With 6+ million active users and over 36% of the total market share, WooCommerce is undoubtedly the most popular and powerful eCommerce platform.

The primary reason for it being so popular is its user-friendliness and flexibility. From beginners to experts, anyone can build a store using WooCommerce, and you can start with a small store and scale up to a large one anytime with little to no investments.

And the best part is the core WooCommerce platform/plugin is absolutely free.

However, your job is only half done after you build a WooCommerce store. You still need to bring your audience to your website and make sales.

For that, you need a well-thought-out marketing strategy that will help you promote your products through the appropriate channels and attract the attention of your ideal customers. There are multiple places where you can promote your products, such as search engines, marketplaces, prince comparison engines, and of course, social media platforms.

With 4.59 billion daily users, social media is now a mammoth marketing channel, especially for eCommerce store owners. Therefore, you must make sure you have an effective social media marketing strategy in place.

In this article, we will share some social media marketing tips for WooCommerce that can help you reach your target audience and boost your sales.

Why do you Need Social Media Marketing for WooCommerce stores?

Social media marketing can be a useful tool for a WooCommerce store because it can help increase brand awareness, drive traffic to the store’s website, and ultimately generate sales.

Here are a few specific ways that social media marketing can benefit a WooCommerce store:

  • Reach a larger audience: Social media platforms have a large user base, and advertising on these platforms can help to expose the store to a wider audience.
  • Engage with customers: Social media platforms allow businesses to interact and build relationships with customers. This can help to build brand loyalty and encourage repeat business.
  • Drive traffic to the store: Social media marketing can help to drive traffic to the WooCommerce website by promoting products and offering special deals or promotions.
  • Understand customer preferences: Social media platforms provide businesses with valuable insights into customer preferences and behavior. This can help businesses to tailor their marketing efforts and make informed decisions about product offerings and pricing.

Social Media Marketing Tips for WooCommerce

Now that we know the importance of social media marketing, let’s talk about the best social media marketing strategies for WooCommerce, and let us give you some WooCommerce social media marketing tips you can apply.

Choose the right social media platform

In spite of the abundance of social media sites, it may not be in your company’s best interest to actively participate in each one. Each serves a distinct purpose in the lives of its users and in the operations of various companies.

To begin your social media marketing campaign successfully, you must first determine which platforms will best help you achieve your business objectives. The right one for your eCommerce business depends on many factors, including:

  • Your target audience: Different social media platforms have different user bases, so it’s important to choose a platform that your target audience is likely to be using.
  • The nature of your products: Some products lend themselves better to certain platforms. For example, visual products like clothing and home decor may be more suited to platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Your budget and resources: Some platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, offer paid advertising options that can be effective for reaching a larger audience. If you don’t have a budget for paid ads, you may want to focus on platforms that are free to use.
  • Your goals: Think about what you want to achieve with your social media marketing efforts. Different platforms may be better suited to different goals, such as driving traffic to your website or increasing brand awareness.

If you sell trendy fashion items, skincare, or jewelry, then Instagram or Snapchat is a good place to start. If you are selling technical products which require demo videos, then YouTube is your best choice.

To determine the best social media platform for your eCommerce business, it’s a good idea to experiment with a few different platforms and see which ones produce the best results. It’s also a good idea to have a presence on more than one platform to reach a wider audience.

Research and target WooCommerce audience

After deciding on the best social media platform, you may want to divide your audience into subgroups based on characteristics such as their age, gender, interests, location, preferred content format, and search terms.

In terms of user demographics, each social media site is unique. Lean heavily on your familiarity with your target market. Since not all social media platforms are the same, it’s important to take into account your target audience’s demographics and how they use social media marketing tools when setting up your WooCommerce store.

To target and research your WooCommerce audience for social media marketing, you can take the following steps:

  • Define your target audience: Consider your ideal customer’s demographics, interests, and behaviors. This will help you create content and promotions that are more likely to appeal to them.
  • Use social media analytics tools: Many social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, have built-in analytics tools that can help you understand the demographics and interests of your followers. You can also use tools like Google Analytics to see who is visiting your website and making purchases.
  • Monitor your competition: Take a look at what your competitors are doing on social media and see if there are any tactics you can borrow or improve upon.
  • Conduct market research: Use online surveys, focus groups, and other market research techniques to gather more information about your target audience and their preferences.
  • Engage with your audience: Use social media to interact with your followers and ask for their feedback. This can help you better understand their needs and preferences and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.

By taking these steps, you can better understand your audience and create more targeted and effective social media marketing campaigns.

Determine social media marketing goals for your WooCommerce store

Here are a few potential goals that you might want to consider for your store’s social media marketing efforts:

  • Increase brand awareness: Use social media to introduce your brand to a larger audience and build recognition for your products.
  • Drive traffic to your website: Use social media to direct people to your website and increase the number of visitors to your store.
  • Increase sales: Use social media to promote your products and encourage people to make a purchase.
  • Build customer loyalty: Use social media to engage with your customers and create a sense of community around your brand. This can help increase customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Gather customer feedback: Use social media to ask for feedback from your customers and use that feedback to improve your products and services.
  • Stay top-of-mind: Use social media to stay in touch with your customers and keep your brand at the forefront of their minds.

When setting goals for your social media marketing efforts, it’s important to be specific and measurable. For example, instead of setting a goal to “increase sales,” you might set a goal to “increase online sales by 10% within the next three months.” This will help you track your progress and determine the effectiveness of your strategies.

Create quality content to generate leads

Whether we talk about marketing strategies for new WooCommerce stores or marketing strategies for WooCommerce growth in general, there’s no alternative to creating great quality content.

If all you do on social media is advertise your products, your followers will quickly lose interest in what you post and stop visiting your site altogether. Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook all do a good job of keeping their users interested by showing them only content that they might find useful or entertaining.

You can reach a large number of potential customers through social media, so you shouldn’t waste the opportunity to build rapport with them by failing to provide them with anything of value. You should be using content marketing strategies here.

Make the content so amazing that it can’t help but be shared by your followers. The traffic to your site could increase by 100% if you just got people to share your content.

Your content must be compelling enough to stand on its own if you want it to go viral. In addition to making money, you should try to specialize in certain content types.

Find the most engaging ideas and transform them into something more appealing and superior to the starting point. As a result, people will begin to read the new article and hopefully buy something from your online shop where you originally published it.

Don’t bank on this new molded content selling out right away. However, a well-optimized article like this will produce more leads and sales in the long run.

Upload and display your WooCommerce product catalog

Source: WebAppick

Our next social media marketing tip for WooCommerce is about displaying your WooCommerce products on different social media platforms.

Almost all the major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc., allow you to create official brand/shop pages and display your WooCommerce products on those platforms. You need to create your brand page and upload your WooCommerce product catalog.

After that, the platforms will display your products, not only on your official page of that platform but also in their product search results. This will boost your traffic, conversion, and overall revenue.

However, different social media platforms have different catalog eligibility or attribute requirements. Studying and learning about all of them and creating individual files accordingly will be a hassle and also a bit technical for new users.

Moreover, it will be time-consuming for you if you try to create catalog files manually, putting all product data individually.

Using a product catalog plugin

The best solution is to use a Woocommerce product feed or product catalog plugin such as the CTX Feed. CTX Feed allows you to create product feed or catalog for different channels with just a click of a button right from your WordPress WooCommerce back panel.

This plugin has premade templates for 100+ channels, including all the social media platform that supports uploading and displaying product catalog. CTX Feed already knows which platform requires what attributes in its product catalog.

Therefore, all you need to do is, install the plugin and select the social media channel you want to create the catalog for, and the plugin will do the rest. The plugin will automatically populate the required attributes for that channel, collect your WooCommerce product information, and organize them in the product catalog file.

You can then upload your catalog through the feed URL, and the channel will fetch all your WooCommerce product data and display them on their platform. The greatest thing about using CTX Feed is you won’t need to manually change any updates your make to your WooCommerce product pages.

For any changes you make, CTX Feed will automatically update the changes in the feed file and update those changes across all your channels through the connected feed URLs.

Invest in Social media ads

This one is one of the obvious tips for WooCommerce store growth. You can’t expect to go viral or your products to be a hit right after launching them on social media.

To be honest, paid advertising is the most surefire way to boost your online profile. You can also run dynamic ads with variable products on platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

When you run dynamic ads, for example, if you run Snapchat dynamic ads, the platforms take all the decisions from creating ads to placing the ads in the right places at the right time and to the right audience.

These platforms ask you to upload your product catalog to run those ads. In the previous section, we have already covered how you can use CTX Feed to create and upload your product catalogs.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with each platform’s ad policies before deciding which ones to use. Although it may be challenging initially, it is wise to allocate some funds for paid advertisements.

Make use of social reviews

The next of our social media marketing tips for WooCommerce is using social media reviews. Customer reviews are the best way to display social proof on your product pages.

Customer reviews give you an advantage when trying to gain trustworthiness for your product pages. On top of that, customers can get a much better idea of what they can expect from your product thanks to reviews written by other customers.

Use product reviews from satisfied customers posted on any of your social media pages as another marketing tool. You can publish user-generated content/reviews on WooCommerce sites by using an app/plugin that lets you connect all your social media accounts.

Facebook already has built-in review capabilities, so all you need to do to take advantage of them is enable them. This makes it simple for potential customers to read through your product reviews on multiple social media platforms before making a purchase decision.

Reviews are an integral part of any business and one of the effective marketing strategies to grow your online store. So constantly ask your customers to share their thoughts.

Instead of relying on social media platforms to solicit feedback from customers, you can send them a follow-up email or text message after they make a purchase. In this case, a call-to-action button should be included and made prominently obvious.

Encourage customers to share their thoughts on your products by inviting them to do so in your online store or on your social media pages. Positive reviews will allure your new customers to purchase products from your WooCommerce store.

Use hashtags

Another of the best WooCommerce social media marketing tips we want to share is effectively using hashtags.

In order to get ahead in social media advertising, hashtags can be a fantastic tool. Don’t settle for generic tags; instead, seek out brand-specific or community-based tags with more clout.

Your WooCommerce store can have its own branded hashtag, which you can then ask your customers to use. In this way, you can monitor the feedback your online community provides about your business.

Run contests and giveaways

Our final social media marketing tip for WooCommerce is running contests and giveaways on different social media platforms.

Here are some steps you can follow to run a contest or giveaway for your WooCommerce products on social media:

  1. Determine the purpose of your contest or giveaway. Is it to increase brand awareness, engage with your audience, or drive sales?
  2. Choose the social media platform(s) that you want to use for your contest or giveaway. This will depend on where your target audience is most active.
  3. Decide on the details of your contest or giveaway, including the prize(s) you will offer, the eligibility requirements, and the rules for entry. Make sure to clearly communicate these details to your audience.
  4. Create a visually appealing and engaging post on your social media platforms announcing the contest or giveaway. Be sure to include all relevant information, such as how to enter, the prize(s) being offered, and any eligibility requirements.
  5. Promote your contest or giveaway using hashtags, tag relevant accounts, and using paid advertising if necessary. This will help to reach a wider audience and increase engagement.
  6. Monitor and respond to comments and questions from your audience during the contest or giveaway period.
  7. When the contest or giveaway is over, announce the winner(s) and thank all participants for their participation.

Remember to follow all relevant laws and guidelines for running contests and giveaways on social media, and be sure to adhere to the terms of service for each platform you are using.


If you want your online store to attract more customers and boost sales, think about incorporating some of the above social media strategies.

The aforementioned social media tips will streamline the process of providing prospective customers with content, services, and products that are highly valued, timely, and genuinely engaging.

You should regularly post on multiple social media sites to reach a wider audience. We hope this article on social media marketing tips for WooCommerce was of help to you.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or suggestions on the topic.


Which is the most effective marketing channel in social media?

Hootsuite’s Social Media Trends 2021 report finds that Facebook is widely regarded as the best social media platform for achieving business objectives.

However, a particular channel’s effectiveness will depend on various factors, including your target audience, the type of product or service you are promoting, and your marketing goals.

Does WooCommerce integrate with social media?

WooCommerce is a robust online store solution that can be connected to many different social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

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