With the amount of mobile apps growing rapidly since its creation there are many possibilities that your app could not be noticed. The process of creating a mobile app is not only about making things happen for your developers.

Mobile apps, like every other business procedure should be planned strategically, planned and designed to serve the needs of users.

Before making the process of developing an application for mobile devices it is crucial to assess the outcome before you start. To do this it is recommended to take a look at these factors prior to committing to the whole process of app development for mobile devices..

Do you need to develop an app?

The advances within the environment for development that creates an advanced mobile platform make the news every year. What we overlook is how versatile and powerful an identity system for mobile phones is today.

Beyond that it is important to be thinking about important issues like whether or not apps generate more revenue? What can it do for you to achieve your long-term goals for business? Be sure to ask all the important questions before investing your time and money in the creation of your application.

Selecting the right platform

The rational debate on selecting the right platform for your app is a bit confusing. 

There is also a numerous types of application software available and you should choose the one which best fit in your niche.

When you’re deciding, however, make the option between Android, iOS, React Native, Windows and think of a unified UI you can tailor to your app. Additionally, you can select between native or hybrid development depending on your business needs.

The selection of the right mobile app development strategy is vital to its development success. If you wish to keep your speed with this rapid mobile app market development, you must select the most suitable platform for your application.

If you wish your application to only work on an operating system that is specific to it, like iOS, Android, or web, you could opt for native app development.

Hybrid Application

With web technologies that are multi-platform, like HTML5, CSS and Javascript. Additionally, Hybrid Apps are easy to build and provide fast access.

If you’re looking for interaction, regular use and offline compatibility and offline compatibility, then a hybrid application could be a good fit for your needs. It offers attractive benefits in both the native app as well as the web-based app development methods.

Native Application

Native applications are specifically created to work with a single operating system. They are not compatible with each and every mobile device. For instance, Android apps are developed by using one of the two options: JAVA or Kotlin. In contrast, Objective C or Swift is developed for applications that are designed specifically for iPhone as well as iPad.

This decision will not only impact the app’s developers, it also influences the flexibility and scope of the application. The necessary coding that goes to create mobile apps will further determine the usefulness and flexibility of the apps you create.

Conduct market research

Prior to starting any task it is always recommended to conduct R&D. Making an app is not any different. Conducting thorough market research allows you gain valuable insight on the market situation and your competition.

It can help you understand the different strategies and the mistakes made by your opponents. You can take the lessons learned from these mistakes and develop an improved strategy. Make sure you include the opinions of users when conducting your study. Ask your audience for what they’d like to hear; assess the true demand and take all the necessary steps to satisfy them.

What are the chances?

The development of a cutting-edge mobile application has many advantages for business owners. The mobile application lets you combine different strategies to attract clients, and ultimately boost the amount of money you earn. Furthermore, mobile apps provide greater accessibility and a great user experience by using the user-friendly interface.

Apart from that, mobile applications can be a powerful method to lower your marketing expenses. It is a great way to promote new products, notify users about special offers, and invite users back to increase the usage of the application. Additionally it is quick costs little and has a greater reach.

Know your users

Making your App without knowing your intended customers is like firing shots in the darkness. It is crucial to understand the requirements of your customers since the success of your app would be entirely dependent on its success. Your app will not make it to the smartphone of the user in the event that it does not solve their issue or provide value.

User feedback is always beneficial Get feedback and opinions from users and be aware of what they’re searching for. Set your goals in line with clients’ requirements and you’ll have no reason to stop your application. This way you will be able to increase the number of downloads for your app.

Pick the right firm for app development

The concept behind the App is yours entirely and you are able to create your app’s designs by making use of different application builders like ColdFusion Builder, Appy Pie, Apple store connect or Interface Builder, or built on a completely different data model.

The App Builder includes low-level programming an integrated, high-performance mobile app development platform where developers can build applications according to your preferences for user interface.

But, the way you execute it depends on the App Development company you select. The company that develops mobile apps firm has a major role in making your app usable, attractive and easy to use.

It is essential to examine and understand every essential below points before settling on an organization for development:

  • Examine all the available technologies that are available, the skills to code and the app creation process
  • Check out the company’s Case Studies to get an idea of the kinds of apps offered by companies.
  • Contact the companies they previously collaborated with previously.
  • Remember the Time-Zone to ensure effective communication

It is essential that your developer has good understanding of the best design for your app to ensure the most enjoyable customer experience. Your developer must take into account the usefulness of a suitable visual design that is appropriate for the app you are developing.

Developers of mobile app creators have to design the application in a manner that users can carry out its intended tasks without assistance.

Give your reasons for creating an application

It might seem like the easiest question to address. But, since you’re obliged to inform developers of your application, you in first need to explain the particular purpose of your app.

Determining the differences between web and mobile services is crucial. There should be a plan of clarity on the distinct ways you provide the services via an app rather than the website.

It is crucial to have a clear idea of how for the development of an application. Furthermore, it should be in sync with the goals of the business and how it will achieve the same.

Develop an app that’s minimum viable

It is vital to test your app on devices that you want to test it on before it goes on the marketplace. MVP is an app version that only includes the most important functions.

MVPs are similar to beta testers. They allow you to review your app in a concise manner. They allow you to comprehend what the app is all about in a specific manner.


After constructing the application’s MVP then it’s time to evaluate the app’s performance. This is now more crucial more than ever before. If you can monitor the proper indicators to measure how your smartphone application and eliminate any major issues in it. As a result you can be sure that your app functions seamlessly on any mobile device.

To gauge the performance of an app it is necessary to look at different parameters, including the KPIs for user engagement, UI/UX user growth rate, optimization of the app store organic conversion rate etc. Beyond that it is also important to examine your app’s position within Google Play Store or the Apple App store. Google Play store and the Apple app store in order to monitor its performance over a certain time.

Security measures

When you have analyzed the performance of your app then you have to determine the security measures you will take if you’ve got a mobile app that requires sensitive data from a non-technical person to function. This also includes the data required to be collected, as well as how it’s utilized.

Mobile application security has become an essential issue that shouldn’t be overlooked. Furthermore, your actual users data is your most valuable resource. Therefore, make sure you have procedures in place to collect and manage the true user information, as well as manage any security risk that might arise.

Learn how to earn money from an app

Before creating a mobile app You must discover how to make money from your app. There are several strategies to consider, including private ads within your app to earn money on a the basis of pay-per-click or per page.

It is also important to decide whether you’ll charge users for downloading or integrating an in-app purchases into your strategy. It is possible to opt with a freemium model in the beginning.

Free banner ads are built into every template. The process begins automatically when the application has reached 1000 installs. Then, you can add your advertisement code to the application, and then go on to earn revenue from affiliate advertising.

Calculating the cost of creating an app

Many factors are involved in the price of developing mobile apps. The factors that are involved must be thoroughly assessed prior to setting the budgetary limits.

Apart from the crucial element of establishing the platform which we already discussed above, there are other sub-elements which require you to take certain strategically-aligned decisions.

  • Determine whether users must or are required to sign in. This is where you must make the an important decision to integrate login to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Specifically define the requirements for users who wish to create a profile for themselves within an application. In this scenario the user will be required to enter their personal information in a public agreement for access.
  • If you intend to integrate apps with your site the process requires you to develop the API (Application Programming Interface). This is that your apps interact with one another.
  • Determining the standard of design for mobile applications is just as important as the utility of it.

The apps you create can be plain or basic but you could also expand it and make it appear stunning enough to allow your users to improve their user experience.

The factors mentioned above are broken into different phases of mobile app development and each comes with costs. The chart below shows the breakdown of the costs associated with app development in each of these phases.

Technically speaking, the price of app development is dependent on hourly costs. The rates differ from firm to company and the location plays an important factor in determining the cost of creating a mobile application.

The standards used by the industry for the development of mobile applications on major markets are as follows;

  • The US and Canadian-based companies cost between $50-$250 per hour.
  • Australian agencies for app development offer their services for between $50-$150.
  • Western European and UK-based app developers are charging between $35 and $170.
  • Eastern Europeans (that’s where we are) are pretty content with a range of $20-$150.
  • Indian rates of $25 to $50 per hour are attractive enough.
  • The cost of these services is contingent on characteristics, the complexity and mobile platforms.
  • One must consider the servers behind when determining the price of creating mobile applications. In general, back-end services can cost more.
  • The price of creating an app that is basic from India is typically between $8,000 – $12000.
  • It is also advisable to put a few dollars set aside for upgrades, marketing, as well as maintenance.

An app creator for mobile devices will usually have fees that are:

  • UX/UI design that is accountable for the creation of the visual content that is integrated in the application.
  • The Project Manager who is responsible to communicate with clients and work with app developers in actualizing the milestones set for them.
  • The business developer who is accountable for coordinating directly with Project Manager in order to fulfill the duties of the director, while supervising the development process.

Marketing is an app

It’s equally crucial to promote your app the people you want to target. It is important to get your feet on the app store, and also to influence users by telling them that there’s something crucial coming their way. Be sure to conduct A/B tests to ensure that your conversions are effective.

Marketers are often enticed by frequently used methods like carrying out SEO tasks for app markets or social media-based marketing. It is better to learn the technique of mobile marketing hack and ensure that you have the right tools for your company.


Keep these points in the forefront of your thoughts when you are developing a mobile app will reduce the risk of your app becoming vulnerable. However developing mobile apps is more of a strategic decision than a technical decision, which is why it should be embedded in the company’s values and goals.

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