How to improve your Shopify print store: 12 effective strategies

The 2021 statistics show that e-commerce business sales reached a whopping $5 trillion. It means the time is rich to improve the sales of your Shopify print store with these 12 effective strategies.

Do you know that lately, Shopify’s share has tripled to become the second-largest e-commerce platform, just behind Amazon? So, it won’t be a surprise that Shopify has been marked as the future of e-commerce by market experts.

What is Shopify?

Shopify Inc. is a multinational e-commerce company situated in Canada. It offers merchants online stores and retail point-of-sale systems, offering them ease of attracting a large customer base worldwide.

It is observed that amidst the covid-pandemic new trends emerged, and 26% of brick-and-mortar businesses utilized Shopify to facilitate their pick-up or delivery service. Moreover, it has merchants spread over 175 countries, and just in October 2019, it crossed the mark of one million merchants worldwide, indicating that the platform is growing. Shopify store owners are looking to adopt integration of Shopify product designer on their Shopify store.

So why not be a part of this growth?

1. Plan a content marketing strategy

Planning a marketing strategy holds utmost importance in running a Shopify print business because one cannot run a successful business blind or aimless. A solid content strategy is needed, such as planning methods to deploy in the future for increasing customer outreach.

In addition, allocating a budget, which strategies a business owner is willing to invest in, and how much is a vital step in building a content marketing strategy. Also, rechecking the market strategy weekly or monthly will determine if the figures are good or not.

2. Address customers’ frustration with a product

Solving a customer’s apparent frustration with a particular design will help in improving their reviews of the existing products. It will also assist in producing custom products that will match customers’ needs in the future.

Paying close attention to the customers’ views and annoyances is worth it. It will ensure that the customers are able to choose and customize designs from a web-to-print Shopify store.

3. Personalize everything

To keep the print business thriving, the owner would need to personalize everything, from designs to emails and sharing connections with people. It could be by remembering their preferences and past orders to provide them with personalized reprinting job experience or by offering them a choice to personalize designs.

In addition, the Shopify printing business can also send its customers the latest news and discounts through emails and provide them a 24/7 customer service. Moreover, the company may also use the customers’ names directly in dialogues or emails to form a deep bond.

4. Upsell products

A printing e-commerce company could upsell its products as a more impactful method rather than spending to acquire potential clients. Customers often don’t know that a premium product is available whose price is close to what they wish to buy.

Upselling will help a Shopify printing company to sell a slightly upsized and premium product at an increased price. However, the premium product must be related to the one the customers initially desired, in the same price range and better than the desired one.

5. Contextual marketing

This is an excellent way for an e-commerce print company to convey a compelling message in the proper context to potential customers. So they may become leads for the business in the future. The web-to-print Shopify store will connect with its demographics by creating specific location-based content strategies and push notifications.

6. Optimize for mobile

Nowadays, every e-commerce customer wants to order via their smartphones; thus, they desire mobile responsiveness from the business website. They wish to have an instant, speedy, and interactive experience.

Optimizing the website’s speed and making it more interactive will ensure that tens of thousands of potential clients view the printing business online. Moreover, mobile advertising uses geolocation and ready-ads to connect the customers to the Shopify printing store, even while traveling.

7. Search for keywords opportunities

Undoubtedly, organic traffic from search engines can help a Shopify business grow. Searching for keywords for a specific product means looking for people’s queries about it on the search engine. The printing business could look for the number of searches and their overall competition weekly or monthly. This approach can be pretty effective in pairing the keywords with the specific product, but only if proper keyword research is done.

8. Read customer reviews

Reading customer reviews can give a Shopify printing business a fair overview of its existing products. In addition, the company would also gain information about the ongoing design trends for specific products, and it can assist it in developing a new product.

The owner could also check feedback for successful products to determine what potential improvements must be made that the customers are continuously bringing up.

9. Capitalize on trends

Before a design trend has wholly hit the market, the Shopify printing business could recognize it early on to succeed in competition by adopting it first. It will assist the company in successfully carving out its niche in the competitive market and win the heart of potential customers.

Moreover, capitalizing on trends will save the printing business from spending on digital marketing and, in turn, will offer to build long-term SEO opportunities.

10.  Create mockups and print on demand

Using free design templates to create mockups of products can be a good approach as they will bring the product to life on the Shopify platform. Moreover, a web-to-print DesignNBuy service integration in the Shopify platform can help the printing business to create print on demand and increase its customer base.

No material will be wasted as the printer will only produce designs required by the customers.

11. Focus on local marketing

Brick-and-mortar businesses are not the only ones that can think to increase their local customer base. But online print Shopify stores can also use this approach to target local customers and increase their online sales. In fact, local marketing could be relatively cost-effective as there will be less competition.

Moreover, checking local rivals’ pages is necessary as it will help the business offer products that their competitors do not produce. It would be an excellent tactic to identify the location where potential customers for an online printing company could be found in high concentration. In addition, indicators such as the customers’ buying habits will assist the business in devising a promotion campaign.

12. Offer free shipping

According to a survey, 93% of customers are attracted to a free shipping offer rather than a discount on products. A Shopify printing store could adopt this tactic by offering free shipping to local customers. It will help the business promote sales, boost its image, and gain the customers’ trust.

Install and configure the DesignO App for Shopify


There is more than one working solution that a web-to-print business can adopt to improve the sales of its Shopify store. Out of 12 strategies, some would work individually to assist in the business’s growth.

Whereas many scenarios would require more than one strategy to be implemented to improve the sales for the online printing company. However, using all of them will assist the business in improving its products and services to attract more customers and ensure its success in the long run.