Growth Hacking SEO – Generate Organic Backlinks & Traffic Effortlessly

Backlinks are part of any well-designed SEO strategy and are one of the top search ranking factors for Google. That’s because backlinks show Google that your content is valued by others in your niche. Plus, it’s so interesting and informative that people are willing to direct part of their audience your way.

However, there’s one trick with backlinks – you can’t force them. For your website to grow and develop, you need organic backlinks from high-quality websites. Since we know this part of the equation often confuses website owners and content creators, here are a few tips to help you grow your backlinks without running the risk of a ban.

1. Define Your Target Audience

Do you know what kind of people you want to attract to your page? You need accurate and detailed data, such as your ideal user’s profile and the sort of search intent you want leading to your website (among others).

This work requires research and SEO knowledge that many web designers and business owners don’t have. Therefore, most self-made marketing campaigns target a general audience, which is why the level of progress is stagnant (at best).

To get the ball rolling, it’s best to work with a professional agency that knows how to do SEO to attract the right kind of traffic. Plus, once the collaboration ends, you will be left with an accurate profile of your ideal customer, which will be useful for other campaigns.

When you know who you need to address in order to get more high-quality traffic, it’s easier to set goals and design a path that will take you to them.

2. Enchant your Viewers from the First Moment

It only takes a couple of seconds for viewers landing on your site to decide if they want to stay and browse or leave in a hurry. And Google doesn’t like it when viewers don’t hang around (that’s why the bounce rate is such a scary indicator in the SEO world!).

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One way to pique their interest is through your page’s design. You (or your design team) have access to a series of tools (such as colors, lines, shapes, text, and other visual elements) that help create a positive user experience.

Use these tools and elements to entice everyone who lands on your page and make them want to stick around (for a bit of inspiration, check out these astonishing landing page designs). Also, pay attention to your users’ behavior and identify the point(s) where they leave your pages. It helps to know the exit points as well.

3. Build Share-able Content

In the world of SEO, keywords, meta descriptions, titles, headers, and other similar elements help organize and structure the page. However, if you’re looking to attract users in an organic manner, you also need high-quality content that’s worth sharing and linking to.

For instance, a blog post called “Top 10 website design ideas for absolute beginners” created by a web design company has all the chances of reaching the first page of SERP because it brings value to a lot of people. Plus, websites and blogs that talk about SEO and web design will happily link to it.

In short, the secret to high-quality backlinks is good content (regardless of format). When you offer accurate and actionable details, people actually use your tips. And, if they are successful, they’ll talk about your content, which also creates social media engagement.

Wrap Up

Good content, a positive user experience, and knowing your target audience are some of the most powerful tools of a solid SEO campaign that’s focused on bringing high-quality backlinks. So don’t be afraid to put your best content out there – it will bring amazing results!