WordPress is the most desirable platform. It is widely used by businesses worldwide, all for good reasons like marketing tools, reliability, etc. Almost 42.9% of sites use WordPress. 


Leading businesses like The Home Depot, and The New York Times use WordPress. In fact, millions of SMEs choose WordPress because of its versatility. 

Top reasons to choose WordPress

  • Custom themes
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • SEO friendly 
  • Plugins
  • Publish anywhere
  • Open-source 

How you can grow your small business with WordPress?

1. Advertising

Have you seen banner ads while browsing through websites? The website owners needs to give permission to the advertisers to park their content.

The advertisers get benefited from the website’s traffic. While the owners of the website get paid commission for every click on the advertisements. 

So, if you get plenty of traffic on your content then you must try this method. 

You can sign up with popular advertising networks like Amazon Native Ads and Google AdSense. You can use the WordPress plugins like AdSanity, Easy Google AdSense, etc., to manage the efforts. 

2. Hire established WordPress developers

It is a good move to hire WordPress developers for your small business. They can help you add specific functionality and build a unique experience for your users. 

The Hacker News published an article on May 12, 2022. It reported that thousands of WordPress websites were hacked recently. These hacks redirect the visitors to scam websites. 

Even though, WordPress is highly known for its security. Still, you cannot flag the vulnerabilities and malware. You need a partner who can support you with services like WordPress errors, support for WooCommerce, etc. So, hire the credible WordPress team today!!

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affliate marketing can help you to earn commissions on the promoted product. Please note this commission will be attributed for every sale you make. 

In place of ads, you can manage through the links.  This you can include on your website. 

You get the privilege to choose the product you promote. With Amazon Associates Program by your side, you can marvel with the profits.

They will give you customized linking tools. This will allow you to keep track of the purchases. You can use these links in your promotional efforts. 

You can use WordPress plugins like EasyAzon, PrettyLinks, etc. 

4. Online Courses 

This is yet another way to grow your business with WordPress. It mainly covers digital products like in-selling online courses. The main reason why businesses take to the internet is because it offers educational and informational opportunities. 

If you hold a specialization area with a unique perspective, then developing the courses is a promising avenue. 

You must ensure to develop content centered around your topic choice. You can offer the course/ courses to your website visitors.

You can use plugins such as LearnDash and LearnPress to build a good learning management system. 

5. Guest posts

There are plenty of guest posting sites that allow posting the content for free. It is basically for user-generated content. But, can charge for the guest posts.

Please note that you must have enough traffic on your website. Your WordPress website must be large. Then only, it will be considered worth paying for guest posts. But ensure to check the dupliacy of the content before publishing.

6. Podcast

You can simply make your audience fall in love with your brand by using this. You can use WordPress podcasting plugins to develop websites. Over your podcast, you can share the affiliate codes. 

7. Portfolio

Want to entice your potential audience? Build portfolio. Nowadays, people are more advanced. They love to see your past work. So, display your work today!!

If you have not showcased your work, then you are missing a big chunk of profits.

With this superlative platform, you can build your own custom portfolio. You can display your projects, results, case studies, etc. 

8. eCommerce

If you are not one of those who loves to share your traffic profits, you can open an eCommerce storefront. You can make your WordPress website-your shop to offer goods/ products/ services to the customers. 

Whether you sell tap into the drop selling model or sell your creations, WordPress can lend you great support. You can make use of the plugins such as eCommerce store, Shopping Cart, and WooCommerce. These plugins will help you to construct and manage the store. 

9. Facebook tracking plugin

Retargeting is an excellent way to expand your business with WordPress. Even though, it is low-hanging method but it is profitable and affordable. 

Use Official Facebook Pixel plugin for this. 

10. Use SEO plugins

WordPress can by itself solve plenty of SEO issues. 

These plugins can make SEO easy for people who are non-technical. It can help you to analyze the duplicate content. SEO plugin will give you reminders for best content update. It will assists in checking the posts for readability. 

11. Embed a video

You can grow your business well with video marketing. WordPress will allow you to embed the video from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. It is a good idea to place educational video on your website and blogs. 

You can share the overview about your company on About Us page. 

Similarly, there are plenty of other ways to grow your business, they are:-

  • Choose alluring themes
  • Install messenger button
  • Encourgae social shares
  • Grow the email lists
  • Speed you your website
  • Monitor the analytics
  • Craft custom landing pages
  • Giveaway
  • Test various types of conteact forms
  • Tease the best content

In a conclusion

It is a challenging situation to set up and start a small business for budding owners. With WordPress by your side, you do not have to worry about your business performance. 

Check right WordPress themes that works well with your business domain. Make sure that your website loads faster.

One way or the other you can monetize from your WordPress website. Try experimenting these methods and earn good profits.

So, take all the advantage that WordPress has to offer and flourish in the market.

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