5 Creative Ways to Use Video in Marketing Campaigns

If there’s one thing you don’t have to scratch your head over when developing your next marketing campaign, it’s video. Consumers are crazy about video content, and their demand for it continues to rise.

But video marketing doesn’t exactly disrupt the norm. So how can you make your video content stand out in a crowd? Here are a few ideas to help you get creative when using video in your next campaign.

1. Live Stream

Live videos enjoy 27% more watch time than standard videos, meaning people who watch live are more invested in what you have to say. This can be a great opportunity to give a more developed pitch to new viewers or to build trust with your loyal fans.

Just make sure you plan your live experiences well. Viewers care about the technical quality and content quality when tuning into a live video. They aren’t afraid to bounce if you have tech issues or awkward moments.

Depending on where your consumers hang out, you can post live videos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitch. Or you can host a by-invitation live event on a platform like Zoom.

2. Make a Behind-the-scenes Video

Behind-the-scenes videos are great for building loyalty among your current customers. They show the nuts and bolts of your business, offering an exclusive look at your process while humanizing your staff.

CoSchedule’s behind-the-scenes video is a great example. It clearly defines the brand’s identity with humor and a lot of heart.

Your video doesn’t have to be as highly produced as this one. Even simple chats with staff and customers can be highly engaging. Take a look at The Always Sunny Podcast. Available in video and audio-only, this behind-the-scenes look at the popular sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has become massively successful among fans and newcomers to the show.

3. Create a Series

There’s no better way to satisfy consumers’ unceasing demand for video than with a series. A series can generate hype over time while amassing new subscribers and leads with every installment.

We’re not talking about making the next Breaking Bad. But a series of interconnected ads, interviews, or promotions can keep customers on the edge of their seats for new deals and surprises. Your video series might be limited or ongoing, such as Nextiny’s weekly video series.

Make sure your series really shows off your video production skills. This is your chance to wow viewers with high-quality content that has the potential to snowball into something big. Make HD 1080p videos (at a minimum), find emotive actors, and hire an editor to give your series a professional sheen.

4. Send a Thank You Video

Your customers like to feel appreciated and showing your appreciation with a thank you video gives you the opportunity to tug at their heartstrings and inflate their egos a bit.

Make them feel good about supporting a brand that they believe in and tell them how you’re going to continue making them feel good about themselves in the future. This could relate to new product offerings, sustainability, charitable giving, etc.

Or, you could go above and beyond with personalized thank you videos. These are becoming more popular among Gen-Z-friendly brands, as younger people expect more engagement via screens. Take a look at an example by A Good Company here.

5. Do a Q&A with Real Customers

In an age when everything on social media seems fake, consumers want to see more real interactions. This may be why live video is so engaging. Q&A videos have a similar impact. They give the impression of uncovering the truth, whether it’s about a company or customer experiences.

Genuine interaction with real customers can score your brand a boost in trust. Just make sure your interactions are actually genuine. Viewers know when something feels off, and it can be bad news for your brand. The American car manufacturer Chevrolet dealt with backlash from its questionably authentic ad campaign featuring “real people.” Chevy’s tactics were eventually called out, and the brand was forced to remove its ads and kill its campaign.

How Will You Get Creative with Video Marketing?

Now that you’ve got a few ideas on how to make creative videos for your next marketing campaign, it’s time to hit the drawing board and develop something really special. To make a unique video, you’ve got to infuse your brand’s identity into every shot. There’s no brand like yours, so if you show off what makes it stand out, your videos will too.