Benefits of B2B Marketing Automation

As the corporate sector becomes increasingly rampant with competition, more and more businesses are struggling to flourish and make it big in their specific industry. Statistics show that 21,655 cases of business bankruptcy were filed in America in 2020 alone. Entrepreneurs are realizing that effective marketing strategies like B2B video marketing, telemarketing, and social media marketing are essential to attracting prospective customers and rein in profits.

Marketing automation has the ability to bring measurement and structure to your advertising efforts by providing tools that make the workflow process much more efficient and fast. Keep reading as we explain why you should invest in B2B marketing automation.

1.   Greater Leads

Someone might have visited your website, but that doesn’t mean they’re convinced about buying your product or service. It might surprise you but it’s usually the opposite: individuals don’t prefer talking with a sales person until they’re ready. With most marketing automation systems, an organization that previously visited your website can be identified but not the person and hunting them down typically elicits a negative response. It comes off as desperate, stalkerish, and unclassy.

You have to earn a buyer’s trust by highlighting the value of your products or services. A well-equipped marketing automation system provides captivating information and earns correspondence with customers over the anonymity threshold. It helps them solve their problems rather than pushing the product on them. Once you demonstrate expertise, trust is established and you can engage with prospects much more seamlessly to convert them into customers.

2.   Improved Customer Service

Do you think your current consumers are satisfied with the quality of your products or services? If not, then you need to sit down and think about how you can make the customer experience as satisfactory as possible for your users at every stage. Sending them helpful information from time to time, such as how to navigate new features and updates, will help them appreciate your company significantly. You should also relay information in various formats such as product tutorials, videos, podcasts, and whitepapers.

With a marketing automation system, each customer can receive guidance to the relevant content at the right time every time they make a purchase. Happy customers can make or break your business, increasing productivity and sales.

3.   Reduced Customer Churn

In addition to generating new leads, marketing automation systems instantly impact customer churn. The return on investment is $5.44 for every dollar spent, boosting profits by 25-90%. You can use an automation system to deliver and plan innovative ways to appreciate your customers and showcase that you care about their preferences and concerns.

Adding value and creating relationships won’t cost you much- you just have to segment your database and provide recommended practice tips, relevant information, and beneficial advice, even if it doesn’t result in an additional sale for you. When you give something, you get to exhibit care, build strong relationships, and reduce customer churn.

4.   Greater Sales Opportunities

Technological advancement has led to the internet era, where everything is available online. Today’s buyers feel more empowered than ever because they are well-informed regarding topics they are interested in. Companies can use this to their advantage by paying close attention to the signals prospects send about their interests- the content they consume, the blogs they read, the web pages they visit, and the emails they open.

This strategy enables you to determine where consumers stand in their buying journey and what you need to do to tip them over to the other side. Unfortunately, most marketing and sales operations don’t possess the necessary tools to receive signals sent by prospects. A marketing automation system, on the other hand, can easily pick up on these signals, scoring them accordingly and surfacing quality sales opportunities.

Gone are the days when a business let such possibilities pass by because they didn’t know they even existed. With an automation system for marketing, you can nurture leads by approaching them when they seem ready for sales engagement.

5.   Greater Marketing Accountability

It’s not uncommon for marketing practices to fail, with budgets emptying out and returns becoming challenging to quantify. If you integrate an automation system into your marketing plan, you’ll be able to regulate engagement at every level of the process. Whether a loss or profit, you’ll be prepared enough to see them coming a long way off and can make changes accordingly to prevent extensive damage to your brand and sales.

Everything that was previously impossible to measure transitions to a routine dashboard because you can determine what’s working and what isn’t for each campaign you run. This way, you only invest more capital if a project kicks off, otherwise, you take measures to correct your mistakes. Every lesson learned leads to an improved, effective campaign.

6.   Scalable Marketing

Like content marketing, marketing automation is a scalable operation. The more quality content you put out, the better the outcome. You shouldn’t expect your returns to be linear- they grow exponentially over time. Another benefit of marketing automation is that routine communication can be automated, increasing the amount of people you can reach out to on a daily basis.

Campaigns get built upon each other and once an automated campaign is set in place, it will keep running even when you start working on the next one. This way, you can run multiple campaigns automatically at the same time and generate more output, effectively scaling your marketing team and operations.

7.   More Effective and Efficient Teams

When you start using automated rules and workflows instead of carrying out repetitive tasks manually, you save yourself and your team a lot of time and energy. The effort and thinking power you would have put into these tasks can be focused on other aspects of the business to create more impactful and meaningful work. Along with this increased productivity, your team will be able to experience greater bouts of creativity, improved health, and a more friendly company culture.


Marketing automation has the power to transform how you conduct operations within your business and help you climb up the corporate ladder quicker than you would otherwise. It incorporates platforms, tools, and software that automates, measures and streamlines workflow processes and tasks to improve efficiency. Whether lead generation campaigns or scheduling social media posts beforehand, automation can help you achieve all your business goals and dreams if done right. If you haven’t already, discuss with your marketing team about implementing B2B marketing automation and reap the benefits of all that it has to offer.