Creating a promotional video can seem complex, but it is not as challenging as you think. You can easily film, publish, and edit a video that becomes a valuable marketing tool, and you would require training or a large budget. You might hear the term promo video usually in the context of online commercial surroundings and upcoming events.

What is a promo video? How to film the perfect product promotion video for your business? What is the advantage of creating a promo video? How to best use such videos? Today, we’re going to answer everything in this article. So keep going through the article till the end to get all your doubts solved right away.

What is a Product Promotion Video?

Video used to promote a business product or service is called a product promotion video. This type of video is used to inspire, educate, and engage all types of customers, including existing or potential. Product promotional video is short videos that are primarily used to promote a product or inform the audience about the key advantages of a business product or service.

Call-to-action can also be included in the video that urges the targeted audience to take an essential step. This type of video content can be used for expressing the purpose of products, services, improving product sales, or any other. There are four different types of a promotional video that you can choose to create, these includes:

Introductory Video: For Authenticity

How-To Video: For Authority

Product Video: For Quality

Personal Video: For Personality

Benefits of Creation Product Promotion Video for Your Business

Searching the balance between the type of promotional videos might result in the difference between running a successful marketing strategy or one that leaves you shaking your head. Hence make sure to recognize what type of video can work for you in the most effective manner. Getting word-of-mouth about your business is crucial for your business growth and ROI.

Regardless, people need to know your brand exists, and this is where promotional videos come into existence. It helps to visually tell the success story of your business and product in a relatable and engaging way. The main purpose of a product promotion video is to promote a service, product, launch, or holiday sale, inspiring viewers to take action. Such video type is easily the most crucial type in which the business can invest. Let’s explore some of the crucial reasons that explain why you must film the product promotion video for your business.

Customers Prefer Video Compared to Text

Videos are one of the best and most effective ways to promote your product because it’s something that everyone is searching for, especially when they want to learn about a particular product or service. 

More than 72% of customers and around 59% of executives prefer learning about brands’ products by watching videos instead of reading the text. Videos can help display the products more contextually, efficiently, and engaging.

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People can Retain Information Better from Videos

While promoting your product through video content, it becomes crucial for you to make sure that people are able to retain the information and message that you communicate to them, so they can search for it and also buy the same. With the right product promotion videos, viewers can retain around 95% of a message when they watch a video compared to 10% when reading a text.

Helps Humanize Your Business

When real people talk about the use of your business product in the promotional video, you can easily enable the audience to see a face that can be attached to the brand and its product as well. Displaying a strong element of humanization through product promotion can help customers to feel like they are buying and using products in their day-to-day lives.

Clearly Showcase Your Products

More than 97% of marketers believe that videos help users gain a clear understanding of the product. Product promo video gives businesses a chance to showcase the product and display all its features in the most effective manner. 

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Even lots of images can’t show how well your product works which can easily be explained through a promotion video.

It makes it easier for you to provide a certain context to demonstrate how your product works and benefits customers. Looking at the product at work will definitely help you push your targeted audience to try the same.

When You Should Use Product Promotion Videos

Product promo videos are an excellent way to attract customers by creating awareness for your new products. If you are a startup and have launched a new product, having a product promotion video can help to introduce the brand by showing off your product.

These videos can work with your existing customers as well. You can draw them by reminding them how good your products are. It also helps create more reasons for your customers to believe in you.

What Do Your Product Promo Videos Need to Be Successful?

Now you might be knowing about why you need to film a product promo video. But do you know what your product promo videos need to be successful? Check the following points to know what can help you make a successful promo video.

1. Product promo videos need to be engaging and entertaining

2. Do focus on your product and how it can help individuals in their daily lives

3. Make sure to keep the videos short and sweet

4. Show your brand’s personality through promo videos

5. Include a call to action prompt in the video.

How to Create a Product Promo Video?

More than 51% of people agree that the main reason they use the internet is to stream; they use it to watch TV shows, movies, videos, and more. Your potential buyers are likely to watch videos online and might be exploring your competitor’s videos. Many businesses host different types of videos on the site and share them on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and many such.

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Creating a video can help you expand your business reach to those who might not have heard about your brand before or meet your audience through the way they love the most. You can invest in a video streaming script that makes video management, upload, editing, and other work much easier and faster for you. But before all this, it becomes vital for you to learn to create promotional product videos for your brands. Explore the steps right here to know how to create engaging product promo videos.

Gear Up

You do not have to spend the kid’s inheritance making equipment to make an engaging promo video. All you need is:

  • High-quality camera
  • Tripod to ensure that shots are not shaky
  • Editing equipment, including movie-making apps

Decide the Message

First of all, ensure to identify the main purpose of making a video and try to target the right audience before you start planning to create the video content. Know whether you are creating a video to improve the sales flow, introduce your product, or have any other purpose. Try to sum up the primary purpose of the promo video in a single sentence.

Create a Storyboard

This helps you ensure that you get the perfect shorts you need in as little time as possible. Without a storyboard, there is a certain chance that you miss shots that can be essential for a final edit, get distracted, and move off on tangents while filming.

Get permission

People often forget about the legal side of the video creating and promoting process. Before starting your journey, question yourself if you have completed all the legal processes. If not, then make sure to get all the necessary permission to avoid further issues.


It is a delicate process. You might be thinking that it’s an easy process, even when you want to film the CEO or other company members. You need to understand that everyone can’t act naturally in front of the camera; most people struggle to stiffen or look up. The primary purpose here is to ease whoever you are filming in the session.

Shoot and Edit

Now it’s time for the light, camera, and action—finally, film to make your vision come to life. Your storyboard and script should be as detailed as possible, ensure that specific visuals are filmed, and don’t get disappointed with the final result during the editing stage.

One important tip that you need to follow while editing your shot is to question the worth of each shot. Make sure to add more value to your footage and need to edit it out to make way for valuable content.

Ending Note

Product promo videos do not have to be blockbuster. No matter how big or small you want to film, you can choose to complete it within your budget. Nail the basics to ensure maximum engagement and effectiveness with your ideal audience. You can make your promo video work for you, not the other way better.

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