Promoting any business can be tiresome and quite demanding, yet in this time of digitalization, it is more important than ever to adequately promote yourself to ensure the company’s success. However, with too many marketing strategies, it sometimes proves difficult to choose the one that is most appropriate for your business model. Therefore, we summed up some useful tips which are universal in nature and, when implemented, promise success.

Going online

There is a wide range of things that can fall under this category, as online is a broad term and can be anything from social media engagement to websites and email marketing. Whatever path you choose, you will not make a mistake, although we advise a combination of these choices available for more effectiveness and better results.

Social media has become a powerful tool in marketing your brand, as spreading awareness of your business comes down to how much quality content you share via the different social platforms currently trending. The tool has become so effective that it gave rise to a completely new profession—social media managers, individuals specifically taking care of your accounts by sharing, posting, and writing new content. The fact that people spend a little over 2-3 hours per day browsing through their media gives you an idea of how effective this tool can be in promoting a business.

Websites are nothing new; their beginning corresponds with the rise and spread of the internet itself. Websites now, however, have taken a completely new look and are more about effectively introducing a business, its products, or offers, rather than just being a platform from which you can buy something. Having a website introduces your customers to the business through the content available, which can be texts, galleries, or reviews generated by happy customers. Whatever the case, you’ll need a website to be taken seriously no matter the niche.

Non-traditional approach

Digital marketing has taken up a lot of the marketing plan. However, non-traditional approaches are highly effective and often forgotten. The most successful companies mostly see the ideal marketing campaign as a combination of online (digital) and offline (traditional) strategies. That is why we remind you of all the traditional marketing tools that will help you promote your business in combination with digital marketing. For example, one way to introduce your brand to people is by branding regular items and handing them out for free. You can use key chains, T-shirts, lighters, notebooks, pencils, and even labeled bottled water, which is an interesting solution as it gives you the opportunity to host events where you can serve beverages and, among others, your own bottled water. It will carry the name of the company, thereby spreading awareness of the business in a more subtle and less aggressive way. The best thing is that people might keep the bottle for reuse, carry it around or give it away. All this will only embed the name of the business subconsciously into their memory.


You will get terrific advertising by donating your items or delivering free services, regardless of what type of business you have.

Sweepstakes, in which you give away everything you could sell to potential clients for free, is one of the marketing tactics that works for a large number of businesses every year.

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The winners will get to know your products and services firsthand, and people from their environment will probably hear about them.

l2 Take Your Marketing To The Next Level With These 6 Tips

l2 Take Your Marketing To The Next Level With These 6 Tips

Physical presence is important as well

Attend trade shows and other events where people from your industry gather. There you will surely find your potential consumers. Fairs are an ideal place to introduce yourself. While you are there, hand out your business card with all the contact information needed and maybe some promotional material as well, such as T-shirts or labeled water.

Making offers via telephone

Although phone marketing campaigns can be annoying, you would be surprised to know how many people actually respond positively to this type of promotion. The main trick in telephone promotion is to adapt to each consumer, meaning personalization, which is an important part of every marketing strategy as well.

Sending mail or email

Email marketing and the sharing of newsletters is another aspect of digital marketing that has proven to be more than successful in sharing information and staying in touch with your customers.

Promotional letters in the boxes of potential consumers can still bring you the desired results because this approach is considered one of the most personal forms of advertising. By personalizing each message, you increase the chances of a positive response, which is true for both digital and analog marketing.

Whether it is offline or online marketing, creating and running campaigns is one of the important tasks left exclusively to educated professionals. Therefore, you can always hire someone or schedule a consultation with a marketing agency to develop a more effective strategy.

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