Mobile Application Development is the process of creating software that runs on mobile devices or any hand-held computing devices. Hence, we need to create an application that can be installed on a mobile phone. 

According to the current status, 83.37% of people worldwide use a smartphone. Mobile applications are built for different operating systems like Android and iOS. People can download the application from the app store or play store on their devices.

Through advanced micro-processing technology, you can run the application on different platforms like Android and iOS. Frameworks like Flutter and Reactive Native work on both Android and iOS.

Mobile Application Development Process 

During the mobile application development process, the following information will help you:

  • Having clear knowledge about your strategy for developing the app, Which includes the following:
    1. What is the motive of your app/Objective of your app?
    2. Setting a budget for developing the app.
    3. There should be a developing model.
    4. Having a clear knowledge of, for whom the application is being developed.
    5. Is there another application that exists? If there are, What additional features. can we include it in our application to make it unique?
    6. Time period to develop the application.
    7. Having knowledge about the marketing strategy that can be used or thinking about the idea of a digital marketing agency. 
  • Setting a team
    1. Setting a team is important in the application development procedure.
    2. There should be a marketing team/person.
    3. If the app is for your organization, you should consider the stakeholders from the different departments which include sales, IT, and marketing.
  • Having a clear idea about the design, security, usability, and performance, for this you can use paper sketch ideas, Whiteboard, or tools such as  InVision, Balsamiq, or Adobe Experience Design.
  • Based on the priorities and deliverables create a roadmap for your application/product.
  • Based on your requirement you should select an app development tool.
  • Start your app development. Deeply reliable software development approaches like agile and DevOps methodology can be used. Both are used to improve business productivity.
  • Test your app: testing the app for functionality, performance, and ease of navigation.
  • After the integral test and all other requisite testings, your mobile application goes to the deployment phase.

Most Popular Mobile App Development Framework

The best 5 mobile app development framework includes:

  1. Flutter
  2. Swiftic
  3. React Native
  4. Xamarin
  5. Onsen UI

1. Flutter:

  • Flutter is an open-source framework.
  • Flutter uses a single code base for both android and IOS.
  • The programing language used in Flutter is Dart, also developed by Google.
  • Flutter works based on the OOP concept.
  • For API Integration, the user makes GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE HTTP requests to the database. In response, the database sends corresponding results in the form of JSON, HTML, or XML.

2. Swiftic

  • Swiftic is one of the best frameworks which can easily create custom mobile.

Application and site for major mobile devices.

  • Using the Swiftic framework, we can create mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices.
  •  Swiftic is an example of a no-code mobile app development framework.

3. React Native

  • React Native is one of the famous frameworks which can be used to create  Mobile applications for various mobile platforms like android, iOS, and web applications.
  • React is a frontend javascript framework.

4. Xamarin

  • Xamarin is a software company.
  • Mobile Application Development for iOS and android can be done by using the Xamarin framework.
  • Xamarin can be used to develop applications for windows using C# and .Net framework.
  • The apps that were created using Xamarin are cross-platform.

5. Onsen UI

  • Onsen UI is open-source software and is free to use.
  • Onsen UI contains a large set of UI components for Mobile Application Development.
  • By using natively designed UI elements Onsen UI enriches the app user’s mobile experience.


A mobile application is a set of software that runs on a mobile device or any hand-held computing device.

During the mobile application development process, there should be clear knowledge about your strategy for developing the app. Setting a team, and having a clear idea about the design, testing method, and deployment are some of the important steps in mobile application development.

Flutter, React Native, Swiftic, Xamarin, and Onsen UI are some of the important application development frameworks.

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