A framework, in IT, is a different block of the software system.

Software development frameworks are integrated into a system, could work as sets of functions, and could interrelate various components.

Furthermore, a framework could include code libraries, scripting language, auxiliary programs, and other software that facilitates the integration and development of different components of a big project.

asdd Top Software Development Frameworks

asdd Top Software Development Frameworks

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7 of the Best Software Development Frameworks in 2022

Below is a list of some of the best mobile and web development  technologies for a software development company and programmers to learn this year. Make your resume more attractive with these top frameworks, helping you to take your career to the next level.

1. Core Data

The framework is built-in in MacOS and iOS by Apple. Core Data lets developers interact with the database. Furthermore, it’s flexible and powerful when it comes to storing and managing the data model graph.

The tech stack is at the core of the development framework.  You can definitely manage and store data without the Core Data framework, but with it, it’s significantly more convenient.

2. AngularJS

An open-source JavaScript framework, AngularJS is designed to create single-page apps. The goal is to extend browser-based applications based on the MVC template and simplify development and testing. The framework, furthermore, supports various functions, including animation, DOM structure management, DOM, templates, routing, and a whole lot more.

AngularJS’ power and the rich functionality availability in a lot of ways influenced the fact that it’s used for the development of the growing number of web applications, being at present probably one of the most popular frameworks of JavaScript.

3. Laravel

An open-source, general-purpose framework, which was relatively born recently. Thanks to the fast development and the big army of fans, Laravel has one of the most popular PHP engines that could save you from spaghetti code. Furthermore, it’s a universal tool to build blogs, landing pages, the server part of mobile apps, chatbots, full-fledged online stores, and parsers.

4. TensorFlow

TensorFlow is the machine learning API of Google that they have used in developing the RankBrain algorithm for Google Search. It’s one of the most popular APIs that automates various real-world tasks. It can, for example, be used for image detection.

Thanks to the framework, everyone could now access the power of machine learning. It’s a great idea to learn cutting-edge technology, such as machine learning this year, and there’s no better library, to begin with, than TensorFlow.

5. Phalcon

An MVC-oriented framework of PHP that provides developers with data storage tools, including PHQL, its own dialect of SQL, and Object Document Mapping for MongoDB. Other features of Phalcon include form-builders, templates, app development simplicity, and so on. The framework is the ideal option for building different REST APIs, as well as for the development of full-fledged web apps.

6. CakePHP

A framework that accelerates and streamlines app development. It requires considerably less code. This is PHP 7’s modern framework that provides a more flexible access level to databases and a powerful code generation system as well.

Thanks to the features, developing small and complex systems has become easier, faster, and of course, with higher quality. PHP is for you if you want to develop software fast.

7. Symfony

For developing websites and web applications, Symfony is considered the most popular framework. The stack is a set of reusables, unrelated components that have been used in creating applications, such as PHPBB, Drupal, and eZ Publish.

Across the globe, the popular framework has over 600,000 software developers from more than 120 countries. These groups are committed to helping the PHP platform do the impossible.


The arsenal of the software development frameworks and libraries depends largely on the competence of the software development company. When choosing development frameworks, professional programmers and developers take into account a big number of characteristics, such as, for instance, how fast everything would work. For a cost-efficient software solution, experts always are ready to help choose the best approach for your budget and goals.

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