaining online data and records, and making travel arrangements. Below are certain points that you need to keep in mind while doing or starting your virtual assistant business:

  • Identify the niche or the service that you want to offer.
  • Create a detailed business plan.
  • Register your business.
  • Calculate the right price for your service.
  • Invest in the right tools.
  • Create a sound contract.

Web Developer: If you are tech-savvy and love the coding side of building a website, you can start the business of Web Development. You need to know about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for this. Also, it would help if you had a good eye for solving digital problems with creative solutions. Below are some hidden points that you need to jot down before starting your web development business:

  • Make a good appealing website. A website will showcase your talent.
  • Educate yourself with the right codes and new ideas.
  • Write a newsletter. It can be anything. You can impart your knowledge to others and share some tricks and tips.
  • Calculate the right pricing.  

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People of India are growing and believing the online portal like never before. More and more people invest their time to make money online in India. With the constant up-gradation of skills and consistency in working each day for yourself, anyone can grow a devastating business here. With the list of business ideas that work in India, you can add other business creative ideas like Graphic designing, social media photography, and blogger.


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