Even when there is no harm in using text-based editors for your PHP web apps, you will have you enter the code manually. Pro-coders might have no problems manually entering the code, but if you’re a beginner, it can be difficult and time-consuming. To stay ahead of the competition, you need a powerful PHP WYSIWYG editor to boost your coding productivity.

A WYSIWYG editor helps developers and coders visualize project results during development. You can use it to instantly see the changes that you can make to a live app. WYSIWYG editors make it easier for the end-users to format, resize, and add media to your posts without learning different markup languages.

Why use powerful WYSIWYG editors to build web apps?

Most web development projects use PHP because it is scalable, robust, and adaptable. Websites, online stores, and dedicated IT systems are built with PHP; developers require WYSIWYG editors to improve their integration by visualizing their code. Here are some of the reasons why developers still prefer PHP for web development:

  • PHP is open-source, developers can reduce the costs of creating apps and websites as most frameworks and libraries are free to use. The dev community continuously works on upgrades and improvements to keep PHP alive.
  • Developers regard PHP as one of the safest programming languages because it contains security features to protect websites from viruses, malware, and common security threats.
  • PHP-based web apps have a faster loading speed with enhanced response time. Developers can easily integrate PHP web apps with other languages, databases, and platforms.
  • PHP can be easily embedded into HTML, making it a perfect choice to introduce a web application to the market. Since PHP is mature and flexible, you can use it for other purposes.
  • Developers can easily get started with PHP because the language is clear, easily understandable, and well organized. You can immediately understand command PHP functions even if you code in different languages.

Features of a WYSIWYG editor

During PHP web apps development, you need to use a powerful PHP WYSIWYG editor because it offers:

Powerful API
A WYSIWYG editor contains powerful javascript APIs that you can use to customize and interact with your PHP codes.

Code view
Some developers write PHP codes with speed, a WYSIWYG editor can help you see and edit the code behind their web app.

Enter control
You can use a PHP WYSIWYG editor to customize native browser control behavior and maintain the coding layout.

Migration guides
You can use a WYSIWYG PHP editor to integrate your PHP code with other plugins, even if you have minimal coding knowledge.

Development frameworks
Most powerful PHP editors contain plugins that support multiple development frameworks, like Javascript, to ease the editor’s ability to integrate with web applications.


Developers that work on web apps need a powerful PHP WYSIWYG editor to boost their productivity while seamlessly integrating with other languages and frameworks. You can save the time and effort required to deliver a fully integrated PHP web app for your users.

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