Guest posting is gaining momentum: how to make guest posting a part of your marketing activities?

Guest posting was one of the most popular topics of 2020-2021, and current trends suggest that its importance and popularity will increase yearly. Guest posting is gaining momentum because this is one of the ways of external SEO promotion. And SEO is essential for most modern businesses worldwide. This article is about making guest posting a part of your marketing activities.

4 examples of successful implementation of guest posting

1-2 Guest posting is gaining momentum: how to make guest posting a part of your marketing activities?

There are 4 examples that show the real power of guest posting and confirm its necessity for any business.

Help Scout blog generated 36,733 email subscribers with guest posting

When HelpScout launched, guest blogging was the inbound marketing strategy that helped the business take off. Guest posting helped gain around 80% of all email subscribers. Help Scout blog still enjoys contributing to authoritative blogs with great audiences.

Jon Cooper generated 10,000 hits, over 2500 shares, and over 300 comments with a guest post

Jon Cooper became a reasonable SEO expert after publishing “The Complete List of Link Building Tactics” at Backlinko as a guest post. As of the end of June 2022, it is the 3rd article in SERP for the keyword “link building strategies” (sometimes it was 1st in SERP). Jon also attracted 2 new clients thanks to that guest post.

Bryan Harris built a full-time business generating over $15,000 a month with guest posting

Before Harris’ first guest post on “How to get your first 100 email subscribers” was published at Okdork, his blog ( averaged 285 visitors per day. The blog readers read the post, found it helpful, and came to Harris’ blog. The website got 1,086 visits the first day and 686 visits the next day. These targeted visitors became members later.

Guest posting helped Bryan kickstart his blog. One of his product launches generated $220,750 in invoice sales.

Groovehq reached more than 1 million people by guest posting

It all started with the first guest post on Buffer, which brought over 20,000 views. Then a huge number of people went to their site, and so it was decided to make guest posting the main marketing strategy for the site.

In just less than 6 months Groovehq reached more than 1 million people and today has over 100 000 readers per month.

How much does it cost to launch guest posting for an IT company?

2-2 Guest posting is gaining momentum: how to make guest posting a part of your marketing activities?

For the IT sphere, guest posting campaign prices start at $2000. But if you deal with this issue in full, hoping to get to the top of SERP, you will need from $5000 to $10000. It depends on the keys for promotion and the amount of traffic.

For example, let’s take the classic outsourcing niche. There is a conversion key that hot customers are looking for: “Software development company”. There is traffic, a good conversion, and very high competition.

And there are indirect requests, such as “Java developer salary.” In this case, the traffic is much worse. Because out of 1,000 people who search for this, 900 will be programmers themselves. That leaves only a few, among whom may be potential customers, trying to figure out how much this developer might be worth. But in the end, at best, one person will become a company’s customer.

Accordingly, depending on the request, the amount of work and the necessary links change. Plus, deadlines are stretched.

How great a team does an IT company need for guest posting?

Let’s say you are ready to invest much more in guest posting than the average IT company. You want to get a high position in Google for queries like “download <…> software”, and to rise in the search results – to increase the link profile of the website.

And you are ready to launch a powerful guest posting campaign for 100+ guest posts per month. The minimum team needed to launch a guest posting campaign:

  • Project manager: communicates with the management (CEO, CTO, CCO) and leads the process.
  • Content manager/copywriter: writes and edits texts, and makes orders on the copywriting exchange.
  • Assistant: searches for donor sites, contacts their web admins, and sends emails.
  • SEO specialist: works with keywords.

But to get 100+ quality links per month, you need to handle thousands of sites. And this will require more people. For example, you can hire an extra one:

  • A manager who will deal exclusively with the database of donor websites: select suitable ones and give tasks to assistants and outreach workers.
  • Manager, whose duties include communicating with webmasters. He negotiates the placement, sends the article, checks it, and pays.
  • Content manager, who will take over communication with copywriters, primarily editing texts and checking for uniqueness.
  • Copywriters who will prepare the materials. Some of them may be on staff, some freelance. But usually, you will need about 10 people for these volumes.

Because of this, the best choice for any online business is to hire a freelance team on guest posting agency  Whenipost. It is better to ask the following questions when hiring a guest posting contractor:

  • What role does guest posting play in marketing promotion and why?
  • How have your guest posting knowledge and skills changed over the past year?
  • What 3 tools do you consider indispensable in guest posting?
  • What projects have you been involved in?
  • Which company’s guest posting do you like?

Guest posting contractors should have significant experience in this niche. This experience will ensure excellent efficiency.

How to make guest posting part of your marketing activities?

3-2 Guest posting is gaining momentum: how to make guest posting a part of your marketing activities?

It is easy to apply guest posting for your online business. To start using guest posting to promote your online business, you must:

  1. Understand that guest posting will help improve your site’s SEO and traffic to your website. It’s a win-win tool that works great in the long run.
  2. Analyze the marketing tools you’re using now that aren’t yielding many results. In this way, you can determine where to take an additional budget and from where to involve additional specialists.
  3. Determine the budget you can spend on guest posting. Guest posting is quite an expensive marketing tool because you pay for content writing and linking to specialists. So if you are a low-profit business, you can unlikely to afford guest posting.
  4. Determine who you want to work with: a guest posting agency or an in-house specialist. It will be best to understand that an agency can post more guest posts, and delayed processes make them more effective. In the case of an in-house specialist, you may also need to hire a copywriter (several) and an SEO specialist. Of course, you can work with freelancers.
  5. Determine the results for a certain period. For example, increase traffic by 30% for 3 months, improve the site’s position in SERP for 5 positions, or achieve placement on well-known sites. It is necessary to understand where to move because guest posting can influence several directions.

This is a 5 steps algorithm for implementing guest posting as a part of the marketing activities of your online business.


Guest posting is a win-win marketing tool for any online business. It helps with SEO promotion, traffic, and company awareness. Although it is an expensive marketing tool, it is very effective. The earlier you make guest posting a part of your marketing activities, the more tremendous advantage you will have over your competitors.