How to Regulate Ads on Google Chrome

Of course, when surfing the Google Chrome browser, it’s uncomfortable if lots of ads appear on the screen. Sites you want to open are often closed by the many pop-up ads. Of course, this isn’t very pleasant.

But don’t worry, because to get rid of ads on Chrome, there doesn’t need to be a complicated way.

Although basically, the ads that appear are based on our search history. However, sometimes we feel disturbed by their existence, especially if they contain something inappropriate.

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world. It turns out that it has a lot of plugins that are intentionally designed to block our browsing session from ads that we don’t want.

Regulate Ads Using Ad Block

AdBlock is one of the most used extensions on Google Chrome and Safari. This extension application has been used by more than 200 million users worldwide.

The convenience and support of several features make Google Chrome users choose this extension. This extension uses quite a list of filters. It will then automatically block ad content recognized by this extension.

In addition, every user of AdBlock also has the freedom to add a list of default ads that they want to block. We can also add an exception list to the ads we don’t want to block.

AdBlock also has a straightforward control panel, making it easy to use for novice users. We can adjust all the settings just by giving or removing the checklist.

Installing the AdBlock extension is also relatively easy. The same goes with installing any other extension.

We need to open the Chrome Web Store. Then search for AdBlock in the search field and select the AdBlock extension with a hand logo on a red background. After that, select Add to Chrome or Add to Chrome. The extension will automatically be installed, and thus all ads will disappear from our Google Chrome.

As we mentioned, ads can be shown based on several factors, including our personal liking and geolocation. In order for you to regulate ads easier, you can download the best Chrome VPN by PIA. The VPN will mask your IP, ensuring that no one can easily track you. Besides blocking certain ads, VPN also works really well to access any restricted content due to geo-restriction.

Regulate Ads Using AdBlock Plus

Claimed to be one of the best ad block extensions in the world. Adblock Plus can also be our mainstay to overcome the ads that appear. Like other extensions, we must add it first to use this extension. You do this by opening the Chrome Web Store and then searching for AdBlock Plus in the search box.

Choose an extension with the title AdBlock Plus with an ABP logo. After that, click the Add to Chrome or Add to Chrome button.

ABP’s advantages are its ability to block YouTube, Facebook, and some banner ads that other AdBlock extensions can’t block. Apart from that, there are also some other exciting features, such as blocking trackers, malware, to buttons on social media. We can also allow the ads we don’t want to block.

Regulate Ads by Using Malwarebytes

Ads appearing in Chrome may be caused because your phone has been compromised by malware from an app installed on your device. Therefore, the problematic application must be removed. Removing it is effortless, and users can still reinstall previously deleted applications.

The user’s Play Protect must always be active by selecting the Scan for Security Threats on Device option. Users can also consider installing an anti-malware application such as Malwarebytes.

Regulate Chrome Ads On Mobile

The first step we have to do is open the Google Chrome application on our phones. After that, open the settings menu by pressing the three-dot button in the upper right corner of the screen. Then select Settings.

Deleting Pop-up Ads

To remove Pop up ads. In the settings menu, look for the Pop-ups and redirects option. Select the option if the button is in the illuminated position (in blue). This means we still allow popup ads to appear.

Then press the button until it changes position to inactive. Automatically, Google Chrome on our cellphones will prevent pop-up ads from appearing.

Deleting Ads Completely

Steps to remove ads do not stop at popup ads only.

Next to the settings menu, select the Ads option, just below the earlier popup option. Do a similar step, namely by turning off the feature.